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Subject: Re: [CLAY] John Moore Clay Connection
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 06:50:24 EST


You may want to take a close look at the following events to determine
the line John Moore Clay comes from. I do not agree with the line you
posted. Charles Clay died in Mecklenburg County, Virginia 1783 without a will.
His wife Mary went to court to settle the estate and the very next day Mary,
Isham and Sally were taken to court. These three are the widow; one to inherit
the estate; and minor child in the household.

It is a case of the property was to pass to the oldest son (John Clay who
was already dead). His oldest son was Isham that would get the property. Do
not confuse him with his uncle Isham there in Virginia. This is the Isham
Clay in the 1790 Census of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. You can find a
deed in the Virginia archives were Isham Clay of Mecklenburg County, North
Carolina sold the land from this estate back to two of his aunts in Mecklenburg
County, Virginia.

The people taking Mary to court are direct family members and your John
Moore Clay is there.

The first time John Moore purchased property in Virginia one of the Uncle
Isham's sons was the witness.
After the estate was settled John Moore moved down to what was then Cabarrus
County, North Carolina (formed in 1792). John Carrothers, brother-in-law
to James Clay, was the witness. John Moore Clay moved to South Carolina. A
couple of the Cabarrus County, North Carolina Clay's moved to the same area.
If you haven't guessed it yet, everytime I see John Moore Clay he is
connected to this specific Clay line.

On your list change #2 to Thomas and #3 to Charles. The question I haven't
been able to determine is John Moore another son or grandson to Charles and

Mecklenburg County, Virginia Order Book 5 page 291
At a Court held for Mecklenburg County at the Courthouse the 12th day of May
Mary Clay widow and relic of Charles Clay deced personally appears in court
and declares that she will not accept receive or take any Legacy or Legacies
to her given or bequeathed or any part thereof and that she renounces all
benefit and advantages that which she might claim by the last Will and Testament
(if any) of thesaid Charles Clay deced And on the motion of the said Mary
it is Ordered that William Starling, Isham Malone, Goodwin Taylor and Samual
Holmes Junior or any three of them do lay off and assign unto the said Mary
her dower in the lands and slaves of the said Charles and also do allot unto
the said Mary her share or part of the surplus of the personal estate of the
said Charles and make report thereof to the Court.

Mecklenburg County, Virginia Court Summons:
Morgan Vs. Clay Executed May the 23rd 1783 on Mary Clay and Sally Clay.
Isham Clay No Inhabeter of the County. James Vaughan DS. July 1783 - Cout for
bill. May 1787 - Dismd by Plt.

The Commonwealth of Virginia to the sherif of Mecklenburg County greeting;
We command you that you summon Mary Clay, Isham Clay and Sally Clay to appear
before the Justices of our said County Court in Chancery at the Courthouse on
the second Monday in next month to answer a bill in Chancery exhibited
against them by Joshua Morgan, John Moore Clay, Josiah Perdue and Paythress Cleaton
and this they shall in no wise omit under the penalty of One hundred pounds
each and have them there this Writ Witness. John Brown Clerk of our said
Court the 13th day of May 1783 in the seventh year of the Commonwealth. W.
Baskerville DCK

Jack Clay

In a message dated 11/10/2008 2:15:53 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,

Hello all.

I need some help with a John Moore Clay connection. Can anyone on this list
offer any documentation as to John Moore Clay being the son of Thomas Clay
and Anna Powell?

My line is:

1. Charles Clay + Hannah Wilson
2. Charles Clay + Sarah Nichols
3. Thomas Clay + Anna Powell
4. John Moore Clay + Judith Borum
5. Simeon W. Clay + Mary (Polly) Lockhart
6. Joel Lockhart Clay + Fanny Williams
7. John Harris Clay + Lucinda Ellen Ponder
8. George Nathaniel Clay + Anna Lee Fincher
9. Fred Milton Clay + Ethel Virginia Bain
10. Troy Eugene Clay (me) + Dorothy Sue Brown

I have documented my line up through my GG grandfather Joel Lockhart Clay.
Much circumstantial evidence points to Joel being the son of Simeon W. Clay
and Mary Lockhart in that they both lived in the Choccolocco Valley in
Benton County (now Calhoun), Alabama in the early 1850's. Joel's brother
Simeon W. Clay Jr. is buried next to him there. Two other brothers lived in
the same area -- John Green Clay and Edmond Borum Clay. Another brother,
Hillery P. Clay was married in Benton County and then moved to Mississippi.

The only evidence I have that Simeon was the son of John Moore Clay is that
there is a record of Simeon purchasing the Family Bible at the estate sale
of John Moore Clay after his death (info provided by Libby Clay). This
seems to indicate that Simeon was a close relative of John Moore Clay,
probably his son.

I have seen John Moore Clay listed as the son of Thomas Clay and Anna Powell
at more than one web site. Knowing that information posted on one site
(even if it is in error) quickly spreads to other sites causes me to
question its accuracy. I would very much like to know how it was determined
that John Moore Clay was the son of Thomas and Anna. Can anyone out there
offer any documentation or even a thread of evidence to suggest the

Any help would be very much appreciated.

BTW, I joined the Clay DNA project about a month ago but my DNA is still in
the analysis phase and I have received no information. I am more than happy
to share the results with anyone out there that might benefit from it.

-- Troy

Troy E. Clay
59 Clay Road
Rockmart, Georgia 30153-4329

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