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From: "Steve Cooper" <>
Subject: Re: [COOPER-L] Descendants of John COOPER, b. 1635
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 21:13:55 -0400

Sue, thanks very much for sharing this.

Regarding #27 -- Abner Cooper s/o William and Mary Polly (Harrison):
Do you have any additional information on him? From your notations, it
appears you have more info on older and younger siblings -- Sarah "Sally"
and Elijah; would you know the birthdates of these two to help bracket

My gggg grandfather is Abner Cooper, b 1763 Middletown CT, d 1837 Bradford
Cty PA... and lived in New York State in some of the intervening years. I
do not know his parents or siblings.


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Date: Sunday, May 30, 1999 7:31 PM
Subject: [COOPER-L] Descendants of John COOPER, b. 1635

>Hi All!
> I'm printing out below a couple of generations of my Coopers who are
>descendants of John Cooper, born ca. 1635 in Surry CO, VA. If you
>anyone, I'd be most happy to be of help and exchange information. I do
>a Cooper gedcom at my website if anyone would like to have it.
> Thanks and blessings!
> Sue Montgomery-Cook
>Please visit my Denton Family Website:
>Sue Montgomery-Cook, and
>Descendants of John COOPER - 30 May 1999
>1. John COOPER was born in 1635 in Surry CO, VA.
>He was married. John COOPER had the following children:
> +2 i. William COOPER Sr..
>2. William COOPER Sr. died in 1686. Will Book: May 3, 1686, Book 5, p.
>210, Lower Norfolk CO, VA.
> William COOPER Sr. and Ann BAILEY had the following children:
> +3 i. William COOPER.
> 4 ii. John COOPER.
>3. William COOPER died in 1732. William and Elizabeth lived in Norfolk
>VA. In his will, probated 1732, he lists his wife and children.
> William COOPER and Elizabeth WILLIAMSON had the following children:
> 5 i. Joseph COOPER.
> 6 ii. Edward COOPER.
> 7 iii. John COOPER.
> 8 iv. George COOPER.
> 9 v. James COOPER.
> 10 vi. Ann Bailey COOPER.
> 11 vii. Elizabeth Williamson COOPER.
> 12 viii. Jacob COOPER.
> +13 ix. Benjamin COOPER.
>13. Benjamin COOPER was born in 1701 in Surry CO, VA. He died in 1761 in
>Granville CO, NC. Benjamin Cooper may have been born in the British Isles,
>but probably in
>Surry CO, VA. He and Elizabeth lived in Virginia through the middle
>1730's where some of their children were born before migrating to
>Granville CO, NC.
>He was married to Elizabeth CANNON (daughter of John CANNON II and Mary
>PRICE) in 1725 in Southwark Parish, Surry CO, VA. Elizabeth CANNON was
>in 1710 in Henrico CO, VA. She died in 1759 in Granville CO, NC. Will of
>Margaret Brown gives clothing to Elizabeth Cooper, 20 July 1737,
>Surry CO, VA. Benjamin COOPER and Elizabeth CANNON had the following
> +14 i. William COOPER.
> +15 ii. John William COOPER.
> +16 iii. Cannon (Kennon) COOPER.
> +17 iv. Benjamin COOPER.
> +18 v. James COOPER.
> 19 vi. George COOPER was born in 1745. He died in 1806 in Warren CO, GA.
>George went to Cumberland CO, NC before going to Georgia.
> 20 vii. Sarah COOPER was born in 1748.
> 21 viii. Grace COOPER was born in 1752 in NC.
> +22 ix. Mary COOPER.
> +23 x. Elizabeth COOPER.
>14. William COOPER was born in 1725. He died in 1807 in Union CO, SC.
>>From a letter dated Aug. 14, 1856 written by William's grandson, James
>William Cooper to his son: "When Daniel Boon was exploring Kentucky, my
>grandfather William was with him. As well as I remember, he told me when
>the Kentucky lines were marked out he was one of the number though his name
>is spelt Cook. But on the breaking out of the hostilities with the
>Indians his family peremptorily refused to go. Some time afterward he moved
>to Union District SC before leaving NC. He had five sons and two
> William and Polly moved to Union CO, SC and lived with her brother James
>Harrison at Fairforest. Deed of gift to William II, 1804; Union County
>Deed Book H, pp 135-136
>recorded 5 May 1804. William Sr. left to his son William "one bed and
>furniture and sted and cord, etc."
>He was married to Mary Polly HARRISON (daughter of John HARRISON and Sarah
>"Patsy" DANIEL) in Granville CO, NC. Mary Polly HARRISON was born in 1730
>in Granville CO, NC. She died in Spartanburg CO, SC. William COOPER and
>Mary Polly HARRISON had the following children:
> +24 i. Sarah "Sally" Daniel COOPER.
> 25 ii. Mary "Polly" COOPER.
> 26 iii. Richard COOPER.
> 27 iv. Abner COOPER.
> +28 v. Elijah Harrison COOPER I.
> 29 vi. John COOPER.
> 30 vii. Andrew COOPER.
> 31 viii. Elizabeth COOPER. Elizabeth married her first cousin John
>and became the great grandmother of Worth Ray, author of "Tennessee
>and genealogist.
> +32 ix. Rev. William COOPER.
>15. John William COOPER was born in 1726. He died on 28 Dec 1784 in Nash
>CO, NC. John's will on file at Nash CO, VA Courthouse, 1785, lists his
>wife and
>children. John, Joel and Marcus were bound 1786 by Hardy Griffin.
>Penelope (RAY) died in 1790. John William COOPER and Penelope (RAY) had
>following children:
> +33 i. Mary COOPER.
> 34 ii. Cannon COOPER died on 29 Nov 1785.
> +35 iii. Sarah COOPER.
> +36 iv. Edward COOPER.
> +37 v. William COOPER.
> +38 vi. James COOPER.
> 39 vii. Amey COOPER died in Dec 1784.
> +40 viii. Morning COOPER.
> 41 ix. Joel COOPER died on 6 Sep 1798.
> 42 x. Penelope COOPER.
> 43 xi. John COOPER was born in 1745. He died in Sep 1798 in Nash CO, NC.
>John's will probated Nov. Term 1798 names: "my brother Mark, my sister
> Mary Green, my sister Morning Williams and my brother Joel."
> +44 xii. Marcus\Marcum COOPER.
> 45 xiii. Reuben COOPER was born in 1765. He died in Nov 1785.
>16. Cannon (Kennon) COOPER was born in 1737. He died in 1794 in Franklin
>CO, NC. 1741 Will of John Cannon, bk 9:388 Southwark Parish, Surry CO, VA,
>"my cousin, Cannon Cooper, son to Benjamin Cooper - 20 shillings for
>schooling." Either the 20 shillings was not enough money to become
>literate or they spent the money unwisely, because Cannon Cooper could
>never write his name and other people spelled it like it sounded.
>Cannon settled first in the James River section of Virginia just prior to
>the Revolutionary War. Kennon Cooper bought 160 acres on Buffalo Creek,
>Granville CO, NC. Will Book Franklin CO. A:167 dated August 29, 1794.
>He was married to Sarah BAKER in 1758. Cannon (Kennon) COOPER and Sarah
>BAKER had the following children:
> 46 i. James COOPER.
> 47 ii. Hollenbury COOPER.
> 48 iii. Clermina COOPER.
> 49 iv. Elvira COOPER.
> 50 v. Abigail COOPER.
> +51 vi. William Marcus COOPER.
> 52 vii. Arthur COOPER.
> 53 viii. Davis COOPER.
> 54 ix. Vinium COOPER.
> 55 x. Levi COOPER.
> 56 xi. Kannon COOPER.
> 57 xii. Salley COOPER.
> +58 xiii. Patsy COOPER.
>17. Benjamin COOPER was born in 1738. He died in 1776. In 1761 Benjamin
>bought 125 acres on Rock Br. Granville CO, NC.
>His will was proved in February 1777 in Butte CO, NC naming Ann Cooper and
>Cannon Cooper executors.
> Benjamin COOPER and Ann STERLING had the following children:
> 59 i. Beckey COOPER.
> 60 ii. Drew COOPER.
> 61 iii. Tabby COOPER.
> 62 iv. Wilax COOPER.
> 63 v. Sterling (Starling) (Martin) COOPER was born on 1 Feb 1763. He died
>on 16 Sep 1843. He was buried in Cooper Family Cemetery, Cooper Mountain,
>Ashboro, NC. Sterling was a Private in the NC Militia in the Revolutionary
> Sterling is listed in the Census as living in Franklin CO, NC in 1800
> along with John Cooper.
> "John Douglas, Esq, and Martin Cooper, contract dated January 20, 1791
> Caswell CO, NC in which Solomon Mangum, an orphan now four years old is
> indentured to Martin Cooper to live after the manner of an apprentice.
> Witnessed by A. E. Murphy. H. Haraldson, Clerk of the Court for Caswell
> CO."
>18. James COOPER was born in 1742.
>He was married to Martha HARRISON (daughter of John HARRISON and Sarah
>"Patsy" DANIEL) on 19 Jan 1780 in Granville CO, NC.
>22. Mary COOPER was born in 1754 in NC.
>23. Elizabeth COOPER was born in 1735 in NC. She died in Granville CO,
>She was married to Thomas WIGGINS in 1753. Thomas WIGGINS died on 3 Jan
>1799 in Granville CO, NC. Thomas was a member of Captain John Glover's
>Company in the Militia under the command of Colonel William Eaton, as taken
>from the general muster of said regiment on October 8, 1754, as shown on
>pages 370 to 380 inclusive, of Vol. 22 of the North Carolina State Records.
>He is on the DAR Patriot Index.
>His second wife was apparently a widow with small children named Gresham.
>After Thomas Wiggins died, she married another Grisham/Gresham.
>>From Will Book 4, Granville CO, NC, 1796-1799, pgs. 295-299 dated May 11,
>1797, proved Feb. 1799: "Will of Thomas Wiggins to wife Frances, use of
>plantation whereon I now live, including 350 acre tract, and household
>she is to have for 17 years or until her son Jonathan Greshom comes to age
>21 years. She is to rear her children and mine until her Jonathan Gresham
>is 21 and then divide her children, Jonathan Gresham and daughter
>Agnes Gresham and my son Thomas Wiggins and all the rest of her children
>that she has by me. But if she marry then to forfeit all her part of
>estate. To wife's son Jonathan Gresham, 1/2 land whereon I live. My son
>Thomas Wiggins, my son Frederick Wiggins, my daughter Molly Mitchell,
>daughter Cealey Denton 190 acres where on Benj. Denton now lives, a Negro
>woman and all increase except one boy and my daughter to keep her property
>and it not in possession of her husband or to pay his debts and my son
>Frederick to see that Ben Denton, her husband, not take it from her in her
>life and that it go to her children at her death. Grandson John Denton.
>Exrs: wife Frances and son Frederick Wiggins, friends Thomas Reavis,
>Lewis Revis. Witnesses were Phil Hawkins, Reuben Coghill, Washington
>Salter." Elizabeth COOPER and Thomas WIGGINS had the following children:
> +64 i. Priscilla "Celia" Rebecca WIGGINS.
> +65 ii. Frederick WIGGINS.
> +66 iii. Molly WIGGINS.
> +67 iv. Thomas WIGGINS Jr..
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