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No, I think her father was James Taylor, who lived in King & Queen County,
Virginia. He left a daughter "Jane" land in Spotslvania County.

And lo & behold Anthony & Jane lived on the same land. She was a 2nd wife.
Anthony had 5 children - twins - Anthony Jr. & William, daughter Elizabeth,
daughter Sarah, and the youngest son John.

When Anthony died, he left "bed & furniture" and "3 slaves each" to the 4
older children.....but he FORGOT youngest son John (Jane's son). Jane
jumped in after Anthony died, wrote a new Will, and gave all the land &
negroes to her "beloved son John." I have her Will, and Anthony's.

She died a few years later. Her side-saddle for her horse riding, puter,
silver, etc., was sold keep her in an old folks home.....not by
her kids, they were scattered. But there was a court appointed guardian for
her estate.


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> What he didn't know, is the Hawkins were neighbors, but John Hawkins
> didn't
> have a daughter named Jane. I have a copy of his Will. Hawkins was a
> well-known ship Captain.
> Could he have had a niece who came visiting? Happens, you know. I found an
> important date regarding a 'lost' Thayer while checking on my John Doggett
> ancestors activities in New Eng colonies in the mid 1600's. So far none of
> us
> has been able to review the original records, as even the Hist. Society in
> Rehoboth admits they are lost. (got quite 'huffy' about it, in fact.)
> Madora
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