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1. John Colson from Scotland
2. Jacob Colson m. Mary Burton Davis
3. Abraham Colson m. Sarah Ford
4. John Colson of Anson Co., NC - The Tory
5. William Colson m. Jane Cooper
6. Jane Colson m. Thomas Norwood

It's based upon circumstantial evidence and I will need help proving
it. Any help will be appreciated.

That John Colson of Anson Co., NC was the son of Abraham Colson and
Sarah Ford follows from "The Denson Family" by Lois Kathryn Nix and from
"Colson Family History" by Robert Ellis Colson.

"The Denson Family" states that Nathaniel Denson married Charity Colson,
the daughter of Joseph and Mary Colson. Joseph Colson's will is found in
the Probate Records of Anson Co., NC dated 8 July 1788. Charity had two
uncles, namely John Colson the Tory, and Jacob Colson, who was a Captain
in the Revolutionary War from South Carolina and Georgia where he died
in 1778.

Charity's uncle Jacob (c. 1725 - 1778) is identified as a son of Abraham
Colson and Sarah Ford in "Colson Family History." Charity's father
Joseph Colson and the Loyalist John Colson must also be sons of Abraham
Colson and Sarah Ford.
Thanks for posting this John. It puts a lot of these pieces together.
However, I'm not sure that I agree that John the Tory is the son of Abraham
and Sarah. I have not seen any proof of this. I have however seen proof that
John Colson Sr. and Susannah had a son named John along with with sons
Sanders, Joseph, etc. All names that were carried over and repeated in the
sons names of Joseph who died 1788 in Anson Co, NC. Here is the abstract of
John Colson Sr's will:

Will abstract of John COLLSON, Bertie Precinct, 3 May 1730, Pr February
Court, 1736:
sons John, Thomas, Jacob, Sanders, and Joseph (land on Rognes Swamp
equally divided between them)
daus Mary and Martha
wife Susannah
Excs Susannah COLLSON, wife and John COLLSON, son, plus Thos. Blount
and Thos. Whitmell
Wts Agness Leagett, John Leagett, Charles Haventon
Clerk of Court John Wynns

The son Joseph I believe to be the one who died in 1788 in Anson Co. His will
also names sons Thomas, Sanders, Jacob, and John along with a daughter
Susannah among others. The consistency of the names alone along with the will
evidence of John Colson, Sr. really points out to me that he was probably the
father of John the Tory. I think the Denson book used someone's research that
was done a long time ago before research was as easy as it is now. That
research has been passed along without much documentation more than likely. I
have seen someone else on here with a genealogy that Abraham had sons Sanders,
Thomas, etc. I sure would like to see documentation on that.


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