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Subject: John CORLEY, VA , 1700s
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 19:21:06 -0500

Rosemary Corley Neal, in her book, "SOUTHERN SOJOURNERS"; 1991; discusses
some theories about a John CORLEY (approximate life dates 1700-1743). She
mentions data that suggests that the subject John CORLEY was father of
(not known to be in birth sequence):
1. John CORLEY, approximate life dates 1725-1805; appears to have removed
into the Carolinas.
2. Robert CORLEY , approximate life dates 1725-1778; married Sarah Petty
of Orange County, VA. They removed to the Carolinas.
3. Valentine CORLEY, approximate life dates 1720-1802.
Goochland Co. VA Deed Book 5, page 21; dated 12 Aug 1745; records a deed
from Richard WITT of Amelia Co. to Jonas REYNOLDS of Goochland Co. for
400 acres in Goochland Co. witnessed by James BROWN, Valentine CORLEY and
A Valentine CORLEY appears in an Orange Co. VA record in 1752.
The will of Richard WARD of Lunenburg Co. VA, dated 17 Nov 1759 mentions
lands in Cumberland (County or Parish?) adjacent to James BROWN, Jonas
RENULS; and Valentine COLLEY.
Bedford Co. VA Will Book 1, page 42, records the will of Robert WALKER,
dated 23 Oct 1766, in which the testator mentions his wife, Agatha.
Executors were William WALKER and Volentine CORLEY.
Cumberland Co. VA Will Book 2, page 120; records the will of Isaac DUFFEE
dated 7 Jan 1774. His wife, Mary, executrix. Witnesses: Volintine
Vaul CORLEY on a Cumberland Co. VA tax list dated 1784.
Cumberland Co. VA Deed Book 6, page 192; dated 1 Dec 1783, Vollintine
CORLEY gives half his land to James CORLEY, both of Littleton Parish,
Cumberland CO., reserving life use for himslef and wife. Witness: John
Lee, George Brown, James Brown.
Cumberland Co. VA Deed Book 6, page 192; dated 26 Apr 1784, Valentine
CORLEY of Littleton Parish gives all of his livestock and household goods
to his daughter, Patty CORLEY, with reserved use of the property during
the life of himself and his wife ... "Vallentine Corline have hereunto
set his hand & seal ..."
Cumberland Co. VA Deed Book 7, page 149; dated 24 Dec 1791; Valintine
CORLEY gives half his land bounded by Benjamin WALKER, deceased,
Flemstead RANSOM, William ANGLEA, Bartlett ANGLEA, to his son, William
CORLEY, reserving use to said Valintine and his daughter, Patsy, during
their natural life. Witness: Arch'd E. ANGLEA, Bartlet ANGLEA, Isaac
Cumberland Co. VA Will Book 3, page 216 records the will of Valentine
CORLEY, dated 10 Nov 1801; mentions a wife, Sarah.
It appears that his children were:
1. James CORLEY m Temperance BROWN. He was deceased before the will was
2. William CORLEY, who was a Revolutionary soldier m Martha
3. Caniel CORLEY
4. Asa Corley m Sarah
5. Agatha Corley who m 1st Robert WALKER and 2nd Joseph SIMMONS
6. Ann CORLEY who m Henry PIGG
7. Milly CORLEY who m Robert ANGLEA
8. Mary CORLEY m Isaac DUFFOR
9. Sarah CORLEY m George BROWN

There are many blanks yet to fill in for this family. Was Sarah the
mother of these children, and what was her birth surname? Can any more
siblings of the subject Valentine CORLEY be identified? I would be
pleased to discuss additions or corrections to this story.

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