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Subject: [COLLETT] Collett - Eddington - Pearson
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 07:07:46 -0400

The more that I dig through the SC/NC border records, the more I was having the feeling that the John Collett b. 1785 (who was bound to David James by 1801) would be connected to Wm Collett sooner than later and not back to VA.

I had done some checking in Fairfield Co., SC Deed books v. D-N, which go through 1802. I found a lot of names that kept binding to David James and his spouse, Atchison, families...primarily Pearson and Raiford. The Pearson family also had a link with Abe Collett in NC ( and then there was a query some years back of the Pearsons marrying into the Colletts in Spartanbug Co., SC (both families stemming from VA). Spartanburg Co., SC would have been bordering NC at that time (pre-1790). I did a little follow up on this family, but never too deeply. I do know that there was a John Collett born in Spartanburg in 1795 (taken from a muster list), there were in fact Colletts there.

Anyway, all of the families seemed to link. I don't recall where exactly the Pearsons/Raifords stemmed, but do remember that it was in VA.

Then, we had Brice Miller who was owning land in 1772 Mecklenburg Co., NC...his land was sold to him by Ezekiel Alexander, who was the uncle of James Moore, of whom sold his land in that same year and Richard Collett was a witness. Brice Miller later sells a tract of land in SC to George Collett in 1795. This would be the same Brice Miller, was he was listed in an estate record in 1795 Mecklenburg Co., NC, but was living in neighboring Lancaster Co., SC (I have Lancaster Co., SC records on order).

Nicholas Edenton/Eddington and his spouse seemed to be "all over the place". They were in Tryon Co., NC selling land in 1772 that was granted to John Edington in 1753 to his step-father, John McDowell. In 1778, Nicholas Edington was now selling a feather bed and furniture in Mecklenburg Co., NC to the brother of the same James Moore, of whom Richard Collett witnessed his land sale in 1772. By 1790, Nicholas Edington had died...I had originally assumed in the War. Living directly next to William Collett in 1790 Burke Co., NC was Nicholas' widow and family, Rhoda Edenton. Rhoda also shows up on the 1790 Greenville Co., SC census in that same year (duel listings).

In 1792, Rhoda Eddington sends a note to collect for an unpaid 9 mos. service, which was granted in 1792 by NC...she sends the "lost discharge" to Col. McDowell by her son, John Edenton...and "fearing it will be lost"..."I herewith send you another by COLLETT...if they both appear you can easily destroy one"...

I have now found the following additional record for Nicholas Edington:

Fairfield Co., SC Deeds
John GREGG, Gr., Sept. 9, 1774. Fairfield deed B 119-121, July 24. To William CATO - 100 acres on Bear Creek bd. John SMITH. Witness: Thomas PARROT Sr. (X) 1787 & Jr., Nicolas EDINGTON.

(Note: I took this from the Internet, but from the date 1787, I am assuming that it was when it was registered that it was witnessed?)

This record places Nicholas Edington in the same county at the same time as David James (master of John Collett b. 1785). Not only that, but on the very same page (of the 29 page 1790 census for that county) were: David James, John Elliott, John Grigg, Joshua Durham, Thomas Parrot, Senr., etc...appearing to live in the same neighborhood.

David James and his in-laws were hugely tied in with the Phillip Pearson and Phillip Raiford family...I have multiple court records proving so. I did a further check on William Cato and  found Mary Pearson vouching for William Cato and even mentioned that he lived with her and her husband, Phillip Pearson in 1786. "The party returning under the reputation of man 
and wife, resided for some time in the family of Philip Pearson, who had subsequently a house built for Wm Cato on his own place, where himself and wife resided for some time."

I don't know that any of this is going to help with tracing our Colletts back, other than strengthening the ties with the Pearson family to the John Collett born 1785, to William Collett, to Richard Collett, to Abraham Collett, to George Collett born by 1774 to the Spartanburg Colletts. But, it does give me more avenues of research in SC (especially along the NC border).

Barry Collett

Misc Pearson Notes:

On the 1766 land patent for Abraham Collett in Mecklenburg Co., NC were chain carriers: Abraham Collett and John Pearson.

Subject: COLLETT: More SC Info - Nancy & Anna COLLETT 
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:18:38 EDT

Margarette Swank has graciously provided additional info for our
SC Survey. 
NANCY COLLETT born (location unknown). Mother may have 
been Anna COLLETT. Nancy married (location unknown) Capt. 
Thomas Hughes (Rev War veteran who came from VA) about 1780. 
Capt. Thomas Hughes received a land grant in Cherokee Co SC.
[Cherokee Co borders NC to the north and is adjacent to Spartanburg 
Co SC to the west.]
Known children: Anna, William. Anna Hughes married Thomas
Pearson about 1800 and named a daughter Nancy Collett Pearson.
Family lived in Spartanburg Co SC.
Q: Can anybody connect NANCY COLLETT, born about 1760, to 
known COLLETT families in VA or NC?

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