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From: R D <>
Subject: Re: [COOK-CO-IL] Douglas Park Hospital - do a 1920/1930 censuslookup for Dr Briney
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 11:02:11 -0700 (PDT)

Since Mary Snow suggested that the home may have been
replaced by a convalescent home, I would suggest
checking the Cook County Assessor website using the
1900 S Kedzie address. Seeing if it is taxable
property, and maybe has a photo and owner.
1900 S Kedzie does not exist, at least as a residence,
though 1902 does which is EXEMPT - non taxpaying
property (I checked 1900-2000 S Kedzie).
View a property map of surrounding area, or a

The corner is 19th St and Kedzie. The corner lot
(presumably 1900) looks vacant on the map, but nothing
regarding what was on the property. Probably now city
owned (a burned/torn down building?).
The adjoining properties and ones across the alley are
wooden two -flats; this neighborhood is known as "West
Chicago". So maybe this address was not a
convelescent home or hospital at all? Or the 1900 S
Kedzie address referred to the Pre-1910 Chicago
addresses, and thus would have a different current

Here is the history Douglas Park - from the Park
District website:
Douglas Park Cultural & Community Center
1401 S. Sacramento Ave. (Map it)
Chicago, IL 60623
Phone: 773-762-2842
It is a large park, spanning many miles, so not
unusual to start at 14th street.

Check out the 1930 census ward description info:
WARD 22 ED Descriptions
2602-2616: Chicago City WARD 22 ... Notes: ED in 1920
was: 2206pt, 691pt, and 690pt Includes Douglas Park

By knowing the borders of this ward in 1930 (and
1920), and then transferring them to a modern map, you
might be able to pinpoint its location.

Maybe a census check for "Dr. W. F. Briney" should
point to a street address, and adjacent properties.
807 Chicago City WEST TOWNSHIP NARA ROLL T626-451
Bounded by: W. 19th St., S. Kedzie Ave., W. 21st
St., S. Homan Ave.
Notes: ED in 1920 was: 2206pt, 691pt, and 690pt
Includes Douglas Park Hospital

Ralph from Chicago


Message: 6
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 21:33:01 -0400
From: Mary Snow <>
Subject: Re: [COOK-CO-IL] Douglas Park Hospital

On February 15, 1948, the Chicago Tribune published
the report of the death of Dr. W. F. Briney, age 79,
who founded Douglas Park Hospital, 1900 S. Kedzie
Avenue in 1901 and had operated it since then. He
"died yesterday in the hospital, where he lived."

On November 2, 1960, the Tribune reported the death of
Miss Elizabeth Wilson, age 70. "She was supervisor of
nurses for 25 years at the old Douglas Park hospital
and for 10 years had held the same position with
a convalescent home that succeeded the hospital."


Cheryl wrote: Has anyone ever heard of Douglas Park
Hospital in Chicago? Could it have changed names? I
have a relative that says he was born there and I
can't locate anything about it on the internet. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

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