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From: Robert Howells< >
Subject: Avondale, PA mine disaster
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 14:44:03 -0500

Hi All:
I'm very new at this and I don't know
if I am doing the correct thing by
sending this message.
The current issue of THE HERITAGE
published by the NE PA Genealogical
Society had a condensed version of
the Avondale Mine Disaster which
occured on September 6, 1869. About
one hundred ten miners lost their lives
most of whom were Welsh. Avondale
is located about one mile west of
Plymouth, PA and about 2 miles NE
of Nanticoke along the Susquehanna
River. Here is a list of those killed:

Palmer Steele Ed W. Edwards
Denison Slocum Henry Morris
William Powell William T Williams
William Williams David S. Reese
Willie Phillips Richard Wooley
William Evans John R David
Murray Edwards David James
Peter Conlin William Williams
Jacob Mosier William Evans
John Clark Richard Owens
William J Evans Willie Hatton
George Stackhouse William Evans
Edwin Jones James Powell
Morgan Watkins Thomas Hatten
Andrew Frothingham Edward Owen
William Allen John Burtch
Thomas D. Jones John Burtch, Jr.
Peter Johnson John Jenkins
Evan Hughes William R. Evans
William Bowan Daniel Wood
James Powell William Nors
Thomas Hughes David Reese, Jr.
William Reese Griffith Roberts
William Porfit John Ruth
William N. Williams Joseph Morris
William Lewis Patrick McGurick
John Hughes Henry Smith
Thomas Morris Shem Howells
Elijah Bryant Thomas Davis
Thomas Roberts William Dewdle
William Sink John Roberts
Daniel Jones Thomas Ryan
David Thomas Hugh Gilroy
Daniel Givens John Mahar
Evan Rees Patrick Burke
William T. Morgan James Murray
Michael Daly D,P.Pryer
James Phillips James Williams
John D Evans William Harding
Sam R. Morgan William R Evans
William Wildrich Reese Lunday
Tom Llewellyn Reese Llewllyn
William David John Thomas
John Davis Wm T Williams
Wm D. Johns Darrius Guyler
William Rees William Spick
John Harris Thomas Jones
Thom. Phillips Lewis David
Charles Fear John Thomas
Dave Johnson James Mallen
James Haskins Wm D Jones
Edward Taylor Rowland Jones
Madison Alibach Daniel Edwards
John Powell John Bowen
David Jones Tom W. Williams

I'm sorry to take so much time and
space but I thought someone might
be interested.

A four page reprinted newspaper
article can be purchsed for $5.00
from the :
Plymouth Historical Society
115 Gaylord Ave.,
Plymouth, PA 18651 USA

Thank you

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