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From: Bonnie Dannenberg <>
Subject: [CLOUGH-L] Re: Reunion, lineages and chat
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 12:35:05 -0400

At 11:40 AM 8/3/98 -0400, Anne Levine wrote:
>This will be my first time attending the Kennebunk reunion. Should I
>bring along anything? I thought perhaps a printout of John Clough to my
>children for others to that they may add information to their
>data. Do people do things like that?

Hi Anne and all,
I only went to the reunion once. But what I remember was lunch,
and then a meeting in the afternoon, and then dinner. There
were several tables around the room, with things like Clough
T-shirts for sale, and many many photo albums and scrapbooks
to look at. At the meeting, I remember everyone stood, one at
a time, and gave their lineage. I'm sure people might like to
see/have printouts of your information.

>There are many on this chat line that I have no idea how they
>connect to John...

Well, one thing listmembers can do is go to the archives of
Clough-L messages at Rootsweb, and find the information there.
A while back, several of us did post our lineages to the list.
As new people joined us, we discussed what the best way to share
this information was. (It seemed a bit redundant to keep posting
the lineages for those of us who had already seen them.) However,
there was the problem of how to share them with new members. We
had thought of making up a file of the lineages, and sending it to
folks as they subscribed to the list. Another thing we could do is
post them to the Clough-L Web page and refer new members there.

(Joshua, are you still around?? :)

But not everyone has web access, so that could be a problem.

Anyway, someone had offered to make up a file, of the lineages
that had been posted to the list so far, that could be sent
individually to each new member. Was that George or Emmett??

For right now, I suggest we each re-post our lineage to the list
until we can come up with a better plan. Those who have already
seen them can just delete, but the new members will get them
that way. (And not everyone here is descended from John of
Salisbury. Other Clough lines are represented here.)

I'll begin, and send my lineage through in a separate message.
Everyone else please take a minute and post your Clough/Cluff/Clow

Another thing I've been meaning to work on was to set a regular
time, maybe once a week, to get together in the Clough Chat room.
Does anyone have a suggestion about what a good time and day
would be, like 9 pm on Sunday evenings?? I'm open to suggestions.

Bonnie -

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