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Subject: [CLAWSON] The Line of Thomas and Anne Clawson
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fter years of research, this is how I believe this goes.
I am looking for discussion and corrections.

1. Thomas Clawson born 1709 married Anne. He died in 1761.

2.Garabrant CLAWSON Birth: 16 MAY 1739 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ? Death: ABT 1810 in Fayette, Seneca Co, NY
Marriage 1 Eleanor
3. Garret B CLAWSON b: 15 FEB 1767 in NJ
.3. Sarah CLAWSON b: 1768 NJ married Thomas Rothwell 10 Oct, 1797 in Berkeley died in Virginia
3. Mary (Polly) CLAWSON b: 19 SEP 1774 NJ
3. Abraham CLAWSON NJ
3. Cornelius CLAWSON NJ married Harrison

3. Garret B CLAWSON : Birth: 15 FEB 1767 in NJ Death: 9 JUN 1841 in Valois, NY Burial: Old Clawson Burying Ground, Hector Twp, NY
Father: Garabrant CLAWSON b: 16 MAY 1739 in Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ?
Mother: Eleanor

Marriage 1 Margaret b: 17 MAY 1773
4. Jacob F CLAWSON b: 4 APR 1792 in Berkeley Co, VA
4. Peter CLAWSON b: 30 MAY 1793 in VA
4. Garrabrant CLAWSON b: 28 DEC 1794 in VA
4. Rachel CLAWSON b: 23 APR 1797 in VA
4. Abraham CLAWSON b: 15 FEB 1799 in VA died in Michigan
4. Isaac A CLAWSON b: 20 FEB 1802 in VA?
4. Cornelius W CLAWSON b: 14 JUN 1804
4. Deborah CLAWSON b: 5 APR 1806 in Hector, NY
4. John Garrah CLAWSON b: 12 JUL 1808 in Tompkins Co, NY
4. Garret CLAWSON b: 30 SEP 1810 in Hector Twp, NY

2. Josiah Clawson born about 1735
married Margaret Buckalew
Children of 2 Josiah and Margaret
3 Thomas Clawson born abt 1770 NJ married Hannah Rawlings 1794 in Berkeley
3. Josiah Clawson NJ married first unknown, second wife was Mary Meeks
3 Elizabeth Clawson married John Clawson 1791 in Berkeley. They died in Mead County, KY
3 Margaret Clawson married James Oglin in Berkeley
3 Frederick Clawson, NJ no known children
3 Azariah Clawson, no know children Azariah married
Nancy Lawson in Berkeley. Note. Azariah and Josiah do not appear together on any records. I wonder if Azariah is really the same guy as Josiah and Nancy Lawson was his first wife.
3 Rachel Clawson born 1784 NJ married William Berryman 1797 in Berkeley

Children of 3. Thomas & Hannah Rawlings
4. Rachel Clawson 1800 married John Patton
4. Josiah Clawson 1801 married Martha Russell & Elizabeth Hire
4 Frederick Clawson 1802 married Barbara Smith & Mary Groves
4. Andrew Clawson 1808 Ohio married Mary Kiggins
4. Mercy Clawson born 1819 in Ohio married James Kiggins

Children Of 3. Josiah Clawson married to Mary Meeks
4. Thomas Clawson Married Laura Gregory
4. Josiah Clawson married Lydia Anne Cochran
4 Charity Clawson
4 Israel Clawson married Nancy Boyer
4. John Clawson married Ellen Gregory
4 Huddah Clawson married Josph Weaver
4.Maria Clawson married William Bodkin

Children of 3. Rachel Clawson & William Berryman
4.. Ephraim Berryman
4. John Berryman
4. Martha Berryman, also known as Mattie. Married Francis Gregory 25 Feb 1841 in Allen County, Ohio. Harrison Gregory, Justice of the Peace, officiated. Probably had a son Berryman Gregory.
Anna Maria Berryman, married Samuel Whetstone 9 Dec 1837 in Allen County, Ohio.
4. Annie M. who married Unknown Gregory.
4. Mercy Berryman, married Dye Sunderland b. 15 Sep 1797, d. 2 Dec 1859 in Amanda Township, Allen County, Ohio. She is buried in the Fort Amanda Cemetery, Auglaize County, Ohio
4. William Berryman, born between 1800 and 1810, lived in Spencerville, Ohio served as Justice of The Peace
4. Thomas Berryman, b. ca 1802 in Ohio, died before 11 Dec 1856 in Allen County, Ohio. He married Eliza T. and P. Unknown.
4. Eliza Berryman, b. 28 Feb 1814, died 3 Oct 1895
4. Russell Berryman, born 9 Jan 1816 in Montgomery County, Ohio, died 9 Jan 1878 in Logan Township, Auglaize County, Ohio.
4. Emeline Berryman, born ca 1818 in Montgomery County, Ohio

2. Richard Clawson married Rachel Buckalew
Children of 2. Richard & Rachel
3. Thomas Clawson NJ married Elizabeth Wilson He is found in Berkeley in the 1780s, Clark and Fleming, KY in the 1790s. He settles in Ross County, Ohio in the early 1800s, where he died.
Children of 3. Thomas Clawson & Elizabeth Wilson
4. Nancy
4. Richard,
4. Keziah,
4. Ollie
4. William

3. Cataline Clawson no known children

2. John Clawson married Mary Buckalew
Children of 2. John & Mary
3. Garret Clawson born 1759 NJ married Kezia Sturgis He was a soldier in the Revolution who died in Pensylvania.
3. Peter Clawson born 1759 NJ married Dolly Garrison He was an Indian fighter in the Revolution in SW Pensylvania. It is said Peter liked to Drink. And, when he drank, he loved to fight. He was known as an excellent marksman. He died in Shelby Co, OH.
Children of 3 Peter & Dolly Clawson
4. Frederick married Sarah Aiken
4. Garret married Delilah Sawyer, in Butler Co., Ohio on Dec 25, 1811 Died in Rob Roy, IN
4. Samuel married Ellen Huston
4. Mary married a Welch
4. Josiah 1801 married Sarah McGrath. His son Josiah died in Carroll County, Indiana.
4. Peter born 1801, married Sarah Iford in OH. He died in Carroll County Indiana.
4. Joseph married Margaret McGrath.
4. Elizabeth married John Ennis
4. William G married Charlotte Huston

3. John Clawson 1764 NJ married Lois. Died 1827 in Ohio. He was called the Great Indian Fighter

3.Abraham CLAWSON 1771, NJ, Death: 1821 in Jefferson County, Mississippi Vause Family Cemetery, Jefferson County, Mississippi NATU: 1798 Mississippi Note:
Abraham Clawson is found in the Natchez District, Mississippi Territory, as early as 1791 and in Jefferson County, Mississippi in 1805. Abraham and Catharine owned land on Cole's Creek.. Abraham was in the Natchez District as early as 1791.

Marriage 1 Catherine C. b: 1771
Married: ABT 1791
4. Mary b: ABT 1792 in Mississippi
4. Elizabeth b: 1794 in Mississippi
4. Thomas b: ABT 1799 in Mississippi
4. Ellen b: ABT 1800 in Mississippi
4. John P. b: ABT 1801 in Old Natchez District, Mississippi
4. Catherine b: ABT 1804 in Old Natchez District, Mississippi
4. Garret B. b: ABT 1805 in Old Natchez District, Mississippi
4, Issac b: ABT 1805 in Jefferson County, Mississippi
4. Richard b: ABT 1809 in Jefferson County, Mississippi
4. Abraham Jr. b: 1810 in Jefferson County, Mississippi
4. Abel b: ABT 1811 in Jefferson County, Mississippi
4. Louise b: ABT 1812 in Jefferson County, Mississippi
4. William b: AFT 1817 in Jefferson County,

3. Thomas Clawson born 1768 NJ married Sophia Covalt. He was a Captain in the War of 1812. He was a founder of The Farmers And Mechanics Manufacturing Company near Dayton, OH. And a Justice Of The Peace in Fountain Co, IN.

3. Josiah Clawson1 775 VA married Sophia Luce. He owned a hotel in Attica, Indiana.
3. Mary Clawson married Joseph Shanks.

2. Mary Clawson married Peter Covert

2. Sarah Clawson married Abraham Covert

2. Hannah Clawson

2. William Clawson married Martha.
He moved to Virginia and on to North Carolina
Children of 2 William Clawson
3. William married Margaret or Peggy Holman
3. Josiah married Rebecca Clark

3. William married Peggy Holman, their children were;

4.. Martha b: 10 Mar 1796 in , Wilkes, North Carolina,
4. Asa b: 26 Oct 1797 in , Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
4. William b: 25 Nov 1799 in , Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
4. Mary b: 29 Mar 1802 in , Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
4. Eli b: 15 May 1804 in , Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
4. Ebenezer b: 5 Sep 1806
4. Elizabeth b: 3 Dec 1809 in , Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
4. Cyrena b: 25 Jan 1812 in , Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
4. Asenith b: 18 Apr 1814 in , Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
4. Nancy b: 24 Oct 1816 in Shawneehaw, Watatuga County, North Carolina,
4. Wayne b: 27 Jan 1820 in , Ashe, North Carolina, USA
4. Hila b: 9 Jun 1822 in , Ashe, North Carolina, USA

3. Josiah Clawson married Rebecca Clark. Josiah and his wife Rebecca settle in Richmond, Indiana.
Children of 3. Josiah and Rebecca Clark were:
4 - William Clawson; born 1785; died 1865 Richmond; married Keziah Ward; children Josiah, Susannah, Libby, Naomi, Alida, Thomas, William Jr., Ann, Sarah.
4 - Amos Clawson; born 1792-1797 Randolph or Guilford Co. NC; died 4/1846 Richmond IN; married 1819 Wayne Co. IN to Eleanor Malinda Davenport; farmer and tavern keeper of the "Green Tree Inn" (previously the home of Robert Hill) on land what is the present day Holiday Inn in Richmond (memorial plaque on site) on National Road at the top of Sycamore Hill; resided "On Middle Fork near its mouth, was William Bulla, an early settler and son-in-law of Andrew Hoover, Sen. He early built a saw mill on his farm near near the site of Burson?Ts oil mill. He lived there until his decease, some years ago at an advanced age. Near the lands of the Hoover families, Jesse Clark, Ralph Wright, Alexander Moore, and Amos and Abner Clawson settled. A little further up were the Staffords, Bonds, Bunkers, Swallows, Ashbys, Andrewses, and others, all of whom , we believe were from North Carolina, and chiefly Friends.? from An Illustrated History of the State of Indiana by DeWitt C. Goodrich pg.!
529; buried Smyrna Quaker Cemetery, Wayne Co. IN. Children: Elizabeth (married Robert Hill), Rebecca Ann (married Walter Denny Jay), John S. (married Catharine McPherson), Mahlon (married Sallie), Malinda B. (never married). (I have further info on Amos' family)
4 - Mary Clawson; born 1792.
4 - Abner Clawson; born 1797; married 1816 Elizabeth Betsy White, Wayne Co.; died 1870; buried Hoover-Bulla Friends Cemetery; "settled where Elihu Williams lives" from History of Wayne Co. from its First Settlement to the Present Time by Andrew White Young, pg. 335; had 9 children.
4 - Sarah Clawson.
4 - Alice Clawson; born 1799 NC; married 1821 Wayne Co. to Joseph White; died 1872-1874.
4 - Mahlon Clawson; born 1802 Guilford Co. NC; married 1829 Wayne Co. to Mary Ann Polly Brown; civil war veteran; moved to Iowa and died there; children: Jane, Abner, Esther, Sarah?,
Daniel, Libby, Joseph, Charles

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