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From: Debbie <>
Subject: [COPE-L] Hatton and Wheeldon
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 12:37:08 -0400
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These may provide a clue. From New Castle County Land Records:

Deed. Wm. Mullet and Ann his wife, who by the name of Ann England, was
Exec. of the Testament and last Will of Isaac England of New Castle Co.,
yeoman, dec'd., for the sum of 571 pounds, sold unto David Clark of the
county of Kent on Delaware, yeoman, a tract of land. It is part of a
tract called New Bristol, situate on the North side of the Morris'
branch of Appoquinimink, Hundred, containing 402 acres of land, together
with houses and improvements thereon. Whereas WILLIAM HATTON, dec'd. in
his lifetime did purchase of James Harrison, then Steward to the Hon.
Wm. Penn, a tract of land and plantation situate on the north side of
Duck Creek in the Co. of New Castle containing 808 acres. And whereas
sd WILLIAM HATTON in his Last Will and Testament did devise the sd land
to his wife Elizabeth who was afterwards the wife of Philip England, and
his daughter Rebecca, wife of Joseph England, and Martha the wife of
Absolom Cuff. The land eventually reverted to Joseph England and his
wife, and in his Last Will, he devised the land unto Isaac England, his
eldest son. And whereas sd Isaac England in his Last Will did empower
his wife Ann England to convey and make over to David Clark of Kent Co.,
the sd tract of land, part of a tract of land called New Bristol.
Signed: William Mullet, Ann Mullet. Wit: David West. Ack: Aug. Term
1760. Rec: 17-Jul-1761.

My guess is that Houlding became Holden and Whuldon became Wheeldon,
then eventually Weldin. Some Isaac Wheeldon/Joseph Holden listings:

Lease. 20-Apr-1687. Ephriam Herman of Bohemia in Maryland, Gentleman,
to Jos. Allman of Delaware River (DE), planter. Ephriam Herman, for
rents, conditions and services to be well and truly performed by sd
Allman, has granted to Allman all that tract of land commonly called
Second Dennis Point, being bounded by Duck Creek, the north that leads
to the land of Christopher Ellis, now JOSEPH HOLDING's [Holden]

Deed. 15-Aug-1699. JOSEPH WHEELDON of ______. Whereas there is a tract
of land containing 220 acres known by the name Dalton lying on the north
side of Blackbird Creek bounded by land of Thomas Snelling formerly
granted by patent dated 25-Mar-1676 by Gov. Edmund Andros to John Barker
formerly of Blackbird Creek and since sold to ISAAC WHEELDON.

Deed. 18-Jun-1698. ISAAC WHEELDON, attorney for JOSEPH HOLDEN of Cape
May in West New Jersey to Jos. Alman of Duck Creek, planter. Isaac
WHEELDON for valuable consideration granted unto Jos. Alman a tract of
land containing 286 acres situate on the south side of Blackbird Creek.

Deed. 25-OCT-1705. Wm. Guest of Red Lyon Creek do assign and make over
to Nicholas HALL upon Geo. Harlan's old plantation in New Castle Co. all
my rights & interest in the with deed. Delivered in the presence of

Deed. 19-Aug-1755. William Griffin and Alexander Chance of Appoquinimink
Hd. in New Castle Co., farmers, for the sum of 170 pounds sold unto
James Martin of same place,yeoman, 2 equal of 5 parts of a tract of land
and plantation situate on the south side of Blackbird Creek, containing
286 acres. Whereas a certain ISAAC WHEELDON was seized of a tract of
land purchased from Joseph HOLDEN, late of Cape May in West New Jersey
in 1695, and in 1698 sd WHEELDON did grant same land unto Joseph Alman,
and sd Alman did grant unto Thomas Graham of same place.

On Saturday, April 5, 2003, at 06:00 PM,
> #1 [COPE-L] Cowp/Cope- 1684 Ship & 16 []
> On this ship listed from Lancashire are WM HATTON & Eliza his wife.
> MARTHA & ELENOR HALL: their servants Thos. HARRISON for 2 years, JOHN
> COWP (
> this may be a COPE ) for 4 years, Lawrence Parker for 5 years,
> Katherine Owen
> 4 years, Mary HALL for 8 years, Eliz: Stedman, Sarah & Judith Buller her
> daus., Joseph Stedman her sone: Rebecca BARROW.
> I think I found this family in DE-
> WILL - William HATTEN , Duck Creek Hundred, New Castle CO DE- 9 Feb
> 1687-
> wife ELIZABETH, two dau.s youngest MARTHA, James HARRISON, KINSWOMAN
> HALL .
> Exc. wife, Elizabeth Whuldon, REBECCA HATTON, Joseph HOULDING ? and
> Isaac
> This is a perfect example of what I have read about servants of Quakers
> and
> that is that many of them are relatives of their listed masters. Mary
> Hall a
> servant for 8 years is listed as a Kinswoman on the will. Thomas
> Harrison
> must be related to James Harrison on the will and JOHN COWP may be
> related to
> this family. I have read that the Quakers found a way to get more land
> from
> William Penn and that is each servant gets 50 acres after servitude and
> the
> master gets 50 acres for bringing a servant to America. If all these
> sevrvants are related to William Hatton he gets 250 acres for 5
> servants and
> the 5 servants have 250 acres for a total of 500 acres for this family.
> On the 1696/97 Duck Creek Hundred tax list , New Castle CO DE I find
> thse
> names-
> Joseph England collector- this family found in DE wills and believe are
> related to the Nottingham, PA MM Englands.
> ISAAC WHEELDON- will of William Hatton/Hatten- Listed next to Isaac is
> LAWRENCE PARKER- servant to William Hatton- ship " Vine "
> These are the only 2 I can find listed from the will and ship record in
> Duck
> Creek hundred. It appears that John Cowp would be in Duck Creek hundred
> in
> 1687 just 3 years into his 4 year servitude so where did he go , well
> that
> will have to be another day for me to find out.
> David
> PS- thank yous' to Debbie my New Castle CO DE contact who feeds my data
> starving brian and Richard my Oliver Cope Friend/Cousin ? who recently
> jump
> started my brain dead head and I get by with a little help from my
> friends as
> the Beatles would say. By the time I leave this planet all of you that
> are my
> friends I will probably find related to me and that is why I call of of
> you
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> Subject: [COPE-L] Rebecca Barrow-found ?
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> Hi Family, I found this for Rebecca Barrow listed with the William
> Hatton
> Family ship " Vine "with John Cowp servant.
> Will - James Hayes ? 1 Aug 1708- 22 Sept 1708 New Castle CO DE-
> son-in-law
> William BURROWES, son-in-law John BURROWES, son-in-law Richard BURROWES,
> EXC: Naomi Hayes
> DE Tax list Georges Creek and Apoquinamink 1693 New Castle CO DE-
> William BURROWS and listed next to him-
> James HEWS - could Hughes or be Hayes
> On this tax list is a Edward Gibbs and Gilbert Cope listed a Edward
> Gibbs
> intent to marry Judith CRAWFORD 3.1686 Newark MM now DE Valentine
> Hollingworth listed on this listing.There are Crawford wills in New
> Castle CO
> DE. The Crawfords married Copes' in KY and the Gibbs family is found
> next to
> my James Cope 1820 Floyd CO KY and in Breathitt CO KY related to the
> Holland/Hollin family there who are from Grayson CO VA.
> Note: could John Cowp be a COPE and Rebecca Barrow be a BURRIS
> Note: the Duck Creek Hundred tax list I gave for 1696/97 is for 1693
> and not
> 1696/97.
> FYI- looking for clues to a Mary Donalds listed at the wedding of John
> Cope
> to Charity Jefferies 1721 PA with William Cope listed.
> Note: a John Donaldson is on the 1693 Duck Creek Hundred tax list and I
> found
> his will-
> John Donaldson Merchant- New Castle CO DE- 12 Feb 1701/02 - 8 Apr 1702-
> Youngest dau. MARY DONALDSON, eldest dau. Katherine, brother William
> Donaldson; Dorcus HOGG wife of George HOGG.
> Exc: Richard Hallywell, Robert French and Dennis Dakey
> Note: Richard Hallywell/Halliwell is on a lot of wills in DE in this
> time
> frame including the Cantwells. The Hogg family has been listed related
> to the
> William Hogg/Hoge family in Frederick CO VA . I believe these Hoggs are
> related to the Hoggs found with and by my Cope familiy in Floyd, Perry
> and
> Breathitt CO KY. The Stedhams of New Castle CO DE found by Oliver Cope
> 1696/97 DE have desc.s in Perry and Breathitt CO KY with my Copes.
> David
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> Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 09:52:15 EST
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> Subject: [COPE-L] Morgan Bryan -Frederick CO VA & Beason
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII"
> Hi family, here is another link for Morgan Bryan who marr. Martha
> Strode ca
> 1719 Chester CO PA back to a Oliver Cope connection.
> Frederick CO VA will of BRYANT MCNAMEE 23 July 1743- wife Elizabeth-
> son Peter-
> Wit: Israel Robinson and Edward Hughes- this Edward Hughes may be the
> one
> listed with the Squire Boone family.
> Bryant McNamee Estate 11 Nov 1743- Appraisers-
> 1) Morgan BRYAN - marr. Martha Strode- her uncle is listed as George
> Strode
> who is listed at the wedding of John Cope to Charity Jefferies 1721 .I
> found
> George & Margaret Strode with the Mendenhalls 1685 Concord , Chester CO
> PA
> wedding.
> I later found in the Gilbert Cope History of Chester CO PA a listing for
> George Strode who marr. widow Elizabeth RING . Elizabeth Ring is listed
> the
> widow of Nathaniel Ring and a Nathaniel and Elias Ring are at the
> wedding of
> John & Charity Cope.
> 2) RICHARD BEESON- Richard Beason marr. Charity Grubb 24.10.1706
> Nottingham,
> PA MM. John Grubb listed 2 names from Oliver Cope 1696/97 Brandywine
> Hundred
> , New Castle CO DE has a will listed in New Castle DE wills-
> John Grubb Tanner- Chester CO PA 12 Feb 1707/08 26 Mar 1708- Dau.
> Charity
> wife of Richard Beeson, dau. Phebe Grubb - she married Richard
> Buffington JR,
> wife Frances - she married Richard Buffington SR , sons Emanuel, John he
> married Rachel Buckley sister of Adam Buckley who bought the 1729 land
> form
> William COPE, John Buckley father is on the Oliver Cope will 1697 and
> so is
> Richard Buffington, sons Joseph , Henry, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Peter
> Grubb.
> Exc: son John, wife Frances.
> 3) Edward Hughes- he may be the one listed with the Squire Boone family.
> 4) Israel Robinson- he may be related to George Robinson who marr. Ann
> Hollingsworth and he and Valentine and sons Henry and Thomas
> Hollingsworth
> are on the 1696/97 DE tax list with Oliver Cope.
> David

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