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I'm sending this to all of you in case you find a link to your line.


Information received from Ann P. Haberkorn, living in Salinas, CA., Apri=
14, 1997, to Karen Foster Montgomery. Also, Gary W. Coats, Portland, Ore=
sent some information, which has been incorporated below. Karen located =
and Gary's names/address through a local Sugar Land, TX, LDS office, as
submitters of information on Coate surname. A general inquiry letter was
sent to Ann/Gary by Karen and Ann/Gary responded by sending what informat=
she/he had on Coate line. Thank you Ann and Gary.

Miles David COATE
born: 25 Nov. 1806/Newberry Dist.,,SC
died: 9 Nov. 1863/Knoxville,,TN
marr: Feb. 1826/, McMinn, TN
father: Jesse COATE
mother: Catherine MILES

born: 25 Oct. 1811/,,NC
died: 16 May 1843/Newton Twp., Miami, OH
bur: 1843/Old Union Cem., Newton Twp., Miami, OH


1) Catharine Jane COATES
born: 15 Nov. 1826/,McMinn, TN
died: 5 May 1911/Covington,,OH
spouse: John THOMPSON
marr: Oct. 1843/OH

2) William COATES
born: abt 1827/TN
died: abt 1834

3) Thomas H. COATES
born: 11 Jun 1828/,McMinn, TN
died: 8 Oct. 1898/Pleasant Hill, Miami, OH
bur: 1898/Pleasant Hill Cem, Pleasant Hill, Miami, OH
spouse: Louisa Jane EVANS
marr: 21 Apr 1849/, Miami, OH

4) Sarah Ann COATES
born: 11 Jun 1828/,McMinn, TN
died: 22 May 1912/Lyons, Rice, paralysis.
bur: 24 May 1912/Lyons Municipal, Lyons, Rice, KS
marr: 10 Mar 1844/Ludlow Falls, Miami, OH
spouse: Noah HANKS
children: Columbus b. 12 Sep 1846...d. 25 Oct. 1864 of bronchitis
Lauretta N. b. 19 Sep. 1848
Louisa A. b. 28 Aug 1850...d. 1 March 1868 of consumption
Mary M. (Mame) b. 28 March 1853
Anzonetta Catherine Jane (Nettie) b. 28 March 1856 (aka: Margaret)
Malinda A. (Lennie) b. 4 Jan. 1859
Florence b. 21 July 1864...d. 29 Nov. 1864 of inflamation of brain
William L. b. 5 July 1866...d. 27 Aug 1883 of Malara fever
Thomas E. b. 8 July 1869...d. 22 April 1881 of diptheria

5) David M. COATES
died: abt 1823/TN

6) John COATES

7) Rebecca COATES
marr: Ryan
dau: Louisa J. Ryan who married _____ Anderson.

8) Mary COATES
died: abt 1843
marr: #1 =3D Jermiah Pierson
children: Charles Pierson/Oscar Pierson
marr: #2 =3D .....Shepherd

9) Jesse M. COATES
born: 23 Dec. 1838/, Miami, OH
died: 15 May 1915/Wichita, Sedgwick, KS

10) Hattie COATES
born: abt 1843

Records show Thomas and Sarah Ann to be twins.
Think, Sarah Ann lived after her mother=92s death (and maybe before) with=
Sarah Ann referred to as "Sally".

NOTES: Some references say David Miles Coate and some say Miles David. =
saw in Hinshaw books, Miles David-Karen). He apparently dropped the Davi=
from his name quite early as he seems to be always referred to as Miles C=
or Coates. 1832 Miles and family left TN and came to Newton Twp., OH. M=
settles near Pleasant Hill whle father Jesse who came to Miami Co. In 183=
is at Troy.

1850 census, White County, IN, with wife and seven children. (marr #2, E=
Brown 4 Feb. 1866, Miami Co.

1863, 15th July, enrolled as a Private in Co. K, 116th Regt., Indiana
Infantry at Bedford, for six months. His papers say that he enrolled at
White Co, District #9 (Indiana). The past fifty years of age he gives hi=
age as forty-five possibly fearing to tell his right age for fear of bein=
considered too old.

Died: 1863 9th Nov. At Knoxville, TN/burial: 1863 Roll of Honor bur: in
grade #91, Knoxville National Cem (Vol. II, p. 384.)...of pneumonia.

at time of Miles=92 death, left surviving him six children under 16 yrs =

George W. Coate, b. Mar. 15, 1849
Richard, b. May 22, 1851
Robert, b. Dec. 19, 1853
Sanford, b. April 1, 1856
Nancy Jane, b. Dec. 9, 1858
Marina M., b. July 5, 1862

SOURCE: Information from chart by Myrtle V. Homan and letters collected =
Myrtle & Ethel Coate Miles (of Emporia KS) and Eva Lowrey Hanning Shy (my
Aunt of Woodward OK). They hired some a Mrs. Crane and a Mrs. Fryburg to=
some research for them.
Chart dated 10 April 1941. Myrtle living in Springfield OH and the dau. =
Nannie Bell Thompson.
Myrtle Homan=92s Chart lists Jesse Coates, Jr., as child number 9
Book of Mrs. Fryberg=92s lists Jesse as child no. 3
He probably is child No. 9, as he was raised by his uncle Bye (Bi/Bie), w=
leads us to believe that he was the youngest son and that when his mother
died in 1843. He being but a child his Uncle and Aunt took him in - prob=
Bi (or Abia brother of Miles).

born: 24 Aug 1781/Newberry Dist., SC
died: 17 Apr 1855/, Mason, IL
bur: 1855/Old Havana Cem., Havana, Fulton, IL
marr: 7 Oct. 1801/SC
father: Thomas COATE
mother: Sarah Ann MILES

WIFE: Catherine MILES
born: abt 1781/SC
died: abt 1822/TN
father: William MILES, JR.
Mother: Jane TAYLOR

1) Jane COATE
marr: Scott
children: Lucinda, Caty, Martha, and Sarah
born: 7 Oct. 1802/Newberry Dist., SC

2) Abia COATE
nickname: Bie
marr: Elizabeth....No issue
born: 18 Jul 1804/Newberry Dist., SC

3) Miles David COATE
born: 25 Nov. 1806/Newberry Dist., SC
died: 9 Nov. 1863/TN
spouse: Mary Humphries
marr: Feb. 1826/McMinn, TN

4.) William COATE
born: 23 May 1808/1809-Newberry Dist., SC
might have been born as early as 1800/04 in TN.
Gary Coats (Portland, OR), a descendant, says that Miles and William alwa=
seem to move together from TN to OH to White Co., IN.

5.) Sarah Ann COATE
born: 28 Jan 1811/Newberry Dist., SC
died: 14 Feb. 1912/Monticello, TN
marr: Jacob Debra (born: 1806)
children: Elizabeth Debra Sluyter b. 1/29/1832
Samuel Debra/b. 1/23/1835
David A. Debra/b. 8/18/1844
1912 death 14 Feb., near Monticello Indiana, at 101 years of age.

6.) Elizabeth COATE
nickname: Betsy
born: 29 May 1814/Newberry Dist., SC
died: 1901
marr: Isarel Thompson (maybe this is a typo and should be: Israel)

7.) Anna COATE
born: 7 Sep 1817/Newberry Dist., SC
marr: Coppock

8.) Marena COATE
born: 10 May 1820/McMinn. TN
marr: Hinshaw

Catherine Miles father=92s plantation adjoined that of Jesse Coates fathe=
Bush Creek, SC. Catty=92s father was William Miles, whose father William=
had been one of the early settlers in the Newberry Dist., long before the=
of the Revolution.

After their marriage, they resided on the plantation until 1806.

1806 Jesse and Catharine Coate conveyed the Plantation to Frederick Gray.
They remained in the District until 1810.

Abt 1818, they went to Columbus TN. (is Columbus in McMinn Co??) Caty a=
Jesse had 8 children. Caty died abt 1822, and in 1824 he remarried (#2) =
Coppock, by whom he had 6 children.

born: 24 Aug 1781/Newberry Dist., SC
died: 17 Apr 1855/Mason, IL
bur: 1855, Old Havan Cem
marr: aft 1822/TN
father: Thomas COATE
mother: Sarah Ann MILES

abt 1840, Jesse and his 2nd wife, Mary & 2nd set of children, left OH and
went to IL. Jesse and his family settled near Havana where he purchased
considerable land in Mason Co, not far from Havana, IL, near a section ca=
Niger Lake, lying south of Havana.

born: 3 Jun 1800
died: 8 Jun 1845/Mason, IL
bur: Old Havana Cem....tombstone record: MARY COATS/Wife of Jesse/Died =
8, 1845/Aged 45 yrs. 5 days.

1) Levi COATE
born: 13 May 1825/McMinn, TN
died: 4 Oct. 1886/Mason, IL
bur: Old Havana Cem.
Spouse: Lucy BRIGGS

2) Eli COATE
born: 8 Jun 1827/McMinn, TN
died: 4 Feb. 1856/Old Havana Cem.

3) Jefferson COATE
born: 1828/1829/McMinn. TN

4) Elizabeth COATE
born: abt 1833, TN
marr: #1=3D Harrison Baldwin/#2=3DGeorge Hodkinson

5) George W. COATE
born: 1834/Miami, OH
died: 1863/Lawrence, Douglas, KS...was killed in Quantrell=92s Raid @ La=
marr: Elizabeth

6.) Harriett COATE
born: 1838/Miami, OH
marr: #1=3DHarned/#2=3DWilcox

7.) John COATE
born: abt 1839/Miami, OH
died: abt 1840/Dayton, Montgomery, OH
died very young...scalded to death in a maple grove. Buried near Dayton,
Montgomery Co., OH

Ann Potwin Haberkorn=92s lineage comes down through Sarah Ann Coates and =
Hanks...Karen=92s comes through Jesse M. Coates. Sarah and Jesse were br=
and sister. Jesse M. married Rosana Snyder/Snider/Schnyder. Gary W. Coa=
comes through William, brother to Miles David Coate.


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