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Subject: [CLAYTON] Clayton. Does anyone know this Clayton family?
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 15:49:56 -0800

I am looking for any information on this Clayton family. I know that my
g.g..grandmothers name was Elizabeth Ann Clayton and the following
information about her and her husband is fairly reliable. I am sure
that she had a brother that named a son John Betts Clayton, but I don't
know if his name was James or William or something else. The following
is how I think this family is related if anyone has anything that they
think might be a connection I would greatly appreciate any and all help,
1. ? CLAYTON was born between 1800 and 1805. This father & mothers
ages and marriage dates are a total guess based on averages.
He was married to ? ? about 1818. Birth & marriage years are a wild
guess based on averages. ? ? was born between 1800 and 1805. ? CLAYTON
and ? ? had the following children:
I am not sure if William is Elizabeth's brother.
+2i.Elizabeth Ann CLAYTON.
+3ii.William CLAYTON.
+4iii.? CLAYTON.

2. Elizabeth Ann CLAYTON was born about 1820 in North Carolina, or
Ireland. She died in Jerseyville, Jersey County, Illinois. She was ill
with Stroke. She was also known as Betsy. She was also known as B.
She was also known as Mary. Elizabeth Ann Clayton. Last doctor was Doc
H.D. Thorton.

She was married to John E. BETTS (son of ? BETTS and ? ?) about 1835.
John E. BETTS was born about 1809 in North Carolina, or Ireland. He was
living between 1835 and 1853 in 15th civil district, Henry County,
Tennessee. He was a Farmer/Carpenter between 1835 and 1870 in Vienna,
Johnson county, Illinois. He died after 1880 in Vienna, Johnson county,
Illinois. He was also known as Betsy. He was also known as Betts. The
age and married dates of the father and mother of John E. Betts r is a
total guess.
John E. Betts In 1860 he owned a farm outside of the town of Vienna,
Johnson county, IL it was assessed at $900.
The youngest was Lark Galloway Betts born Nov. 1861. Many of Lark’s
brothers and sisters where Mormons. His brothers bragged about having
more than one wife his brothers eventually became Mormon elders in their
church. In 1870 John E. Betts was still alive in ILL. He and Elizabeth
Clayton were buried in Al's Oliver Cemetery in Johnson county, ILL.
Lark (Larken)(John)(Mark) Galloway Betts was married in Viena,
Johnson county, Illinois.
He hauled gravel for a construction company. Richard Tripp said Lark
Betts had about 3 children.
He went to his niece (Ora Betts, which was his brother Thomas Betts’
daughter) husband Richard Tripp and put a down payment on a Springfield
wagon and a team of. Richard Tripp only received the down payment and
nothing else.
Lark Betts took his Springfield wagon and moved to the DeQueens Ark.,
area taking up his fathers occupation as a farmer. He may have chose
the area because his cousin John Betts Clayton was living their. Lark
lived in DeQueens Ark. For about a year before marrying Rosa Bell Taylor
in 1893. Rosa Bell Taylor was born in Fayetsville Ark. On Dec. 1881.
She was the 2nd of 6 children of William Taylor and Mary Lester.
William’s family had a difficult time saying Lark Galloway Betts’s name
so they called him John and/or Mark Betts.
Lark and Rosa Bell Taylor later moved to the Antlers, Crowder,
McAlister, Sulpher, Saywer OK. And Muenster, Paris Texas areas. Raising
their family of 6 children on the road and on a various number of
farms. Lark was allergic to certain foods, milk made him extremely sick
to his stomach.
During the winter Lark would leave the farm and go to Ill. To visit
his relatives, he would be gone for weeks at a time. One day Lark’s
cousins Steele Newton and her daughter Sulla Newton came from Calumet
ILL. to visit. After they returned home they would write often asking
Lark questions about his families past. Lark would stay up all night
answering the letters. Steele "Betts" Newton finally traced the Betts
family to Scotland. Sulie Newton invited Jettie Betts to come to
Calumet and go to the Chicago’s world fair with her daughter Sulla, ever
since that time Jettie and Sula wrote each other until Sula died.
Monday, April 26, at the DeLay hospital Lark Galloway Betts passed
away. Funeral services were help at the Calvary Baptist Church, Tuesday
afternoon, April 27, at 2:00 PM with Rev. Elmer Gray pastor, in charge.
He was buried in Sulpher Oklahoma.
Lark and Rosa Bell Betts oldest son Augustus (Guss) Betts, a
carpenter and farmer, married about 1921 Della Louella Rankin, in
Crowder, Ok, they lived on a farm just south of Crowder for several
In Chattanooga, Hamilton county, Tenn. Elizabeth’s Clayton Brother JT
Clayton born about. 1825 named his 4th child after his brother-in-law
John Betts Clayton
John Betts Clayton moved to Alabama and married Julie ?, and latter
settled in the DeQueens Ark. Area (W.G. about 1892). They stayed for
10 years and moved to the Crowder, McAlister Ok. Area where they had 11
children. After living there for about 25 years. John Betts Clayton in
1925 moved his family to Albequie New Mexico a few of his children moved
there families there with him. The others stayed behind in McAlister
Ok.. John Betts Clayton was a doctor. He lived so far away from the
closest doctor that the local doctor taught him what to do incase of an
emergency. In 1928 his cousin John E. Betts had skin cancer on the
face, he treated him by cutting the cancer out of his face. Shortly
after the operation John E. Betts died.
It is said that John Betts Clayton, brothers or uncles made up the
Clayton outlaw gang in West Missouri. John Betts Clayton daughter
traced the Clayton family to Ireland. At the county court house in
Vienna Ill. There are land documents and they state that both John E.
Betts and Elizabeth Ann Clayton where both from Ireland but I saw many
others which said she was from North Carolina and U.S. census records
which say that both of them were born in North Carolina.
A letter from Sulie Newton to Lark G. Betts
Dear Uncle and Aunt
Your nice letter received and was I ever glad to hear you are still in
the land of the living and still going strong that’s the idea. Keep up
the good work you may live to be a 100, ha ha you say you are 85, and
auntie is 65, gee she is lots younger than I am. I was 72 the 13 of
Jan. but I’m still carrying the torch high. In going to let that be the
last thing I do is die in real glad you can read with out glasses. I
have to have my glasses to see anything, but then am the first thing in
the morning and always go to bed with them on, ha ha. It has been a
real nice winter here just are big snow so far. We will have more
winter get but its like a spring day, here today makes me want to start
cleaning house. I’m going to try to do most of it myself this year. And
save my money. Liar Just kidding about coming to see you this summer.
If nothing happens to prevent it. I sure would love to clasp your old
hand once more and hear your laugh. I guess we would be like strangers,
but I can out talk a nigro camp meeting, ha ha. I want to have enough
money so I want change an you and take you to a show or two. Do you
live very near Ryan Okla., Newton’s mother is buried there. I hope if
do get to come I will get to see part of your kids, if not all of them.
Where does Eva live? Is she in Wichita Falls Tex. Let and is that very
far from you? When Misuda daughter Galda Carpentia, was out there, they
visited your daughter that lived on the farm by herself, she had such a
good time there, but her husband was afraid of that gun your daughter
had in the house, ha ha. We Betts were never afraid of fire arms and
some of then wasn’t afraid of fire water were they? But that was bad
business was it not? Well Lark if I can come to visit you we could just
gab and gab. Tell all the old stuff over then start a new subject. My
memory is just a good as ever. I sure want to come and I will if
nothing bars me. Will as never very well, but he wakes all the time he
has his shop in the rear of the home so he don’t have far to go to work
they say he is the best watch maker in the country. He was 81 last Oct.
he looks good. But the asthma has got him down. I had a letter from
Effa she has been very sick she lives all alone at Buncombe, she said
she had a chill the other night, that was real Buck Agure you see we all
still have the old Irish wit I wanted her to live with me, but she
rather live by herself. She get little pension, but not enough to keep
a bird alive well I hope you don’t wait till next Xmas to write again.
And I hope you are better well, I guess it was out there now isn’t it?
I Will be writing to you from time to time with love for you all.
I renase your niece Sula
A letter written from Sula Newton to Eva Betts
I have been away on a trip to southern ILL., and when I came home your
letter was here telling me the sad news how that hurt me. I am sorry I
could never get to visit him ever year I that I would come, but Newton
has been in bad health so long, I could not leave him he has not walked
since last month just sit around and you know they get pretty
disenchanted. Like that well. Poor uncle Lark, how much fun he and I
would have had. If I could have come to see him.
I write so many times and did not hear from him, and I that he wasn’t
able to write to me. Then for 3 or 4 months I said to we’ll I kelesice
he has passed away but we that same of sure would let me know, but I
don’t blame you for I know how those things are. We can’t bring our
salutations to write, at first then as time go by we neglect to write.
I have had your are my mixed for 2 months. You know I believe I have
some kind of power. I can start to think of some one: wishing they
would come are write to me, and I all win out I tried to find your old,
but I didn’t have it, just that Ave. where you walked when you left
Baileys but I was going to write you when I came back from Southern
ILL. and see if I could hear from Uncle: I wanted to write to him and
tell him I visited the old grave yard where his father and mother were
laid away. The old Aliver Cemetery in Johnson county but we couldn’t
find their graves, for they never had any grave stones, well I’m glad he
had my picture I that maybe it got last in the mail for I ask in all my
letters, and I could never hear if they see it are not I looked if all
his old letters he had written me and tied a black ribbon around them I
will keep them while I live, read them once in a while what was the
matter with him and how old was he poor old fellow. He had lived a long
life my father was 86 was he older than that. Poor old Aunt Rosa, I
know she will be awful lonesome, I will write her a letter too, poor
Larkin Galloway Betts how much fun I have had with him. Many a square
dance I had with him and was he a good dancer. My father was an old
time fiddler. Now that Lark has passed away, many things I will think
about, when we were young, let us not grieve to much, for he had lived a
long and goodly life. And paid the debt we all must pay but I do regret
I could never come to see you all.
I would have to come out to Texas and Okla. and I live longer than
Newton, I will come to see all you girls and Aunt Rosa, Eva do you still
work for Miss Bailey? And do you ever have a vacation? I would love to
have you come to see me. If you could ever get away. My nice Galda
Bastian visited your sister. That lived on the farm near Hugo Okla. But
I don’t know her name. She liked her very much. When you see her tell
her Galda has a little girl now Palma Kay and Penelope Mae, Palma is 4
the baby 2 or 3 weeks old. Will Aunt Rose live alone, does she own her
home? It will be lonesome for her. Poor Uncle Lark I cant believe he is
gone. It worried me when I read your letter, My daughter was here she
just cried as hard as I, although she never seen him. Well Eva I send
my heartfelt Sympathy to all you children and your mother, I will write
to her. Eva, you write to me, when you have time I am always so busy
have lots of Sewing, yes my are get better but it hurts me. Want the
time be sure to write me when you have time. Love and sympathy for all
of you
Sula Newton

Most of the information for John E. Betts and his children came from
records at
Vienna, Johnson county, Illinois. court house; Simpson cemetery, Vienna,
Johnson County, Illinois; U.S. census records and a family Bible.
Elizabeth Ann CLAYTON and John E. BETTS had the following children:
+5i.Epheanea BETTS was born Dec 25, 1835. Married Jim Dooley. Is
buried in Simpson Cemetery, Calumet, Johnson County, Ill.
6ii.Thomas A. BETTS was born on Aug 1 1838 in Tennessee. Thomas A
Betts, sold his the SE ¼ of the NW ¼ of section 21 township 12 south
of range 3 east 50 acres for $500.00

+7iii.William Wesley BETTS was born Nov 14, 1840 in Elvina Township,
Henry County, Tennessee. Married about 1876 to Martha Ann Dooley in
Buncombe, Elvira Township, Johnson County, Ill (also married Cathanie
Chappell and Frances Dooley) Died Aug 24, 1925 buried in Simpson
Cemetery, Calumet, Johnson County, Ill.
8iv.Margret Elrery BETTS was born on Oct 18 1842 in Tennessee. She
died in Simpson cemetery, Calumet, Johnson County, Illinois.
+9v.Howard BETTS was born Mar 20, 1844 in Elvina Township, Henry
County, Tennessee. Married 1862-1863 to Matilda Grantham.
10vi.Abner BETTS was born on Sep 13 1846 in Tennessee.
11vii.Mary Miner BETTS was born on Jul 8 1848 in Henry County,
Tennessee. She died in Simpson cemetery, Calumet, Johnson County,
+12viii.James Earl BETTS was born June 9, 1850 in Henry County,
Tennessee. Married about 1903 to Rachel Adline Holmes (also married
Amma Holmes, Fannie Garm and Ada Sparks Holmes). Died June 20, 1928, is
buried in Cummins Cemetery.
+13ix.John E. BETTS was born Jul 9, 1852 in Elvina Township, Henry
County, Tennessee. Married Jun 7, 1880 to Mary Charlatte Barnett (also
married Rosa A. Single). Died Jun 27, 1928 in Vienna, Johnson county,
14x.Anneliza BETTS was born on Apr 30 1854.
15xi.Elyzebeth BETTS was born on Mar 8 1856.
+16xii.Charles T. BETTS was Dec 12, 1858 in Buncombe, Elvina
Township, Henry County, Tennessee. Married 1881 to Sharlie Hodge (also
married Martha Gurley). Died Mar 9, 1926 is buried in Simpson cemetery,
Calumet, Johnson County, Illinois.
+17xiii.Larken Galloway BETTS was born Nov 20, 1861 in vienna,
Johnson County, Ill. Married 1893-4? in DeQueens, Sevier County,
Arkansas to Rosa Bell Taylor. Died Apr 26, 1948 is buried in Sulper,
Murray county, Oklahoma.

3. William CLAYTON was born about 1830 in Chatanooga, Hamilton County,
Tennessee. He died in Vienna, Johnson county, Illinois.
He was married to Nancy ? between 1848 and 1864. Nancy ? was born about
1825. William CLAYTON and Nancy ? had the following children:
+18i.J T Clayton CLAYTON was born abt 1865 in vienna, Johnson county,
Illinois married 1886-1889? to Luella Clifton. He Died Aug 27, 1945; in
Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona

4. ?(?James?) CLAYTON was born about 1830. He named his 4th child
after his brother-in-law John Betts Clayton.
? CLAYTON had the following children:
19i.Frank CLAYTON was born about 1866.
20ii.George CLAYTON was born about 1868.
+21iii.Manda CLAYTON was born about 1870, married 1878-1915? to John
+22iv.Doctor John Betts CLAYTON born about 1871 married about 1892 to
Julie ? in Alabama

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