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From: Rich <>
Subject: James Henderson Boyd, late artist of Canada
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 19:12:57 -0500


Some of you will remember James Henderson Boyd of Ottawa, Canada. He was
an early member of HOB and then a faithful member of Clan Boyd since our
formation in 1988. James was a personal fried of ours. He passed away
in 2002. His son, Steven Boyd, an artist in his own right, and
Jean-Claude Bergeron have put together an exhibition at Galerie d'art,
Ottawa, Ontario of James' life work.

Click this link below to see pictures, etc.

Celebration of Life Exhibition - James Henderson Boyd 1928-2002

James Boyd, artist, printmaker, and teacher died in 2002 at the age of
73. Throughout his career, he produced original prints by compressing
ink, paint, metal and paper, but the impression he left in person was
the combustive result of vibrancy, vision and spontaneity.

Trained at New York Art Student League and at the National Academy of
Design, he was best known for developing unique printmaking techniques.
While he respected the trade and the artistic processes of his
predecessors he developed an individual style that re-invented
printmaking rules.

Professor and resident artist at many of the finest art schools in
Canada, he has excelled and consistently won the respect and admira­tion
of any who have been honored to work with him. His last teaching
position was at the Ottawa University Fine arts Department. James Boyd
was a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art (RCA).

The exhibition presents a selection of works from different periods
showing the inventive­ness and the risk taking abilities of the artist.

Richard G. and Jerri Lynn Boyd

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