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Subject: [COPE-L] Surnames of Surry CO, NC- 1770s- with connections in VA , TN and KY
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 16:51:22 EDT

Here is my list of families found in Surry Co, NC 1770s with the Copes. I
will give clues for many families on where they came from and where they
went. I thought I would add the Breahtitt Co, KY folks because many of the
families I found in Surry went to VA, Clay Co, KY which became Perry Co and
then Breathitt Co, KY 1839.I have contacted several researchers who confirmed
where these families came from and where they went.
I would like to add that with some of these names I will list will only be
the type of records people call PERPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE for claiming a
family connection. I am afraid that with my own Cope family in the 1700s it
will have to be listed this way on my family history. I know that nothing is
absalute in record keeping and just about every families genealogy will have
wrong information that may never be corrected. As I like to say I am only as
good as the record shows or as they are listed.
I want to thank the Combs family web page for jump starting me on this new
path of research.
Surry Co, NC est. 1771 from Rowan CO, NC and parts of Surry later became
Wilks CO 1777, Stokes CO 1779, parts of Wilks reverted back to Surry 1792,
1796 part of Stokes reverted back to Surry, part of Wilks became Burke,
Buncombe 1792 and Ashe Co 1800. I have found that in the 1790 Wilks Co, NC
census you can see that some of the dist/list of names are found in Surry CO
before 1790 and going forward you find some dist/lists of people in Ashe Co,
NC 1800.
The Combs family says that we must check all of the above counties for our
Ancestors for they may not have moved only the county line changed where they
lived. In a example of Surry Co changing to Wilks Co and then back to Surry
Co can delay us in finding our Ancestors.
1) Mason Combs- ca 1714 VA- 1783-85 Will prob. 1785 Surry Co, NC - This
Mason Combs is related to Ann Combs who marr. Henry Cope who died in 1765
King George Co, VA. Mason was the son of John Combs and Hannah Mason ? of
Westmoreland Co, VA. Mason lived in Richmond Co, King George Co, Frederick Co
VA 1750s, Rowan CO, NC 1768 and Surry Co, NC 1771-1783-85.Mason's family was
Pro-British in the beginning of the Rev War and one son-in-law named William
RIDGE was killed in 1780 fighting for the British in SC.Note: The Combs
family lists a book by George Baumbach called " Tories of Surry Co, NC that
has the estate file listing of William Ridge. I wonder if the Copes could be
found in this book.
Frances Combs is also found in Surry C0, NC 1770s whos' dau. marr. Amos
Scritchfield/Critchfield who moved to Spartanburgh Co, SC by 1790.
Children of Mason Combs & Sarah ?-
1) John Combs-b) ca 1735 VA- know as the father of 8 brothers of Eastern KY
including Nicholas Combs of 1810 Clay Co, KY. John marr. Nancy Harding ca
1755 Frederick Co, VA. John Combs died ca 1820 Floyd Co, KY.
2) William b) 1740 VA- marr. Sitha/Seth Stacy- dau. of Simon & Judith Tolson
3) Ann b) ca 1742/43- marr. Benjamin Stacy- Frederick Co, VA who lived in
Rowan Co, NC 1768, Surry Co, NC 1771and I believe his son Benjamin Stacy Jr (
1770-1780 ) is the one listed as living in Perry Co, Ky 1830.
4) Sarah b) ca 1744/45- NFI
5) Mason Combs Jr- b) 21 Feb 1746/47- Overton Parish, Stafford Co, VA- marr.
Dorthy ?- It is believed that this Mason Combs is the one who is found in
Montgomery Co, VA- 1782- There are 6 Copes in Montgomery Co, VA 1782 and I
think that the names of James, William and John Cope found in 1774 Surry Co,
NC are the ones found in Montgomery Co, VA 1782. The name of Mason Combs is
found in 1790 Russell Co, VA ( James Cape/Cope listed there in 1790 ), Mason
Combs will ca 1802 Hawkins Co, TN, Mason Combs 1810- b) b/4 1765- 1820 Clay
Co, KY ( Andrew and Wiley Cope also listed in Clay Co, Ky 1810-1820 ). I
found several Mason Combs one marr. a Sarah and another marr. Jane Richardson
who had a dau. named Nancy b) 1814 Clay Co, KY. The last Mason Combs b) ca
1812 I found was in 1860 Breathitt Co, KY next door to Alfred E. Cope.
This means that the name of Mason Combs is found by the Cope family for at
least 150 years.
6) Winnifred b) 1749 VA- marr. William Ridge the Tory and Winnifred d) ca
1791 Jackson or White Co, TN.
7) Wilmot b) 1751-NFI
There may also be a son named Jerimiah Combs- I have found the name of
Jerimiah Combs in 1810-1820 Clay Co, Ky -1810 Floyd Co, Ky and in 1830 Warren
Co, TN ( 1790-1800 ) birth years. Simon ( 1780-1790 ), John and Thomas Combs
( 1790-1800 ) also found in Warren Co, TN 1830. Mason Combs who died in ca
1802 Hawkins Co, Tn and wife Dorthy had a son named Jerimiah Combs and Simon
Combs- ( Jerimiah b)1788 Russell Co, VA- 1867 Madison Co, Ark. ) lived in
Warren Co, TN 1810.
Mason Combs will- 1785 Surry Co, NC- lists John Combs, John Hurt and Joseph
Porter- partial listing only.
The related families of Combs in Surry Co, NC are Cody, Allen, Tolson, Ridge,
Callaham, Cornett, Everage.

1771 Surry Co, NC tax list- Combs family provided only a partial listing of
Surry Co, NC tax lists-These families that I list are listed by Combs family
as nieghbors of the Combs found there.
1) John Allen- 1810 Clay Co, KY ?- pg 155
2) ADANIRAM ALLEN- 1810 CLAY Co, KY pg 155- b) b/4 1765 - This has got to be
the same man found in both places.
3) Frances Combs/Cooms
4) Mason Comes/Combs
5) William Comes/Combs
6) William Ridge
7) Benjamin Stase/Stacy
8) Abraham Vanderpool- the Vanderpools' are found in Ashe Co, NC 1800 with
alot of related surnames of I have listed before.
Examples are Boland, Brewer, Baker, Elijah Calloway related to the Boone
family, Chambers, Green, Venson Hollandsworth, Venson Jones b) b/4 1755 ( I
think this is my Venson Jones AKA Isaac Jones who marr. Elizabeth Cope ),
Linville, Moody, Arch. Meckleroy, Osborn, ( Mecajah , William, Wells, Epriam
Sr. and Jr Pennington ), Abraham Potter, Russell,, Stamper, Sizemore, Tyre,
Moses Tolliver AKA Taliaferro from King George Co, VA, Woodruff, Wilcox (
Boone related ) , Nathan Pope- this name found in King George Co, VA related
to the Combs and a Nathan Pope found in Montgomery Co, VA 1782, Graybeal, and
Baldwin.This list done in alphabetical order so no help on neighbors here.

1772 Surry Co, NC- tax list
1) Willoughby Brotten/Broughton- related to Job Broughton- Willoughby went to
2) William Calliham- could be Callahan ?
3) Hugh Hammett ?
4) Andrew Vanoy- found in 1768 Rowan Co, NC with Mason Combs- Gideon Wright's
list- Gideon Wright also found in Surry Co, NC. The Allens, Stacy, Combs,
Cody also on this list.

1774 Surry Co, NC tax list- Charles McAnally's list-
1) Isaac and Morman Lawson
2) Elexius MUSICK- This man with George Musick are found in 1790 Stokes Co,
NC and at the same time are found in Russell Co, VA 1790 ?
3) Moses Martin and sons James, John and Moses JR- Moses found in 1784-86
Wilks Co, NC.
4) William Caleham
5) John Underwood ands sons William and George.
6) Jacob Speer and sons Benjamin, Jacob and William
7) Henry Speer- this Henry Speer lived in Frederick Co, VA 1750s with Mason
1774- John Deatherage list-
1) John Sr and Jr Bowling
2) William and Joseph Cloud

1774 Martin Armstrong's list- I think this Armstrong family is the one found
in Warren Co, TN who were officers in the Rev War.
1) Gideon Wright
2) Samuel and Robert Tate
3) Robert Speers

1774 - Benjamin Cleavland's list-
1) Emanuel Rose- 1790 Wilks Co, NC
2) Richard Dodson
3) David and Sallitheal Martin
4) Moses and William Tolliver- listed in the 1790 Wilks Co census as the 10th
Company and most of these names in the 8th and 10th company dist lists are
found in the 1800 ASHE Co, NC census.
These Tollivers are from King George Co, VA listed as Taliaferro there. A
Rose Taliaferro marr. Joseph Porter. Joseph Porter is listed to have lived
in Surry Co, NC then is found next door to William Cope of 1782 Montgomery
Co, VA. Rose Taliaferro is listed in King George Co, VA. The Porters' lived
in Grayson Co, VA 1790s and a William Cope is found there in 1800.
5) Randolph Wholebrook/Holebrook- 1782-1792 Wilks Co, NC- A Randall Holdbrook
( 1770-1780 ) is found in 1830 Perry Co, KY.
6) Adniram Allen- listed again- with a David Allen- I found a David Allen in
1790 Spartanburgh Co, SC.
7) Jeffre and John Johnson- the Johnsons' are found by the Copes in KY.
8) John and Andrew Bouland- John in SC 1790
9) Andrew Vanoy- listed as a poss. father of a Combs child-
10) Edmon Denny
11) Thomas and Barnett Owens
13) John Rose- poss. neighbor of James Cope 1810 Floyd Co, Ky and Wiley Cope
1820 Clay Co, KY.
15) George Wooten-
16) Henry King
17) William Coda/Cody
18) John Miller
19) Moses Gess- William and Benjamin Gess
20) John, William and Nathaniel Banks
21) Frances Settle- found listed in wills of King George Co, VA
23) John Richardson
24) David Bailey
25) Will & Math. Sparks
26) Henry Hand

1777 Surry Co, NC- tax list- Jabez Jarvis list-
1) Bennitt ROSE- this man is from King George Co, VA- b) ca 1730- d) ca 1779
Surry Co, VA- son of John Rose and Lucy Bennett of Stafford/King George Co,
VA- listed in the deed book of King George Co, VA- confirmed by the Rose
family Assoc.
Bennett Rose has sons named Abner and Benjamin Rose. The Rose family has a
John Rose listed with Wiley Cope in 1815 Clay Co, Ky land deed.
2) Henry Burch
3) George Green
4) Moses Johnson
5) Richard Wooten
6) Ephriam Paget
7) JOB BROUGHTON- 1790 Wilks Co, NC- 1809 Clay Co, Ky with John Spurlock.
8) Joshua Freeman
9) Frances Coomes/Combs
10) Joseph Wooruff- I have contact with the Woodruff family who says that
part of their family did go to Spartanburgh Co, SC by 1790. A Nath.Woodrough
is listed next to William Cope there in 1790. I listed this yesterday in my
SC e-mail.
11) Aron Freeman
12) HUGH HAMMOND- is this the Hugh Hammett listed in the 1772 Surry Co, NC
tax list.
13) Robert Hammock- ? Hammond/Hammons
14) William Cole ?- the combs family put a question mark on this name
thinking it might be Cody or could it be Cope.
15 ) Moses Woodruff- 1734-1817 SC
16) Absolum Wooten
17) William Critchfield
18) Wileby Broughton-
19) Mary Whittecr/Whittaker- spelling shown both ways on list.
20) JAMES HAMMANS- the name of Hammon/Hammons/Hammonds/Hammans is found in
Surry Co, NC spelled in all 4 ways including I think Hammcock/Hammett/Hamm.

1777 Capt. Benjamin Cleaveland's list- Surry Co, NC tax list-
1) George Whitley
2) Ben Morgain
3) Jonathan Stamper
4) Aurthur Scritchfeild
5) Emanuel Rose
6) John AMBURGEY- In the Hammons surname web site is a listing showing that
this John Amburgy marr. Elizabeth Hammons and she was born in 1769 Surry Co,
NC.- John Amburgey SR & JR listed in Wilks Co, NC 1784-86 and this family is
listed as living in Perry Co, KY 1830. I found them listed there as John
Burgy ( 1750-1760 ) 1830 Perry Co, KY- with Abros Burgy- 1790-1800, Robert
Burgy- 1790-1800 and their nieghbor is Benjamin Hammons- 1790-1800. I think
that Obadiah Hammons/Hammonds b) 1790-1800 - 1830 Perry Co, Ky is part of the
Hammonds/Hammons spelled both ways that lived in Knox Co, KY and are from
Surry Co, KY. I am not sure yet if these Hammons/Hammonds are related to
Phillip Hammons/Hamman father of Mary " Polly " Hamman/Hammons who marr.
James P. Cope brother to Wiley Cope. The Hammons of Knox Co, KY are related
to a Peter Hammons who is listed as born in 1759 VA also listed as a Rev War
vet. Phillip Hamman had a brother also named Peter Hamman and they are listed
as coming to America from Germany in 1772 PA. I found a Peter, Obadiah and
Elijah Hammons in 1790 Burke Co, NC.
Also the name of Peter Hammon- listed 1787 Botetourt Co, VA, Peter Hammonds
is found in 1800 Christian Co, KY, and Peter Hammonds in 1789 Rowan/Davie Co,
7) Randolph FUGATE- This Fugate family is from King George Co, VA- Randolph
is found in Montgomery Co, VA 1782, 1790 Russell Co, VA.
8) Josiah Fugate- 1782 Montgomery Co, VA and 1790 Russell Co, VA- I think
that this Josiah Fugate is the father of Sarah Martha Fugate who marr.
Archibald Prater 11 Aug 1783 in Montgomery Co, VA. Archibald & Sarah Fugate
had two sons marry dau.s of James & Elizabeth Cope in Floyd Co, KY 1808 and
9) George Stublefield- 1784-86 Wilks Co, NC and is believed to be the same
one that lived in Warren Co, TN 1812-13.
10) Thomas Stubblefield- 1784-86 Wilks Co, NC

One name that sticks out all over the place is Abraham
I found this name in these places- 1786 Surry Co, NC, 1785-1790 Russell Co,
VA, 1790 Stokes Co, NC, 1810-1820 Floyd Co, KY and 1830 Perry Co, KY.

1786 Surry Co, NC tax lists- I can not find any Cope families in Surry Co,
NC 1780s.
William Spurlock 1785 Surry Co, 1786 - Shousanah Prether, William Pretter (
Prater ? ) , Hendry Kirby, Edmond Kirby, Moses Baker, Abner Rose , Sarah
Rose, Ratliff Boone Sr and Jr, Thomas Boone, John Taliaferro, Dorcas
Taliaferro, Thos. Woodrough, WILLIAM HAMMONS, Robert Hammock, JOHN HAMMONS,
John, Mary, David, Peterson, Major Childres,
Nath. AUSTIN- this I believe is the same man found with the Copes in Grainger
Co, TN 1797 ( James & Andrew Cope ) and is a neighbor of Andrew Cope in 1810
Clay Co, KY, William Asher- this man I believe is found in Washington Co, TN
1780s and is related to the Borin, Blevins found there then and to the Copes
in 1810 Clay Co, KY, The Meredith familiy, The Shelton family ( Jerimiah
Shelton found in 1790 Surry Co NC and 1790s Russell Co, VA listed as a
neighbor of William Cope. Also watch for Richard PRICE a nieghbor to the
property of William Cope 1797 Russell Co, VA. This Price could be the one who
James P. Cope got his middle name from -PRICE.
The Banner family 1786 Surry- Henry, Joseph, Ephraim and Benjamin Banner
who's son Henry married a Juda/Judy Cope. The Martin family marr. into the
Banner family and Abraham Martin is part of this family and is found with the
Banner family.
James, Edward, William and John Merritt, Jacob and Christian Miller, , JOHN

One last important note: I contacted a MOORE researcher who had family in
Surry Co, NC and they went to Floyd Co, KY by 1810. This Moore descendent
states that he believes his Moore family was a Melungeon/Indian family in
Surry Co, NC. This man's Ancestor was a John Moore who lived in Surry Co, NC
during the Rev War and raised his family in Rockingham Co, NC at a place
called " Goinstown " which was a Melungeon/Indian settlement. The Moore
researcher states that his family has Mediterian fetures and their family
history says they were Indian as most of us have found in our family oral
tridition. I gave this man the name of William Moore who is found by William
Cope in Spartanburgh Co, SC in 1790 and I stated that I think that both of
these men are from Surry Co, NC.This mans name is David Moore and said he
will research the name of William Moore who he believes might be related to
his Moores in Surry Co, NC 1770s. The Moore family also lived in what is now
Wise Co, VA a hot bed for Melungeon families. The area of Wise co, VA was
once in Russell Co, VA where the Copes lived in the 1790s.
I also have one posted Cope family that lived in Surry Co, NC- Mary " Polly "
Cope b) ca 1798 Surry Co, NC ? married Charles Hays- They had a dau. Nancy b)
1816 and these people moved to Monroe Co, Ind.
I think I will call it quits for now and I told you this was going to be a
big e-mail.
The next e-mail I send out will be on what I have collected on William Cope
missing son of Oliver Cope. I don't have much and half of it will be just
clues on who and where he went. I do believe one thing about William Cope and
that is I don't think he made it to NC. The record shows that he may have
been born in 1672 England and if he lived to 1750 he would be 78 years old.
Sincerely, David C. Cope

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