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From: "robert mclaren" <>
Subject: [CLAN-MACLAREN] J MacLaren Family
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 21:31:14 -0400

As I said in my prior email, earlier genealogists for the Clan MacLaren
Society of North America collected many MacLaren genealogies. To
distinguish between the various familes, they gave each a letter that
designated that family. One of these is the J MacLaren Family.

The progenitor of the J MacLaren we believe to be John McLearen b.
Scotland bef 1739, d. Cumberland Co., NC. He had sons: Archibald McLearen,
b. Scotland, d. bef 1751 Cumberland Co., NC; Daniel McLerran, lived
Cumberland Co., NC; and Duncan McLearan, d. 1757, Cumberland Co., NC
We now have preliminary evidence (from DNA testing) that this family and
the K MacLaren Family are linked. If we can establish this, we can expand
our genealogies of the J and K MacLaren Families. However, in order to
firmly establish this, I need to have more members of the J MacLaren Family
do a DNA test. Since the test is done on the Y-chromosome (the male sex
chromosome), the person testing has to be a male. Furthermore, he has to
bear some variant of McLaurin. The descendants of this family spelled the
surname many ways (McClerren, McLeran, McLaren, etc.)

Right now is a good time to do the test. Family Tree DNA, the company we
use, is running a special during the month of July. The special includes a
very good price on the 67-marker test (the one I recommend). I will be glad
to answer any questions you may have on this. If you want to go ahead and
order the test, here is the link:

Here are some members of this family that I would like to contact and have
some do the DNA test (names and data from the files of the Clan MacLaren
Societry of North America).

Vernon Wayne McLaurin b. 21 Jan 1945, m. JEAN WALKER. He had a son, Vernon
Wayne McLaurin, Jr.

Fletcher Cornelius McLaurin Jr. b. 28 Oct 1941, m.Diane Alynn Icard.

David Jasper McLaurin b. 12 Mar 1940, m.Jane Elaine McManus.

Kenneth Arlon McLaurin b. 6 Jul 1936, m. Joyce King.

Jack Gary McLaurin b. 12 Mar 1936 Fayetteville, NC, m.Maxine Jackson.

Donovan Elbridge McLaurin b. 10 Dec 1946, m. Marsha Kay Beard.

Charles A. McLaurin b. 14 Dec 1948 Fayetteville, NC, m. Evelyn Osborne. He
had the following sons: Kelly McLaurin, b. 4 Jan 1975; Jethro Lee McLaurin,
b. 13 Nov 1977

Ronald Odell McLaurin b. 29 Jan 1933, m. Ellen Hartung Frieden. He had a
son, Ronald Clifton McLaurin, b. 1 Dec 1960.

Charles Fulton Mclaurin Jr. b. Feb 1945, m. Judy Turner. He ahd sons:
Robert Earl McLaurin, b. Nov 1965; Brian Edwin McLaurin, b. Nov 1965.

Brennan Keith McLaurin b. 12 Dec 1935, m. Lucy Lane Brown 16 Sep 1956. He
had sons: Keith Wayne McLaurin, b. 31 Jul 1958; Scott Brown McLaurin, b. 10
Sep 1961.

Cecil Franklin McLaurin Jr.b. 26 Aug 1943, m. Kay McCarmick.

Norman Timothy McLaurin b. 13 Mar 1945, m. Jennie Sylvia Culbreth. He had
a son Darrell Timothy McLaurin, b. 30 Dec 1965.

Melton Alonza McLaurin b. 11 Jul 1941, m. Elzie Sandra Cockrell 1961

David Wayne McLaurin b. 1956, m. Sharon Powell.

Larry Allen McLaurin b.1944, m. Branda Faye Stephenson. He had a son Brad
Wesley McLaurin, b. 1974.

Rufus Jenkins Mack McLaurin b. 1951, m. Lynn Mccormick. He had a son Eddie
McLaurin, b. 1971.

Dana Paul McLaurin b.14 Feb 1955.

Stephen Branda McLaurin b. 15 Mar 1953, m. Mariann.

William Lentis McLaurin Jr. b. 27 Feb 1950, m. Sally Louise Sawyer. He had
two sons; John McLaurin; Andrew McLaurin, b. 1978.

Cletus Edward McLaurin b. 1847 NC, m. Louise Moore Jordon 8 Jun 1968
Fairmount, NC.

Horace Lee McLaurin b. 16 Mar 1933 Durham, NC, m. Wanda Henry 10 Sep 1955.
He Had two sons: Timothy Lee McLaurin, b. 07 Nov 1962, Kitty Hawk, NC; Thad
Henry McLaurin, b. 02 Feb 1965, Moyock, NC.

Stewart Parnell Mclaurin b. 16 Jun 1931 Durham, NC, m. Gwendolyn Greer
Stafford 14 Sep 1952 Durham, NC. He had two sons: Stewart Douglas
McLaurin, b. 19 Feb 1959, Raleigh, NC; Jeffrey Scott McLaurin, b. 23 Jan
1965, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL.

As I said above, I will be happy to answer any questions.

Yours aye,

Bob McLaren
Chairman, Genealogy Committee, Clan MacLaren Society of North America
Genealogist, Clan MacLaren Society (based in Scotland)
Administrator, Clan MacLaren Surname DNA Project (Worldwide)
Member, Association of Professional Genealogists

Robert McLaren

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