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Subject: George Harrison 1722 East Nottingham,PA tax list
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 16:12:32 EST

Hi List, here is my latest for 3 Cartmill of DE researchers and info they
gave me for finding a connection for Harrison & Cartmill of Frederick CO VA .
George Harrison is on the 1722 East Nottingham , PA tax list that I posted on
the Cope forum.
I was told he is from Burlington, NJ and his parents were Richard Harrison
and I have his marriage record here in my Burlington, NJ Quaker book as married
to Ruth Buckman 4.3.1687 Chesterfield, MM, NJ.
George Harrison's wife is listed as Esther Steward and I found her here on
this Quaker marriage in Frederick CO VA.
George Hollingsworth son of Abraham, late Cecil CO MD to Hannah McCoy dau. of
Robert McCoy , Hopewell, Orange/Frederick CO VA 19.12.1734. At this wedding
are ESTHER HARRISON, THOMAS BABB who marr. Sarah Foulke dau. of Elizabeth COPE
dau. of Oliver COPE of DE. , Josiah Ballinger from Burlington, NJ, and he is
with Morgan & Martha Strode Bryan 1730 Quaker Prince George CO MD wedding of
Thomas Mills & Elizabeth Harrold who are also listed in the Frederick CO VA deed
Others at this wedding- John Bullock- note: Quaker Burlington bk has this-
Chesterfield MM- William Harrison son of Richard marr. Sarah BULLOCK
2.11.1728 and he father is John BULLOCK. Richard Harrison son of Richard marr. Alice
Steward 5.3.1720 Chesterfield MM, NJ.
Jacob Worthington husband of Abigail BORDEN dau. of Benjamin Borden from
Burlington, NJ , -others George & William HOGE who appears to be the William HOGG
of 1722 East Nottingham, PA tax list ( by Gilbert COPE ) by George Harrison
and John RUDDAL/RUDDELL and John Eldrick/Elswick ? .
-others- Thomas Branson who marr. Rebecca Borden dau. of Benjamin both from
John Ross -son of Alexander VA land partner of Morgan Bryan, John Littler &
wife Mary Ross, Evan Thomas SR. and JR, Onan Thomas, Abraham HOLLINGSWORTH son
of Thomas on the Cope DE tax list 1696/97.
Next Frederick CO VA deeds-
31 Aug 1747 Jost HITE to George Harrison -150 acres in parish of Frederick.
wit: John Funk JR & Robert WORTH.
note: Jost Hite and Robert McKay/McCoy were very large VA land grant
Note: Gilbert Cope's Bio on the Andrew JOB family pg 615 1881 bk shows Robert
McCoys' son Robert JR marr. Patience JOB and I have date of 27.1.1735
Nottingham, MM and Gilbert shows Joshua JOB marr. Margaret MCCOY ( his spelling ) and
I have date of 11.1.1731 Nottingham, PA MM.
Note: it now appears the the Robert McKay / McCoy family decs. are using both
spellings and I need to figure out which sons are using Mckay and which ones
are using McCoy later in life- this would be a good candidate fro DNA testing
for 2 differnt surnames from same branch. I think that son James McKay who is
on the Frederick CO VA will of Thomas Chester a son-in-law is using McKay in
all of his deeds and he married Mary Chester listed dau. of Sarah Cartmill
Chester . listed dau. of Nathaniel & Dorothy Cartmill of Brandywine Hundred, New
Castle CO DE with Oliver COPE.
Frederick CO VA deed- 29 Mar 1748 George & ESTHER Harrison to Joseph Vance
150 acres purchased by George from Jost Hite. Wit: Jno. HITE , G. ( Gabriel )
Jones and William Reed.
Note: Jno. HITE is at the Quaker wedding of John Ross ( son of Alex. ) to
Lydia Hollingsworth ( dau. of Stephen ) marr. 11.10.1735 Opeckon , Hopewell MM.
Stephen is the son of Henry & Lydia Hollingsworth of DE and Cecil CO MD.
Henry & Lydia Hollingsworth are at the marriage of Thomas Hollingsworth of
New Castle to Grace Cooke 31.1.1692 Concord PA MM and at this marriage is Jacob
Chandler -uncle of Charity Jefferis COPE and Nathaniel CARTMILL.
note: Cecil CO MD deed- 18 July 1723 - Stephen Hollingsworth to Robert
Makey/McKay/McCoy of Freehold, Monouth CO. NJ 150 acres.
Cecil CO MD deed- 17 Feb 1725- Isacc PERKINS of Cecil CO. MD & Ebenezer
PERKINS of Brandywine Hundred, New Castle CO sons of Ebenzer PERKINS to Thomas
CARTMILL - this is a brother of Martin CARTMILL sons of Nathaniel.
New Castle CO DE deed- 13/14 Mar 1722 Tobias Collett, Daniel Quary and Henry
Gouldney of LONDON to John GRUBB ( this is JR ) Tanner, Manor of Rocklands
land by Thomas CARTMILL. John Grubb's sister is Charity Grubb who marr. Richard
Beeson and he is on the 1722 West Nottingham, PA tax list. Richard & Charity
Beeson are in the Frederick CO VA deed bk 1743-1758.
deed New Castle CO DE -13/14 Mar 1722 Tobias Collett, Daniel Quary and Henry
Goldney of LONDON to James WHITAKER of Chichester , tract Manor of Rocklands
land bounded by Israel Peterson , William Lewis and Thomas CARTMILL.
James Whitaker bought land from John LINVILLE 1704 Chichester twp, Chester CO
PA. This John Linville may be the father of Aylee Linville who marr. Joseph
Bryan parents of Rebecca Bryan BOONE. note: Morgan and son Joseph Bryan are in
the Frederick CO VA deed bk 1743-1758.
Note: Enamuel GRUBB and family are in the Frederick CO VA deed bks starting
in 1743-1758 and Emanuel Grubb is a brother of Charity and John Grubb.
Thomas Buffington & wife Ruth COPE are in-laws to Phebe GRUBB who marr
Richard Buffington JR. Phebe Grubb Buffington a widow marr. Simon Hadley late in
life and Simon Hadley's grd-son Simon Hadley is on the Surry CO NC records 1770s
with COPE 1775.
Back to Frederick CO VA deeds for Harrison-
24May 1774 - John & Margaret Warth to George Warth- could this be Worth, John
to brother George , land on branch of Cedar Creek, called Long Meadow 266
acres corner of George HARRISON .
Wit: EDWARD CARTMILL , John Murray & Micheal Less Willinger ?. note: I was
sent info that Edward Cartmill here is a son of Martin Cartmill & Esther and
Edward Cartmill marr. Rebecca HARRISON dau. of George & Esther Harrison.
8 Aug 1788 - Harrison CARTMILL to Edward CARTMILL 135 acres Cedar Creek, part
of property of George HARRISON and the above disribed tract thereof by him in
his last Will & Test 11 Dec 1768 to Harrison Cartmill.
Martin Cartmill first record I have -
Kennett MMs Chester CO PA- note; part of Kennett twp is in New Castle CO DE -
Nathaniel & Dorety Cartmill chd- MARTIN b) 1.19.1685 at Sea coming from
Ireland to PA, Thomas Cartmill b) 2.29.1689.
Cecil CO MD deed bks-
Henry Hollingsworth to Martin CARTWELL/Cartmill 7 Feb 1720/21 100 acres
branch of Elk River called LYDIA's Joynture ( this is Lydia Atkinson Haollingsworth
) - Wit: Henry WORLEY - this name on the 1715 Chester twp tax list with John
Linville , John Curer and George Collins.note: George Collins is from
Woodbridge, Middlesex, CO. NJ. according to deed 26 Nov 1722 with Richard MackDonald
listed with him.
7 Feb 1720/21 - Abraham Hollingsworth to Henry Hollingsworth 100 acres
bounded by Martin Cartnell/Cartmill, and 2nd tract 115 acres by William HOY ?? _ I
am charting the KY HOYS found with Wiley COPE 1815 Estill CO KY court record.
Wit: Rowland Chambers and Joseph Hollingsworth listed son of Henry.
6 Sept 1720 and 7 Feb 1720/21- John HOLLINGSWORTH to John FINLOW -note: there
is a Alexander FINLOE with Cope,Cartmill, Hollingsworth ect. on the 1696/97
DE tax list of Cornelius Empson.
tract surveyed for John Finlow aka John FINLEY 6 Sept 1720 -Wit: Martin
CARTWELL/Cartmill, Catherine and John Hollingsworth- note I have not found a
listing for this John Hollingsworth to the DE family.
John Hollingsworth appoints Roulent ( Rowland ) Chambers as his Attn. 7 Feb
17 Dec 1721- Henry Hollingsworth to Joseph Hollingsworth 100 acres land by
Abraham Hollingsworth and Martin CARTWELL/Cartmill. Wit: Richard Dobson , John
THOMAS-wife Madlen and Richard Whittan.
14 Mar 1722 Richard McDanall/MackDonald of White Clay Creek, New Castle CO DE
to James MAFFIT of Cecil CO MD , 76 acres formerly surveyed for Abraham &
Stpephen Hollingsworth and henry Hollingsworth 10 May 1720 assigned to said Henry
to Martin CARTMILL and assigned by Martin to George COLLINS 14 Mar 1722.
Wit: Abraham Hollingsworth and Gunning BEDFORD.
Deed 16Nov 1738 Cecil CO MD- Martin & Esther Cartmill to John Edmonson,
because he is moving 100 acres by John McCulloch and Joseph Thompson , land called
Lydia's Joynture , sold to Cartmill in 1716 .
Wit: john Cage, Robert Williams and William Taylor.
note; add this -
Deed Cecil CO MD- 1 Mar 1732- Joseph Carter , late of Cecil CO but now of
Ridley, Chester CO . PA & Sarah his wife to Samuel GILPIN of Concord, Chester CO
PA and to Edward TAYLOR of NAAMAN'S CREEK, New Castle CO. . Samuel Gilpin _ he
is listed in Gilbert Cope's Gilpin bios' Samuel Gilpin marr. Jane Parker bio
page 570.
Wit: John Crosby and David Robinson. note: Edward Taylor is from the same
Namman's Creek where Oliver Cope owned land.
Deed- cecil CO MD- 23 Nov 1738- Martin & Esther Cartmill to John McCullock 10
acres, -Wit: William HOUSTON, George Lawson and William Taylor.
Deed- 20 Mar 1738/39 Zebulon Hollingsworth to Andrew Hall , formerly land of
Zebulon's uncle Joseph Hollingsworth , 2nd partial land which was Abraham
Hollingsworth and by another belonging to Martin CARTMILL , land was granted by
Charles Lord Baltimore ( note- Henry Hollingsworth od DE was land surveyor for
William PENN in PA and Charles Lord Baltimore in MD. to Zebulon 10 June 1734
signed by Gov. Samuel Ogle . Wit: William Maffitt & Rachel Kelly. Acknowledged
by Capt. Zebulon Hollingsworth. Zeb is a son of Henry & Lydia.
Deed- 1 Nov 1751 Cecil CO MD- Nathaniel Cartmell of Frederick CO VA , son &
hier of Martin CARTMILL dec.d to Joseph COCHRAN of Cecil CO MD , Milford
Hundred, called Fair Hill - patent to John Hollingsworth dec.d by John Hollingsworth
to son & heir granted to Martin Cartmill . Wit: Nicholas Hyland, Nathan Baker
and Francis Maudlin.
Zebulon Hollingsworth marr. Ann Maulden 18.4.1727 St. Mary's parish dau. of
Col. Francis Maulden and Zeb marr. 2nd Mary Jacob 21 July 1741 St. Marys parish
dau. of Thomas Jacob who marr. 1710 Kennett MM Mary Robinson dau. of George
Robinson & Catherine Hollingsworth. George Robinson is at the marr. of Thomas
Hollingsworth to Grace Cooke 1692 with Nathaniel Cartmill at wedding.
Frederick CO VA deed-
7 May 1747 Nathaniel Thomas to Nathaniel CARTMILL - 200 acres on the
Opeckonat 2 corner's of Jost HITE .
Wit: Martin Cartmill, William Glover and Josph Lupton.
David - ( where next ? Destiny calls ) Cope

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