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Subject: Quaker-Regulators-NC 1766-1771
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 21:16:19 EDT

Hi List, I have alot of names to list here taken from the book " Breaking
Loose Together " , The Regulator Rebellion-in Pre-Revolutionary North Carolina ,
by Marjoleine Kars , 2002.
My son Christopher gave me this book while I was in Orlando, FL this week.
A name to remember is Herman/Harman Husband who is listed in most of the 12
chapters in this book.
Before I start I will list one clue for William COPE listed 1755 Orange CO NC
tax list and believe he is the same William Cope listed 1763-1772 Rowan CO NC
Court and tax lists.
Thomas Hart took William COPE to court 15 Oct 1763 for some unknown reason
and William Cope lost the suit and paid 4 pnds.14.2 to Hart.
I believe this Thomas Hart is the one listed here in the Regulator book page
Thomas Hart was Justice of the Peace, Sherriff & Store Owner in Hillsborough
, Orange CO NC 1770 . He along with Justice Alexander Martin and MuCulloch
agent Michael Holt , John Litterell/Luttrell a clerk recieved a beating outside
of the Hillsborough court house by the Regulator mob there to rescue Husband (
Herman ) and Butler . Husband and Butler were ordered arrested signed by John
Williams , father-in-law and law partner of Judge Henderson ( Richard -same
one listed with Daniel Boone and the Transylvania CO. ) . Williams was attacked
and got away and the mob then intered the court house , took Edmund Fanning
from behind the bench where he was hding and dragged him into the courtyard,
spitting and hitting him along the way.
There are dozens of stories in this book but will keep them brief here.
Note: Edmund Fanning was a Loyalist COL. in the Rev War.
Herman Husband is in the Cane Creek, Orange CO NC Quaker records and here is
what I found and many of the Regulators were Quaker disowned in 1767 ( of 47
disowned that year ) as many are from 22 from the Cane Creek meeting house
found on the border of Orange and Chatham CO NC.
Note: many of the Cane Creek men are listed in the Kennett, Chester CO PA
records and some from Warrington, York CO PA and Hopewell, VA.
Herman Husband marr. Mary Pugh 6.16.1762 Cane Creek MM and Marjoleine Kars
says he was disowned by Cabe Creek in 1764 . He married 2nd Amy Allen by
2.7.1767 and all who attended this wedding were disowned who were Hannah Vernon, Mary
Moffitt, Phebe Cox, William, William, and Samuel Cox, Jacob GREGG and Isaac
Amy Allen's brother Samuel Allen was disowned for Carnal Knowledge with 2
Mary Pugh is listed dau. of William & Mary Pugh who had their farm distroyed
in 1771 by the Orange CO Miltia.
Mary Pugh's brother James Pugh along with Benjamin Merrill, Robert Mateer and
Robert Messer along with 2 otthers were Hanged 19 June 1771 after the Battle
of Alamance on 16 May 1771.
This was a Farmers revolt against the corrupt Orange and Rowan CO Officals
and Herman Husand is listed one of the main ring-leaders for this revolt.
One of the prisoners taken in the battle of Alamance was Abraham Creason who
is listed an assisant to Seperate Baptist Rev. Joseph Murphey who escaped
Note: Abraham Creason is listed on the 1761 Rowan CO NC tax list of Caleb
Osborn with Morgan Bryan, Isaac, John and George Willcockson, Benjamin
Cutbeard/Cutbirth, Joseph Bryan , William Linville and son William and John and William
Cope and sons are on the 1768 Rowan tax list of Morgan Bryan JR.
Abraham Creason , Joseph MURPHEY , Benjamin Cleveland, VINSON JONES wife
believed to be Elizabeth COPE, Daniel BOON are on the 1768 Rowan CO NC tax list of
Gideon Wright.
Abraham Creason, Edward, George BOON, Thomas LINVILLE , WILLIAM, JAMES and
JOHN COPE are on the 1774 Surry CO NC tax list of Rev War COL. Benjamin
In 1768 Orange CO Militia were called up by Gov. Tryon who was alarmed by
intelligence that more than 500 angry Regulators planned to march on Hillsborough
and set fire to the town if thier demands were not met.
By 11 Aug 1768 more than 1,000 Regulators reputedly gathered at Quaker SIMON
Note: The Cane Creek MMs show Simon Dixon recieved on certificate from
Newark, MM, Kennett , PA 7.7.1751 and Simon & wife Elizabeth 6.2.1753- Kennett MMs
show Simon Dixon granted cert. to Carvers Creek, NC 6.3.1751
Cane Creek MM shows Ruth Dixon dau. of Thomas Dixon marr. John DOAN
Note: Gilbert Cope and London Grove MMs shows this-
Hannah HADLEY dau. of Simon Hadley marr. Thomas /Dickson/DIXSON 25.8.1727
London Grove MM. Hannah Hadley married 2nd John Stanfield 8.13.1742 Hockessing
MM. John Stanfield has cert. to Cane Creek, NC 9.1.1753.
Hannah Hadley's sister Ruth marr. Thomas Lindsey 10.31.1731 London Grove MM-
he the son of James Lindsey of CO. Carlow, Ireland marr. Elinor Parke.
Note: one Rev War battle was fought at Lindsey's Mill , and this is the
Lindsey family of NC.
Simon Hadley marr. 2nd Phebe Grubb Buffington widow of Richard Buffington JR
a brother of Thomas Buffington who marr. Ruth COPE dau. of Oliver COPE.
Simon Hadley's grd-son Simon Hadley marr. Bridget Foot and he is listed here-
Orange CO NC deeds- James VESTAL to Simon HADLEY 80 acres 13 May 1766-
Jeremiah Harrison deed register.
Simon Hadley is on the 1771 Surry CO NC tax index, 1775 Surry CO NC tax list
of John Hudspeth with JAMES and WILLIAM COPE.
Note: John Hudspeth is on the 1772 Rowan CO NC tax list of William Sharp with
James and William COPE.
Note: James VESTAL is the son of William Vestal listed 1715 Bradford, PA tax
list with John COPE. James Vestal has a 1793 Surry CO NC will.
James Vestal's brother John Vestal marr. Ann Potts -dau. of David Potts of
1744 Frederick CO VA tax list and will 1768 Loudown CO VA. John Vestal and
Samuel Person listed bro-in-laws from Frederick CO VA are on the 1768 Loudoun CO VA
will of Jonas Potts who married Mary Stroud/Strode dau. of Samuel
Strode/Strowd will 1765 Loudown CO VA. This Samuel Strowd/Strode is listed a brother of
Martha STRODE who marr. Morgan Bryan SR.
Mary Strowd/Strode's sister Phebe marr. Isaac BEESON son of Richard Beeson &
Charity GRUBB. Charity GRUBB is a sister of Phebe GRUBB Buffington who marr.
2nd Simon Hadley SR in Bradford, PA.
Ann ( Potts ) VESTAL with David and John Vestal JR are on the 1787 tax B
Berkeley CO VA list.
Note: Vestal- William Vestal died about 1744 Frederick CO VA and Elizabeth
Vestal is on the 1744 Frederick CO VA tax list.
In my will book for Chester CO PA 1713-1748 page 5 I have this-
Will Joseph Woodward of Goshen- 28 Nov 1715-12.18.1715- to mother Jane
Woodward 40 pnds remainder to wife, not named -( Jane Woodward may be the wife of
Robert Woodward of Thornbury ).
Exrs: brothers Thomas & Edward Woodward-
Wit: William Penil, Joseph Lewis and Mary Butterfield-
Note at bottom by pub/writer of book- says widow Elizabeth marr. William
VESTAL 1716. She is listed by some as Elizabeth Mercer and she is listed on the
1715/16 will of Thomas Mercer of Thornbury, PA with Joseph Woodward listed
I have a ton of families listed in this Regulator book to talk about people
like Herman COX a name listed on the 1782 Montgomery CO VA tax list with
connections to the 1800 Grayson CO VA Cox . Note: most of the names on this tax list
have Quaker connections and William COPE and George Holland are in surounded
by these Quakers 1800.
Note: Kennett MM- Herman Cox requested Cert. to Hopewell ( VA) 9.5.1743, John
Cox to Cane Creek, NC- 7.5.1755, William Cox to Cane Creek, NC 11.3.1757.
George Holland and son Peter Holland are on the 1772 Rowan CO NC tax list of
William Sharp with James and WILLIAM COPE and George Holland is on the 1774
Surry CO NC tax list of Benjamin Cleveland with William, James and John COPE.
Here are some Misc. Regulator names I found in the book-
Herman Husband - fled battle , listed went to PA was involved in the Whiskey
Rebellion 1794 arrested and pardoned by George Washington.
Herman Husband is found on dozens of Orange CO NC deeds and on Rowan CO NC
deeds. He was voted into the 1768 Orange CO NC assembly but was removed by Gov.
He is listed related to Herman Kankey/Kinkey who I found 1702 and 1724 New
Castle CO DE deed wife Margery listed as Kemkye in 1724 he was living in Cecil
Misc. William Gregg of Christiana Hund. marr. Margery KINKEY 29.7.1725 ( of
Cecil CO MD ) Center MM, New Castle CO DE.
Joseph Husband son of William & Mary Husband of Cecil CO MD marr. Mary Pusey
4.14.1768 New Garden MM- she the dau. of Joshua & Mary Pusey.
There is a Herman Husbands at the marriage of Samuel Harris to Margaret
Hopkins 5.1.1753 Deer Creek, Baltimore/Harford CO MD.
William, Joseph, Mary, Mary & Catherine Husband are at the marriage of Thomas
King to Anna Coppock 11.12.1755 Little Britain MM and a Vincent King is
Margery, Mary and Thomas Husband are at the marriage of Stephen Cook ( son of
John & Elinor Cook of London Grove ) to Hannah Reynolds dau. of William &
Mary of North Carolina marr. 8.12.1755 West Nottingham MM- Peter Cook is listed .
Reg- members cont-
Joshua Teague- no pardon
Joseph Harrison
James Hunter - a Presbyterian- aka Gen. of the Rebels
Rednap Howell - moved to MD
William Butler - moved to Fincastle CO VA by 1773
Benjamin Merrill arrested at Abotts Creek a NJ Baptist - Hanged
James Few/Pugh - Hanged
Nathaniel Powell- Deep River Seperate Baptist
A list od men wored with no pardon-
Samuel Jones, Simon Dunn JR, Abrahm Creson, Benjamin Merrill, James Wilkerson
JR, Edward Smith, John Bumpass, Joseph Boring, William Rankin , William
Robeson- Note: page 85- Presbyterian William Robinson was once a QUAKER a graduate
of William Tennett SR of Neshaminy PA.
My guess is that this William Robinson could be a desc. of George Robinson &
wife Catherine Hollingsworth of 1696/97 Brandywine Hund. New Castle CO DE tax
list with Oliver COPE.
Reg. cont-
John Winkler, John Wilcox ?, Jacob FELKNER and Thomas Person.
Note: Jacob Felker is on the 1768 Rowan /Orange CO NC petition for Tax relief
& a Protest of corrupt Officals and the use of paper money with no Gold or
Silver to back it up , sent to Christopher Nation a Justice . The other names on
this petition are-
Morgan Bryan SR, Morgan Bryan JR, Elisha/Elijah Owins/Owings, Mathias Prock,
Samuel Busey, Benjamin & Francis Taylor, Benjain Barns, Micheal Leel/Lyall,
Thomas Stockstill, Sibeyley Baker, Obediah Baker, James-
James-Samuel-Phillip-Edward- Edward-Samuel WILLIAMS, Aquilla Felps, James Arrowwood, George Troat,
George Admire, Richard Battleson, William Hattocks?, John Felps and Abner Baker.
Note: a good many of these men are on the 1761 Rowan CO NC tax list of Caleb
Osborn and Jacob Felkner is on this tax list listed as Fauther.

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