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Subject: [COPE-L] 1810 Knox CO KY Part 2- NC connections
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 17:05:25 EST

Knox CO KY cont-
Elisha Payne- thius name found marr. to Polly Miller 1809 Knox CO KY
Obediah Hammons- over 45
William Miller
James Miller - last name listed on this census.
>From the Combs family research web page listing-
Rev War pension file for Peter Hammonds includes his decalration of 11 Feb
1833 in PERRY CO KY that he lived in Rowan CO NC at the time of his first
enlistment and that he later enlisted in Shenandoah CO VA- pension file S2263.
Obadiah Hammond application 22 Sept 1833 Knox CO KY, included his declaration
that he was a son of Obadiah & Betty Hammons ?, that he was born 5 Dec 1756,
that he lived in Rowan CO NC at enlistment & that after his military service,
he moved to the Clinch River TN, then in 1803 moved to Knox CO KY where he
applied 22 Sept 1833. His brother Peter Hammond was born 25 Nov 1759 & in
1833 lived in PERRY CO KY & declared that he had served with his brother,
Obediah for 2 tours- pension file S2263.
The Combs family list this for 1830 Perry CO KY-
Obediah Hammons page 356 and Joseph Hammon page 343- they list Randall
Holdbrook/Holbrook as being 3 names from Joseph Hammon. They show Randolph
Holbrook 1774 Surry CO NC on the Benjamin Cleveland tax list and this is the
same tax list with the 3 Copes' listed.
Randall Holbrook's funeral record- 15 Feb 1778 Goochland CO VA and a Randall
Holbrook 22 Dec 1754 Goochland CO VA witnessed marriage of George Payne Jr to
Agatha George. Last Randall Holbrook listed tobacco tender in 1724 Stafford
Randall Holbrook is also on the 1810 Floyd CO KY census.
Obediah Hammond I found listed 1772 Rowan CO NC tax list of James Smith.
James Tacket
Obediah Hammond and son James
William Tacket & sons Luis and William
Enoch Tucker
George Tackett & brothers Phillip and Thomas-
Note: these are the Tackets' I listed recently found in Floyd CO KY- and add
1810 Knox CO KY-
Phillip Tacket - over 45- listed one name from Ephriam Osborn- over 45 and
Phillip Tackett is 15 names from Andrew COPE.
Lewis Tackett- over 45 -3 names from Solomon Osborn- there are 2 Solomon
Osborns' I found- 1st one marr. Hannah Bowling and the other one marr. Mary
Stewart dau. of Hannah Boone & John Stewart- Hannah is a sister of Daniel
Boone. Hannah also marr. Richard Pennington.
A Lewis Tackett marr. Lucy Smith 1811 Knox CO KY-
Note; on reviewing my records Lewis Tackett listed here is the same one in
Floyd CO KY 1820 and Solomon Osborn here is the one who marr. Hannah Bowling
found in Floyd CO KY.
Back to Rowan CO NC- 1778 tax list of Capt. Lyons'- appears to be enumerated-
Obediah Hammon
William Hammon
Samuel Dever
John Roland
Shadrick Estep- this name is found in Floyd CO KY
John PRATER- this has got to be a Prater related to the Floyd CO KY Praters
who marr. Copes.- This may be John Hunt Prater who went to KY.
This tax list has John Willcoxon & Sarah Boone listed , Mark Whitaker who is
listed several times with Caleb Osborn & Hannah on this tax list.
A name to follow also-
Phillip WILLIAMS next to Henry Baker, James Patterson, Jacob Crouse, James
Jones and Joseph Haiden- has brother Edward Williams listed on this tax list.

1790 Burke CO NC- census 12th CO dist-
Abner Marcum
Robt. Baker JR
James Hensley
Thos. Ray

5th CO Dist-
Joseph White
Jesse BOONE-1-3-5- appears to be the son of Israel Boone and unk. wife-
Isreal Boone son of Squire.
John Hankins down this list
Richard Calloway-
down the list-
Ben Webb
James Webb Jr
Reynard/Renelder Walker - I believe this is the one who marr. Mary
Willcockson/Wilcoxen dau. of John & Sarah Boone Willcockson. Renelder Walker
marr Mary Wilcoxen 27 Nov 1778 Wilkes CO NC.
1810 Knox CO KY-
Renelder Walker & Mary Willcockson
Stephen Cox
4 names down James Gatliff
Jonathan Hays
William B. Martin - found marr. Betsy Gatliff 1805 Knox CO KY
4 names down-
Joseph Shell- could be Joseph Shull marr. Polly Cutbirth 1810- a possable
dau. of Benjamin Cutbirth and his son Benjamin Cutbirth is on this 1810 Knox
CO KY census.
next door to Joseph Shell
Moses Gatliff- marr. Mary Walker dau. of Renelder & Mary Willcockson Walker.

1790 Burke CO NC 5th dist cont-
Jonathan BOON 1-3-5 next door to Renelder Walker
Clues for these 2 Boones'
Listed in this dist are Reuben, John and James Coffee
Israel Boone and unk. wife-
1) Jesse Boone b) 1748-d) ca 1829/30 McMinn CO TN- marr. Sarah McMahan- dau.
of James McMahan- James McMahan Sr and son Samuel are listed below the name
of JAMES COPE 1772 Rowan CO NC tax list of William Sharp and William Grant &
Elizabeth Boone ( father Squire ) are listed above the name of James COPE.
Jesse & Sarah Boone had dau.s Hannah Boone marr. Smith COFFEY and Anna Boone
marr. William Coffey.
Rachel Boone listed b) 1793 Burke CO NC marr. Asbury Marvel Coffey.
2) Jonathan Boone b) 1750-1826 marr. Susannah Nixon

Hammonds- misc info
what is interesting on these Hammonds is that James P.Cope b) 1786 VA marr
Mary Hammons- dau. of Phillip Hammons and he is listed with a brother named
PETER HAMMONS from Germany.

Misc. Rowan CO NC will- 1 Mar 1788-prob. 1788
Peter Hammonds SR- wife Elizabeth- sons William, Elijah and Peter- dau. Mary
marr. John Harrison.
Names listed on the will- Linch Durram, Elizabeth Waters- wit: Jesse Adams,
Hugh Harry and Nathaniel Arrowood.
1787 Rowan CO NC tax list of Capt. Pearson-
Peter Hammons
Elijah Hammons
James Arrowood
Nicholas Click- he is found with the Nicholas COPE family
Mark Whitaker
Elijah Owens/OWINGS-
Samuel Wilcoxon
John WILCOXON- prob the one who marr. Sarah Boone
Gasper Scene/Sain found with the Nicholas Cope family

1789 Rowan CO NC tax list-
Peter Hammonds
John Harwood- listed on the will of Nicholas Cope 1785- could be Arrowood
Phillip Cope-son of Nicholas Cope
Catherine Cope- wife of Nicholas Cope
Casper Sane
Jacob Keller- related to the Copes/Nicholas
Elijah and Basil Owens/Owings- have a large collection of the Owings family
JOHN WILCOCKSON- marr. Sarah Boone
David ( I jump around alot ) Cope

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