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From: Rowena <>
Subject: [CLWYD] [Fwd: Grid References]
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 18:19:41 +0800
Two of my previous posts showed up on the list without accompanying
text. I am trying to send again as a new post rather than as a reply to
see if that works.
The new page "Grid References" is up on the MYC site now.
Some of the grid ref layouts look rather odd and inconsistent, but it is
a start, anyway.

Bethania Chapel (Welsh Calvinistic Methodist), Capel Garmon Grid
reference: SH81515566

Bryn Beddau (8292,5851),

Bryn Bras, Nebo (8355,5627)

Bryn Sylldy SH 82254 61947.

Bryn y Cyplau SH 847 568

Bryn y Gwynt (8383,5886)

Brynfawnog (Bryn y Fawnog) (8302,5659)

Bryniog Isaf SH 822 602

Caer Berllan, Pentre Foelas Road Grid reference: SH80566021

Carreg Lleon Grid reference: SH81245515

Carreg Lleon Map ref 812551 or 281261, 355131

Clytiau Teg Farmstead Grid reference: SH84455818

Clytiau Teg Quarry Grid reference: SH84415842

Clytiau Teg Farmhouse Grid reference: SH84675847

Cwm Lanerch SH 800 580

Cyffdy Hall Grid reference: SH81666015

Dylasau Isaf Farmhouse Grid reference: SH82185259

Fronwen SH 823 594

Garthypigau (Garth Biga, as it was apt to be pronounced, 8246,5857)

Gorsedd Grucyn SH8359

Graig Goch, Nebo (8364,5645),

Gwninger SH 814 561

Hafod y Gaunant (Geunan), Grid Ref 8310,5610, Capel Garmon

Hafotty Bach (8306,5852)

Highgate, Melin y Coed (ruined, obliterated) SH 812 604

Llwynau Barn Grid reference: SH82105498

Llwynau Grid reference: SH82125493

Maelogen Grid reference: SH85056207

Maen Sertan Boundary Stones; Maen Sertan Grid reference: SH84125533

Maes Gwyn SH 830 591

Moel Yr Iwrch Isaf (Moeliorwch), Grid Ref 8312,5429

Moelogen Bach SH 842 620

Moelogen Lodge SH 846 623

Nant Isaf, Grid Ref 8166,5764,

Nant y Fedwen SH 838 619

Nebo Welsh Independent Chapel, Nebo, Llanrwst Grid reference: SH83645611

Oerfa SH 83670 59397.

Pant Glas SH 83 60 [1000m precision]

Pant y Maes SH 828 592

Pen Nant SH 825 595

Penrallt 8181,5861

Plas Yn Rhos Mill Grid reference: SH83015369

Plasonn 8273,5822

Seion Chapel (Welsh Calvinistic Methodist), Capel Garmon, Llanrwst Grid
reference: SH81605534

Siloam Welsh Independent Chapel, Capel Garmon, Llanrwst Grid reference:

Soflen 8256,5720

Swch yr Hafod, Pandy Tudur SH 842 633

Tyddyn Llywarch 8225,5790

Tyn Twll 8204,5845 Nant y Rhiw, not Melin y Coed)

For the record (if this post shows up properly) my previous posts appear


Hello - where did my previous post go? I will add it below:
Well, I did once start a list of place names and coordinates, but I
didn't get very far. Anyone who has worked any of them out let me know
and I will put them on the site. That is actually a very good idea. I
just don't want to spend the hours doing something that I'm not very
good at. I'm not comfortable with picking them off an Ordnance Survey
map, and I'm not confident in the format they should be shown in. If
anyone has any placename / grid refs lists, or enjoys playing with maps
and coordinates, here is a very good place to display them for the world.


Here are some I have on my private files. I will look at putting them in
alphabetical order and finding a place on the MYC site for them. If
anyone spots any errors or has some that should be added, let me know. I
will put up grid refs for farms, houses, inns and public buildings
anywhere in the Llanrwst to Pentrefoelas to Maenan to Betws y Coed,
Llanrhychwyn, Dolgarrog, Trefriw, Gwytherin, etc. area, not just Melin y
(List deleted)

Further to that, and the reason I came back to the list and noticed my
words above had been swallowed by the system, I wanted to let you know,
Anthony and all, that it is a case of no sooner suggested than done.
There is now a new page on called Grid
References, full of heart rending pleas for help in making the list a
good 'un. Well, a request, anyway.

It says:
Please help us add to this list of grid references and help others
looking for the site of their ancestral homes!

(List Deleted)

Also I have said: Find a place more easily on the map with a grid
reference. This page welcomes map locations for homes, farms, inns and
public buildings for up to ten miles from Melin y Coed, or more if there
is a special reason.
Ten miles was just a rough guess - I will put up Pentrefoelas grid refs,
Cwmpenanner, Cwm Penmachno, etc. as well. If it's important to you, it's
important to someone else somewhere some time.

I have not provided these details myself, as this was just a personal
list scattered here and there in my notes, but I would be glad to receive:
Name of building, farmstead, house, or street address.
Location, e.g. village. Many homes have the same name, sometimes even in
the same village (e.g. in Melin y Coed at one time there were two houses
called Ty Newydd (New House) as well as others scattered around. Not our
fault, but at least we can distinguish between houses of the same name
in different villages more easily.
If there is some history with the building, I will either enter it with
the grid ref, or in a note below, or on another page with a linking note.
If you have a photograph of the property, I will add that. Perhaps below
the list, with a note of the fact next to the grid ref.

Feel free. Send to mail @ or, preferably, myself at
newses @
The trouble with sending it to the site is that I don't look at it as
often, and I have to forward the mail to myself to be useful, whereas I
generally look at newses every day.


Anthony Francis wrote:

Subject: Rev.Hugh Jones and son Elias Jones Draper Llanrwst
Hello again,
A month ago I asked about Reverend Hugh Jones of Llanrwst who
married Ann Williams on 9 Nov.1842 in Capel Garmon and although they
raised their family in Llangollen, I’m told they kept a cottage in or
near Melin-y-coed, which I hoped to identify. Their eldest son Elias
born about 1843, opened drapers shops in Llanrwst and and Llandudno and
later became a JP in the area. I have failed to find his birth or his
parents marriage, despite managing to Google Elias Jones J.P.

Hester kindly suggested that I check the census data given in the
‘Windows to the Past’ section of the Melin-y-coed website at
Many thanks to all the folk who created this wonderful community

Despite reading & re-reading all the censuses, I managed to find
only the very faintest of possibilities, such as this one from the 1851
Robert Roberts, 39, farmed the 200 acres of Bryniog Ucha. Living with
him then were son John, 7, carter John Davies, 19, all three from
Llanfair, and Llanrwst born agricultural labourer Elias Jones, 16, and
house servant Jane Jones, 34.
Might this Elias Jones age 16 in 1861, so born about 1845, be the
eldest son born about 1843, of Rev. Hugh Jones & Ann Williams
I very much doubt that this farmer Robert Roberts age 39 in 1861, so
born about 1922, can be the grandfather Robert Roberts born about 1814
of my grandfather Owen Roberts born 1882 in Brynbras-bach Nebo, because
he is too young and I don’t know about any son John born 1844 – only
Mary born 1839, Owen born 1846\7 and David born 1851. But it’s a slim
(Bryniog Ucha is 1mile east of Melin y Coed at SH827601 or
283050,360050 on old-maps.)

As if it isn’t hard enough searching through very common family
names like Robert Roberts and John Jones, another difficulty is that
many of the rural residences also have common names like Bryn Hyfryd,
so you can only identify one’s location by identifying neighbouring
farms in the same area of the census enumerator’s round. I respectfully
suggest that the Melin-y-coed website would be greatly enhanced for
strangers to the area, if map coordinates could be added after the name
of each residence.
Once again, thank you very much for giving us this wonderful website.
Cheers, Tony in White Rock, BC

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