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Subject: us, bUXTON, ia
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 17:00:30 EDT

Re: Buxton, IA

You probably can't find it on a current map because it doesn't exist anymore.
Buxton, Iowa began when another coal mining camp called Muchakinock (about 15
miles from Buxton) was relocated by Consolidated Coal in 1900. Buxton was in
Monroe County, Iowa. After a strike at Muchikinock, Blacks were recruited
heavily from around Staunton and Charlottesville VA to work the mines. They
continued to recruit from there and MO when the camp moved to Buxton. After
the mines dried out there the camps were moved to Hadock and Bucknell. Some
of the Buxtonites went there, but by then the more urban areas were pulling
Blacks and many from Buxton moved to Waterloo and Des Moines.
Both of these camps are most often talked about in Iowa because in both of
them over half of the population was Black. Buxton was often referred as a
Black Utopia. Buxton was home to many Black professionals. The people
established thier own churches, lodges, businesses and instititutions.
Unfortuantely, the town only lasted for about 25 years. Such is the nature of
many coal mining communities.

Some aFRICAN American surnames in Buxton Iowa in 1923 include:
Davis, Abington, White, Taylor, Walker, Jeffers, Nolan, Humbles, Gibson,
Burkett, London, Armstrong, Morris, Stallworth and many others.

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