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Subject: [COCKRELL-L] Re:COCKRELL, John-Ann Chilton Family Controversy
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 14:36:06 EDT

Thank you Kay for bringing up this controversy. This is a well thought out
piece of information. The question of Celia and her origins has been around
since the 1960's.

First of all the professional genealogists often discuss obituaries in
articles that I read. It is not so uncommon to find them filled with little
errors. They are a nice place to start and often tell of visiting relatives
from other states and suggest ties we had not seen before.
In this obituary we can understand how family tradition can become public
information and still be in error. Just as F. N. Cockrell of 1915 did many of
the Cockrell surname a great favor by leaving his research notes for us to
follow still the problem of inaccurate connections has many of us digging
deeper for more facts.

Senator Francis Marion Cockrell was a public figure for many years. He
resided most in Washington D.C. however he did go "home" for census. He owned
a home in Warrensburg, Missouri that no longer stands but once was open to the
public for tours. The property now belongs to SPRINT and a very large and
modern building stands where it once stood.

Joseph Cockrell died intestate.
Adm. James Carmichael and Robert M. White appt. 28 DEC 1837.
Sec. James Sterling and Harvey Dyer and William T. Conway.
heirs: widow, Nancy Cockrell
children, Nancy Cockrell late Nancy Logan; Polly Cockrell; Mary Ann
Cockrell; Louisa Cockrell; Sarah Cockrell; Jeremiah Vardeman Cockrell; FRANCIS
MARION COCKRELL, all residing in Johnson Co., Mo.

Taken from page 2 of the Johnson County Probate records book.

The estate of Joseph Cockrell was very large. The Real Estate covered two
counties. Those counties are Johnson and Jackson. A map of the property in
Johnson County was included in the book EARLY COCKRELLS IN MISSOURI by Monroe
Fulkerson Cockrell of Illinois in 1966. The courts of each county have
probate records showing what portion each of the above named heirs inherited.
Some say that his property was so vast it took two days to sell it all. They
are inaccurate to a degree. Very little of the property was actually sold.
Just enough to pay the debts of the estate. When the two days is mentioned
above, it refers to the day in court for Johnson County and the day in court
for Jackson County. This is a simple example of how the facts can easily
become misstated.

Some of the heirs of Joseph Cockrell were minors at the time of his death.
Francis Marion was but 8 years old and his brother Jeremiah Vardeman was age
10 years. Each minor heir was appointed a guardian of their estate until
reaching age 14.

Collecting the records from this estate meant picking up records in both
Johnson and Jackson Counties. I paid a modest fee for copies once they were
found in the books. I believe I have sent out copies of these records in my
exchange packages.
They prove the connections of some of the children of Joseph Cockrell.
Further this information is being used to create a map showing the position of
each property in Jackson County by Bill Ballew. When he has completed it I
hope to trade with him for a copy.

Joseph Cockrell himself was the first sheriff of Johnson County, Missouri. He
was noted publicly as a good and honest man. Perhaps this inspired some of
his sons to study to practice law.

The sons of Francis Marion Cockrell who wrote books are Francis Marion
Cockrell II and Ewing Cockrell. Francis Marion Cockrell II wrote and
published THE SENATOR FROM MISSOURI The Life And Times of Francis Marion
Cockrell. The copyright date in 1962. Ewing Cockrell wrote the book "History
of Johnson County". Each also wrote many letters to other Cockrells in the
country comparing information and concluding in some way family relationships
that have at times proven to be in error. We thank them for their hard work.

Because the family of Joseph Cockrell and the family of Morgan Cockrell
resided in the same county it has been no trouble to collect the source
materials on each of the families of these brothers. James Cockrell was
another brother residing in Missouri and his residence was nearer Lafayette
County, Missouri.

Of the sons of Joseph Cockrell three were in the Civil War and all fought for
the Confederacy. Simon N. Cockrell being the eldest was a scout. He
recruited among the residents of Missouri. Jeremiah Vardeman Cockrell was
part of the party who destroyed the Newspaper office at Parkville Missouri for
printing anti-slavery matter. Brig. Gen. Francis Marion Cockrell led many
battles in Jackson and Cass County Missouri. He is the only one of the three
brothers who obtained a pardon for his participation in the Confederate side
of the Civil War. He is also noted as having been the only Confederate
Officer to be recognized with praise by the Union Veterans and the reason was
later found to be that he had been assisting the union soldiers in filling out
their pension papers free of charge.
Of interest to some is the fact that no battles were fought in Warrensburg,
Missouri, the home of these Cockrells. Lone Jack, Missouri, the scene of a
terrible battle is far down the road and in Jackson County. In Warrensburg
were two regiments one Union and one Confederate. They would each drill on
seperate ends of town.

"Poppy" West had little use for Francis Marion Cockrell. Family stories of
how he felt about this man kept me from gathering anything about him for a
very long time. Poppy or James Samuel West was the son of Nancy Cockrell and
Barksdale West all of Johnson County, Missouri. Nancy Cockrell being the
daughter of Morgan Cockrell and Hannah Andrews. The politics were different
and so were the religious beliefs of these two related families. This is
possibly why some stated that the two families of Cockrells living in the same
County were not believed to be related. Still we see that in fact Joseph and
Morgan Cockrell were indeed brothers.

State of Missouri
County of Van Buren
This affiant, William Cockrell makes oath and states that to the best of his
knowledge and belief the names and places of residence of the heirs of Simon
Cockrell, late of said County, deceased, are as follows towit:
Moses Cockrell, heirs, one son named David place of residence not known of the
others names and places of residence not known.
The John Cockrell heirs; John, Morgant, Betsy, and Sally; Breathitt County,
Simon Cockrell and
Jerry Cockrell, Breathitt County, Kentucky.
Alexander Cockrell, Clay County, Illinois.
Sally Davis, Clay County, Illinois.
Morgan Cockrells heirs; Nancy, Alexander, Tabitha and Sally and others names
not known, Johnson County, Missouri.
Joseph Cockrells heirs; Nancy and Polly, Maryann and Sally, Jeremiah Vardiman
and Francis Marion of Johnson County, Missouri.
Betsy Sergeant of Illinois.
James Cockrill of Johnson County, Missouri.
William Cockrell of Jackson County, Missouri.
And this affiant further States that said deceased died without a Will and
that he will make a perfect Inventory of and faithfully administer all the
estate of said deceased and pay the debts as far as the assetts will extend
and the law direct and account for and pay all assets which shall come to his
possession or knowledge.
Signed, William Cockrell
Sworn and subscribed to before one James C. Jackson Clerk of the County Court
of the County aforesaid this 28th day of September A. D. 1843.
Signed James C. Jackson, Clerk
Filed Sept. 29th 1843. James; Clerk.

Of the family I have interviewed, none are faintly aware of a Celia Cockrell.
Of the things written that I have collected none mention a Celia Cockrell.
With the simple exception of the F. N. Cockrell document of 1915. There it
lists a Celia Cockrell who married a William Callahan and believed to be a
daughter of Simon. The above list of heirs of Rev. Simon Cockrell found at
Cass County Archives in Harrisonville, Missouri makes no mention of Celia
Callahan or her heirs. Perhaps she died without heirs prior to the date of the
document. Further in the vast lists of names of Cockrells collected for this
family there exists no tradition of naming any daughters Celia.

I therefore conclude that some Newspaper reporter or Funeral Home took it upon
themselves to create this connection to further their publicity as was common
for the times. I have searched for the name hoping to make a connection but
one never turns up so far. I feel this has been a case of a mistake having a
snowball effect and this problem has vexed family historians on both the
Cockrell side and the Hainline side for far too long. A deeper search for the
actual papers of Celia Cockrell would be in order.

An application to the DAR by a descendant of Maryann Cockrell and her first
husband Samuel Hays notes that Maryann married 2nd to Moses Tapscott. Census
records report her places of residence and the members of the household. She
did own property in both Johnson and Jackson Counties as is found in the
probate records of Joseph Cockrell, deceased. Following up on her property
records and locating her probate records would remove all doubt as to her
descendants. This we did with Nancy Cockrell-West and her will leaves no
doubt as to her descendants.

I hope that anyone wishing to trade information on this line of Joseph
Cockrell will contact me. It would be my pleasure to swap copies of my source
materials for copies of your source materials.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Bella in Missouri.

In a message dated 98-04-05 00:08:06 EST, you write:

<< In Mrs. Celia Hainline's obituary it states that she d. in Blandinsville
on 7 Feb 1885 at age 91 yrs. I'm going to abstract the necessary
information. She was b. Celia Cockrell in 1794 in East Tennessee. At age 5
she moved w/parents to Fayette Co, KY; had 7 or 8 sisters and one brother,
who moved to MO and was the father of Gen. Cockerel, now representing MO in
US Senate (Francis Marion). Celia m. Joseph Hainline & they moved to
Montgomery Co where they lived until 1838 & where her children were born.
In 1838 they moved with a brother of her husband George Hainline and his
wife, who was the sister of the deceased (this would be Flora) & their grown
children from KY to McDonough Co ....

On Oct 31, 1997, "kytrace" posted a message on Mary Cockrell & Moses
Tapscott which said that Mary was the daughter of Joseph Cockrell and Nancy
Ellis and the sister of Francis Marion Cockrell. This information agrees
with that written by F. N. Cockrell, Jr. in 1915 regarding the parentage of
Francis Marion. I think that Bella Hughes has proven that Joseph and Nancy
are in fact the parents of Francis Marion. >>

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