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From: "Paul Evans" <>
Subject: Re: [CLWYD] MUSPRATTs and University
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 13:41:36 -0000
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Hi Vic
I spent many an hour poured over 'Notices' to get my research off to a good
I found Henry Taylor's account of the Muspratt's a bit of a hero worship,
when I checked my Friends house deeds I found out why.
He( Taylor ) had bought the house in Partnership with James Liebig and he
was the family Solicitor.
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Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 12:45 PM
Subject: Re: [CLWYD] MUSPRATTs and University

> On Sat, 20 Mar 2004 12:04:51 -0000,
> "Paul Evans" <>
> posted the following message :
> >I have been checking my notes and the Muspratts of Seaforth hall and
> >are one and the same
> >James (senior) is in the '81' at 87 years of age living at the hall with
> >dau in law and grandchildren no sign of his son ( he must have been
away )
> >James ( Jun ) Liebig Muspratt had a large house in Russell Rd, Rhyl
> >Bron Haul,
> >it is now a nursing home, but he played no part in the life of Rhyl from
> >what I can see concentrating on his Flint interests
> >Richard Muspratt ( mayor ) of Cornist Hall died in 1885 at the age of 63
> >I wonder who this Richard Frederick Lover Muspratt was.
> >The C.R.S Muspratt that Peter refers to could be Clifford Muspratt a
> >grandson of James( Snr ) who was only 4 months old in 1881.
> Hello Paul,
> I've been looking at "Historic Notices of Flint" by Henry Taylor,
> written in 1883, and reprinted in facsimile by Clwyd County Council in
> 1994.
> Three members of the Muspratt family were subscribers to the 1883
> edition - they were:
> Muspratt, Councillor James Liebig, J.P., Flint
> Muspratt, Councillor Sidney Knowles, J.P., Flint
> Muspratt, Edmund K., Esq., Seaforth Hall, near Liverpool
> (Several members of this list were subscribers to the 1994 re-print!)
> The book has this information, under the year 1857:
> +++
> On the 10th November, Councillor RICHARD MUSPRATT was elected Mayor.
> Mr. RICHARD MUSPRATT is the second son of Mr. JAMES MUSPRATT, of
> Seaforth Hall, LIVERPOOL (the pioneer of alkali manufacture in
> Lancashire), by JULIA JOSEPHINE (nee CONNOR) his late wife; the latter
> gentleman is the son of EVAN MUSPRATT, by SARAH (nee MAINWARING) his
> wife, and is a native of Ireland; Mr. RICHARD MUSPRATT is also by
> birth an Irishman, having been born in Dublin, 13th August, 1822.
> He married, 6th July, 1843, JANE, elder daughter of Mr. JAMES MOON, of
> MANCHESTER, by JANE (nee STEPHENS) his wife, by whom he has issue
> three sons and one daughter.
> His eldest son, Mr. JAMES LIEBIG MUSPRATT, married at FLINT, 20th
> August, 1873, CLARA, elder daughter of the late Mr. THOMAS LEWIS, of
> BRYN EDWIN, a former Mayor of FLINT.
> Both he and his younger brother, Mr. SYDNEY KNOWLES MUSPRATT, are
> active members of the TOWN COUNCIL, the former being the Chairman of
> the " Finance Committee," and the latter Chairman of the " School
> Attendance Committee"; both are Borough Justices.
> Mr. RICHARD MUSPRATT is the senior partner of the firm of Messrs.
> MUSPRATT BROTHERS and HUNTLEY, and a Justice of the Peace for the
> County.
> Mr. RICHARD MUSPRATT'S residence, "Trelawny House," is situate in the
> very centre of the town.
> He has taken for many years the utmost interest in the Municipal
> Government of the Borough, and he is ably assisted in his efforts for
> the welfare of the Town by Mrs. MUSPRATT, their sons and daughter; the
> latter, Miss FLORENCE MUSPRATT, is always willing to promote any
> object having for its end the welfare of the town.
> +++
> I have an idea that "Trelawny House" is now known as "Teddy Bear
> Towers" (!) - perhaps Peter can confirm that, or otherwise :-)
> --
> Regards,
> Vic Roberts
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