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Subject: Simon Cockrell
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 22:59:52 -0400 (EDT)

Bella you are a JEWELL!!

Thanks for the newspaper article on Simon Cockrell! He was the brother of
Alexander Cockrell who bought Dallas, Texas in 1852 from John Neeley Bryant,
and was killed by the Sheriff on the streets of Dallas. Their mother was
Sally Hunt who died in about 1830 in Johnson county, Missouri. This date was
calculated based on the fact that she died when Alexander was 14 years old.
Both of these Texas Heroes came to Texas very early in our history and
served their country well!

Joseph Cockrell, their father remarried Nancy Ellis who was born in 1803
(just 2 years after Simon) and she died in 1883. My grandfather, Dr. Lonnie
Lee Cockerell's mother was about the same age as her oldest stepson, just
like Joseph's second wife.

This is the way this list is suppose to work! Lets get those storied on the
web so we can all fill in the blanks in our family research!

QUESTION??? Alexander Cockrell, the brother of the above Simon, came to
Texas in about 1843 following runaway slaves, and stayed to join the Texas
Rangers, and fight in the Mexican War of 1846, and was about to go home in
about 1850 when he decided to visit his cousin, Wesley Cockrell who was
living at Mountain Lake located just south of present day Dallas, Texas. It
was during this visit that he met Wesley's neighbor, Sarah H. Horton whom he
married and the rest is history, as they say!

Was Wesley Cockrell the son of Simon Cockrell? OK, start diging!!

Tiom Green

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