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Subject: This Week in Walsenburg History - October 2001
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 13:55:55 EDT

This Week in Walsenburg History by Nancy Christofferson
Huerfano World - October 4, 2001

1896: The enrollment in the Santa Clara Dist. No. 33 school is small this
year. Miss Nellie Patty is teacher.
1899: The Mathews building at Main and Sixth, now occupied by the Klein
Hotel, will soon be transformed into a saloon with George Klein as proprietor.
1903: The Pictou Band boys' dance and basket supper Saturday night was a
grand success, netting about $30 for music and instruments.
1906: The high school now has a baseball field just west of the home of
Virginia Agnes.
1909: George Jr. and James Phipps bought the blacksmith business of L.J.
Allen on East Fifth Street.
1912: Archibald Knapp and Miss Mary Brunelli were married Wednesday by Father
1915: See the Victor Talking Machines, Edison Disc and Cylinder Phonographs,
and Baldwin pianos at Klein's music store.
1918: Artist W.J.D. Sobieski of the Fine Arts Studio won special mention for
his cartoons at the county fair.
1921: Last Friday was the Apache community fair.
1925: Robbers blew the two safes at the Colorado Supply Store at Walsen,
taking $200 in cash and about $300 in jewelry.
1928: The Walsen grade school baseball team defeated Rouse-Lester by a score
of 3-1.
1931: Huerfano County, with a decrease of over $1,300,000 in assessed
valuations, is one of many Colorado counties showing such a decrease; only three
counties had increases.
1934: Coach Gaston Santi's Huerfano County High School Panthers, led by
Sears, took the measure of the Dawson Miners 12-6.
1937: A three-room frame house near Sunnyside school was destroyed by fire
over the weekend, a $500 loss.
1940: Starts Friday at the Valencia Theater, Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy,
Claudette Colbert and Hedy Lamarr in "Boom Town."
1943: Alex "Babe" Shosky, James B. Dick Jr., M.E. Cowing and F.H. Unfug leave
this week for St. Louis to attend the World Series.
1946: A new system of heating is being installed at St. Mary to heat the
church, parish house, convent and school.
1949: Nineteen children were born in Walsenburg during September and six
deaths were recorded.
1952: There will be a free dance Thursday after the Democratic rally at St.
Mary Auditorium with music by Charles Naroski and his orchestra.
1955: George Batuello has been named chairman of the St. Mary Parish Bazaar
to be given Nov. 5.
1958: Mike Reviglio and Ernest Barbari Sr. are the new Huerfano County bocce
champions after Sunday's first annual tournament sponsored by the Lions Club.
1961: Work is expected to start this fall on the projected state recreation
area at Martin and Horseshoe Lakes.
1964: A Huerfano County budget of $267,526.76 is being proposed by the county
commissions for 1965, not including school funds.

This Week in Walsenburg History by Nancy Christofferson
Huerfano World - October 11, 2001

1898: Christ F. Lutz, for many years employed at E.A. Lidle's meat market, is
now with John Foley's new market at Pictou.
1901: Forty children are enrolled at Maitland School under Mrs. C. Gossin.
1904: Major Coan has on display at E.A. Lidle's butcher shop a sack of 86
potatoes weighing 125 pounds that he grew on his ranch at Seguro at the head of
the Huerfano River.
1907: The Charles Agnes new store building on Main was all finished last week
except for the glass in front.
1911: For sale: four room house on corner lot, 50 foot frontage, fence,
water, electric lights, cement walks, $2,000.
1915: Huerfano County paid out $105,459.34 last year for the maintenance of
its public schools, over half of which was in salaries.
1919: Paul Rogers, 11 years old, was killed when his horse fell on him after
school on the Santa Clara.
1922: A group of young people "hitched" a ride to Cuchara Camps on Mr. Levy's
truck and picnicked at the Boy Scouts' cabin.
1926: The new auditorium-gymnasium at St. Mary will be opened tomorrow night
with a chicken dinner and a dance following.
1929: Girls at the Walsenburg telephone exchange say "please" on the average
of 5,500 times each day, according to office manager H.A. Mashburn.
1932: Walsenburg boys and girls brought a gratifying number of good, clean
used clothing to the matinee at the Valencia Theater for the Red Cross.
1935: Tom Mix will appear tomorrow with his circus despite his broken leg.
1938: Selected as the freshman class cast of "Alias Janette" were Kathleen
Scott, Emogene Giro, Ruth McFee, Norman Andrews, Nick Knez and Nick Lovdjieff.
1941: A $6,024 WPA project to improve the Civic League's park at First and
Pinion streets was approved.
1944: Castle Coal and Supply Company was burglarized last night according to
James Phipps, office manager.
1947: Scoring a touchdown in every quarter, the St. Mary Crusaders won their
first league game of the season by defeating St. Mary's Pirates of Colorado
Springs by a score of 26-7.
1950: Kansas Avenue has been declared a one-way street from Walsen Avenue to
1953: Seven girls, Wanda Rice, Helen Pineda, Sylvia Herrera, Eva Martinez,
Evelyn Lara, Lorraine Sandoval and Dolores Romero, are competing for the Miss
Cinderella 1953 title.
1958: Miss Jacqueline Benedetti and William B. Ugolini exchanged wedding vows
Oct. 4 in St. Mary Church.
1962: Jean Rogers will be Walsenburg High School homecoming queen with
attendants to be Lorraine King, Shirley Olguin, Judy Sandoval and Georgia Kay
1965: Wilfred Martinez of Walsenburg has been appointed to serve on the
Colorado State Advisory Committee on Civil Rights.

This Week in Walsenburg History by Nancy Christofferson
Huerfano World - October 18, 2001

1900: For rent, office rooms on Main Street, between Fifth and Sixth streets,
one door north of Miss Pearce's millinery emporium. Inquire of Mrs. S.J.
1903: The 250 members of the Italian societies of Walsenburg, Rouse and
Pictou celebrated with a parade, banquet and ball the landing of Columbus on
American shores.
1906: Huerfano County High School Notes: A fight near our front door
Wednesday was a draw - each little combatant drawing out as much as she could of the
other's hair.
1910: A crazy tea and social will be held by the Ladies Guild at the
Davidson's home near the depot.
1913: Dr. K.C. Sapero of Denver will make one of his regular visits at the
Klein Hotel to check the children for eye, ear, nose or throat problems.
1916: The library is open from 3:30 to 5 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Terms are
25 cents for three months, 50 cents for six months or $1 a year.
1920: A devastating 18 inch snowfall was received Oct. 14, causing power
lines to fall and the city was in the dark for two days, causing the newspaper to
be published on Monday instead of Friday.
1923: Three horse races have been arranged for next Saturday at the
1927: Charles Hayden was elected president of the new Walsenburg
Businessmen's Winter Athletic Club.
1930: Mike Reviglio donated the venison for the Italian ravioli supper to be
given at the St. Mary Fair and Bazaar Oct. 22.
1933: Mrs. W.B. Thorne has moved the Green Horn Lunch Room in Gardner from
the Scrimsher property to the former Hudson warehouse.
1936: YES! You can get a regular dinner for 30 cents at the Valencia Cafe,
E.C. Huddleston, manager.
1939: Rosendo Castello, 28 year old escaped prisoner charged with burglary
and larceny, was recaptured in Olney Springs after 13 days of freedom since he
escaped from the district court room in Walsenburg.
1942: Huerfano County High School students built a 50 ton scrap pile in the
current drive.
1945: City Council authorized the issuance of bonds in the amount of $50,000
for improvements to the city water system, and a tentative contract for the
purchase of additional water and a reservoir site near the upper lake at La
1948: Seven hundred and ninety old age pensioners in Huerfano County will
receive an average of $79 in payments this month.
1951: There are 2,732 people in Walsenburg registered to vote in the coming
1954: As in years past, the nation will honor its veterans Nov. 11, but this
time, we will honor those of all America's wars for "Veterans Day," instead of
"Armistice Day: for World War I vets.
1959: Santi Motors, 302 Main, will have an open house featuring the 1960
Edsels, Mercurys and Lincolns today and tomorrow.

This Week in Walsenburg History by Nancy Christofferson
Huerfano World - October 25, 2001

1898: Max Lucero purchased a $200 hack to accommodate the traveling public
between here and Maitland.
1901: A total of 362 students are now enrolled in Walsenburg schools.
1904: Married Oct. 20 were Rufino Medina and Porfiria Montoya at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jose Montoya. The wedding was followed by a
grand ball at Mazzone Hall that evening.
1907: Fred Klein moved the building on his new Main Street location to the
back of the lot and has begun excavation for a new confectionery shop.
1911: Louis Gilaudo will no longer be the jeweler at J.B. Johnson's and will
open his own shop in C. Victor Mazzone's store.
1914: Why be a Kitchen Drudge? All modern and up-to-date furnishings at A.S.
1917: The 1917 class in gardening of the Huerfano County High School planted
and cultivated the garden which yielded the Hubbard squash which won the
Huerfano County Harvest Fair last week.
1921: Engineers have been surveying to ascertain the cost of constructing a
highway across Mosca Pass.
1924: Armistice Day activities in Walsenburg will feature a turkey chase.

1928: Frank Kafka's orchestra will furnish the music for the Polish Lodge
Z.N.P. dance at Maccabee Hall.
1931: Drs. Chapman and Noonan moved to their newly fitted offices at 117 East
Fifth Saturday, just across from their former location.
1934: William Zanon had the lucky ticket at the St. Mary Bazaar and won a
1937: L. Fawks Drug, 523 Main, is the oldest drug store in Walsenburg, having
been established in 1875 by Dr. Martin at 116 East Sixth. To date, a total of
55,343 prescriptions have been filled with over 15,000 filled before January
1940: The Cuchara dam west of Walsenburg, designed to divert flood waters
from the city and for irrigation east of the city, is nearly one-half completed
by the F.S.A.
1943: George B. Dick of the Butte Valley Coal Company says he has no idea why
miners failed to show up for work today.
1946: A high of 72 was recorded in Walsenburg last week with average
temperatures in the mid 60s with no precipitation.
1949: Walsenburg youngsters will be treated to a free movie, sacks of candy
and prizes Halloween evening at the Fox Theater.
1952: Twins Joanne and Janis Williams entertained high school students with
their musical program "Western Serenade."
1955: St. Mary High School's homecoming was wrecked by the La Veta Redskins
who scored three touchdowns in the final period to beat the Crusaders 28-13.
1959: Mr. And Mrs. Larry Crosson, the former Edna Mae Ballotti, were married
Oct. 10 and are now at home at 333 West Seventh Street.

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