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Subject: [COPE-L] Fayette CO/1810 Scott CO KY Copes'-part 2
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 14:11:45 EST

Hi Family , here goes my listing for the Copes' of 1810 Scott CO KY.
First I found a John Cope 1789 Fayette CO KY tax listing then a John Cape
1790 Fayette CO KY tax listing.
The 1787 Fayette CO VA/KY tax listings has these names listed- No Copes'
Tax A-
1) Thomas Brent?
2) Anderson Bryant
3) John Branham
4) Tolliver Craig- also 1810 Scott CO KY
5) Elijah Craig and listed with him is James Davis- This name listed as Rev.
Elijah Craig involved in the Fort Boone area. He is listed with 2 brothers'
Tolliver and Lewis Craig who were also Rev.s from Spotsylvania CO VA and came
to KY in 1781.
Lydia Craig listed dau. of Rev. Elijah Craig marr. Samuel Boone Grant of
Scott CO KY- Samuel Boone Grant son of William Grant & Elizabeth Boone-
sister of Daniel Boone. William Grant & Elizabeth Boone found listed with and
by James Cope 1768 Rowan CO NC and 1772 Rowan CO NC.
6) Samuel Grant listed tax A 1787 Fayette CO KY.
Found- this- posting on another Craig- Capt. Robert Craig Rev War service
marr. Jean/Jane DENNY in Chester CO PA- lived Abingdon, Washington CO VA-
found Robert Craig 1782 Washington CO VA. I mention the DENNY family because
they show up later with the Scott CO KY Copes.
Found a Elijah Craig 26-45 same page 1810 Scott CO KY as David Cope.
7) Mathew Flurnoy
8) David Flurnoy- David Flournoy listed 1810 Scott CO KY page 644-
Note: found a Lawrence Flournoy 1810 Fayette CO KY and a yonger Lawrence
Flournoy 1820 Estill CO KY same page as the Willcocksons' and Crawfords' ect.
Hoy Flournoy also listed and one listed marr. Mary Brinegar 1829 Estill CO KY.
9) Thomas Graves- may be the one who marr. Morning Burris - sister of Francis
Burris who marr. Capt. William Bush.
10) Julius Gibbs- found 1810 Scott CO KY- Gibbs name found with the Copes'
1820 Floyd CO KY.
11) John Musklehatan- this I believe is the McHatton family found with the
Copes' 1810 Scott CO KY- spellings listed also as McAlthatton - info listed
came from Lancaster CO PA- One man named ABM. McAlhatton found 1768 Rowan CO
NC with the Rankins, Dennys' and Shorts and these surnames show up by the
Copes' 1810 Scott CO KY.
12) William Rankin-
Tax B- 1787 Fayette CO KY-
1) There is a Jno. Casey ?
2) Lewis Craig- Rev.
3) AARON DENNY- one listed 1783 Wilkes CO NC- several listings show he bonds
children out to John Randelman- Elizabeth Hyne Denny and Philen Denny. He is
found Surry and Wilkes CO NC listed with Edmond Denny who is listed 1768
Rowan CO NC tax list of Gideon Wright with Daniel Boon, Vinson Jones ect.
Note: Jonathan Cope d) 1819 Jefferson CO, IND. listed 1810 Scott CO KY -has
dau. Sarah Cope listed married to Christopher DENNY found 1810 Scott CO KY.
4) James Quesenberry- marr. Jane Burris-sister of Frances- found with
Archibald Crawford- court case 1792 Bourbon CO KY
5) David Rankin- one found 1778 Rowan CO NC
6) David Rankin
6) Thomas Rankin
7) Jno. Sanders- may have marr. Sarah Grant- sister of Samuel Boone Grant.
8) Lewis Sublett
9) James Trimble- listed with Archibald Crawford court case 1792 court case
10) Mark Whitaker- this name is very common found 1768 Rowan CO NC with
Copes' and a Mark Whitaker found on will of Thomas Buffington who marr. Ruth
11) Daniel Willcoxson- marr. Sarah Faulkner- son of John & Sarah Boone
12) James Wilkinson ?- I keep finding these Wilkinsons' listed by
Willcocksons and Wilcox all over this country.
13) Jno. Wilcox ?
Tax C- 1787 Fayette CO KY-
1) Morgan Bryan with Morgan Bryan JR and James, David Bryan listed.
2) Jacob Bunegar- this is Jacob Brinegar who marr. Lucreatia Linville- Jacob
is an uncle of Thomas Brinegar found 1810 Clay CO KY and 1820 Estill CO KY
with the Willcocksons. Thomas Brinegar now believed to have marr. Rachel
Hagins- dau. of Thomas Hagins & Sarah Willcockson-dau. of John & Sarah Boone
Willcockson. The Linvilles' found with the Copes' 1768 and 1772 Rowan CO NC.
Linvilles' from Chester CO PA.
3) Samuel Bryant- may have married Mary Hunt
4) Samuel Boon- marr. Sarah Day- Brother of Daniel Boone.
5) Joseph Boon- marr. Fry- son of Israel Boone- brother of Daniel.
6) William Bush- marr. Frances Burris
7) Phillip Bush
8) Thomas Burris- Elizabeth Stephens ?
9) Wiles Cook- marr. Elizabeth Willcockson- dau. of George Willcockson &
Elizabeth Hall -brother of John Willcockson. Wiles Cook found 1800-1810
Montgomery CO KY.
10) Jesse Copher- marr. Elizabeth Boone-dau. of George Boone & Ann Linville
11) James Crawford
12) Elisha Estes
13) William Fraizer
14) Benjamin Combs- marr. Sarah Richardson- in Frederick CO VA- Cutbirth
Combs related- he is found Fort Boone KY.
15) James Grimes-
16) Rebecca Hunter- wife of Charles killed 1782 KY
17) Henry Hunter- ancestor of the Hunters' found with the Copes' in MO 1840
and 1860 Collin CO TX.
18) Jacob Hunter
19) William Hunter- Hunters' found with the Boones' Berks CO PA and with
Copes' 1768 Rowan CO NC.
20) John Holder- may have marr. Frances Calloway- taxed with him are these
names- George Rout/Rust, Francis Holder, Adam Hartford, Bina. Rankin, Luke
Holder and Griffin Taylor.
21) Rodger Jones- may have marr. Rebecca Boone-dau. of Samuel Boone & Sarah
22) Jacob, Jacob and John Kekle- this are the KEATHLEYS found listed 1788
Fayette CO KY tax list. A Jesse Keathley marr. Susannah Cope about 1811 White
CO TN. Susannah Cope b) 1788 VA - sister of Andrew Cope b) 1781 VA and lived
in White CO TN.
23) Ambrose COFFEE- related to Lykins ect. the 1820 Floyd CO KY .Note: Kaye
my KY Cope cousin listed this man several weeks ago on this mailing list.
24) Moses Mitchell- marr. Mary Grant-dau. of William Grant & Elizabeth Boone.
25) Morgan- Mordicai, Charles and John
26)) McGuire- Margaret with John
27) James Quesenbury & Jane Burris ?
28) Peter Scholl- marr. Mary Boone-dau. of Israel Boone- brother of Daniel
29) Michael Stoner- marr. Frances Trimble of the Burris /Trimble family.
30) William Trimble- found court case of Archibald Crawford 1792
31) Andrew Trimble marr. Sarah Burris
32) Ralph VanCleve- marr. Lydia COMBS-
33) James Wilkinson ?
34) Mark Whitaker- 2nd listing
Part 3 later today with census for 1810 Scott CO KY and the Copes' found

Scott CO KY was created from part of Woodford CO KY ca 1792 . Woodford CO
created 1788 from part of Fayette CO KY.
1) John Cope- 1789 Fayette CO KY
2) John Cape- 1790 Fayette CO KY
3) Jonathan Cope- 1800 Scott CO KY

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