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From: "Heather Hill Gibson" <>Hello Heather.
This is one of those vexed questions that are answered with another
question: WHEN do you want the answer for as to where the location was. The
status of places changed from manor to parish and then from the
variousparish ,borough ,urban district authorities to those civil
registrationdistricts. Births, marriages and deaths became the
responsibility of a localregistrar who were under no local authority. You
can end up with a right old
Some places were in a parish which straddled a borough such as in Budock
parish. Earlier Budock had been a chapelry of Falmouth and only later
became an independent parish but still parts of that parish were within the
borough bounds of Falmouth. Madron is another with the mother church in the
village of Madron, the chapelry being at St. Marys in Penzance. Later
Penzance had parish status and a borough one also. There were three
churches in this parish/borough.: St.Mary's'. St.Paul's & St. John's, not to
mention then on-conformist chapels and the civil registration district. In
1932 Penzance Borough took in the villages of Mousehole,Paul and Madron. and
the civil registration district of Penzance covered most of theWest Penwith
area, including the parishes of Paul,St.Buryan.St.Levan.Sennen,St.Just,
Morvah, Pendeen, Sancreed, Madron, Towednack, Gulval, St.Ives, Hayle, Lelant
& St.Erth. -I think that's it! St.Just still had its own Urban District
Council and this took in parts of Pendeen and Morvah & Towednack.I am not
sure if Sancreed and St. Buryan went in with this Council or with Penzance
Borough. Most people in them did not take too kindly to an of it and ignored
the whole thing if possible, My uncles and aunts were still writing home to
"Newlyn West" as opposed to" Newlyn East" or at a push" Newlyn-in-Penwith"
in imitation of St. Just-in-Penwith, a much older title. There was no way a
Newlyn"Bucca" was going to write his home address as Newlyn, PENZANCE!!!!.As
a child I remember the animosity this union caused years after it's
inception. Mostly as a result of Penzance having new rights over Newlyn's
water supply. A reservoir had been built high up on the moors at Kerris and
another at Sheffield on Trungle moor near Paul. Shortly after the new
boundary was enacted the summer was long and hot! The shutes and springs
dried up in both parts of the village, Newlyn Town and Street Nowan, and
there was a shortage of water for the first time in living memory. Most
homes did not have piped mains water then & they depended on the sweet
fresh water from these shutes as it was their only supply.Whether the
rumours of the water being diverted to Penzance homes were true or not, I
have never been able to establish but the mere fact that the two events
co-insided was enough. "Us wern't never short of water 'til they pinched
un.Thieving b-----s" and that from an old chapel go-er that never used bad
language normaly,at least not in thepresence of "young uns"
Gwenapp was another little parish which was self-contained prior to 1832.
Reform Acts. Later still, part of the old parish was in the Urban District
of Redruth and another in the County District of Truro .One part was
administered by Redruth for local responsibilities like water supply and
clearing of rubish etc, the more important administration of a highways and
education by the County Council. Now it is a postal district of Truro, has a
token Parish Council but is administered for education ,Highways,Planning
and Police by the County Council and has a District Council called Carrick
for local matters. All this will probably change again shortly as they are
talking about devolved government again but if you ask me so many layers of
government is unneccessary and it has not improved the delivery of services
much. The prospects of continuous employment for civil servants looks
assured, however.
A reference to a parish title is, I would suggest, the clearest thing
followed by the county name. An address location from a census record. is
the most accurate for a district definition There is has some relevance to
the geography of the home/workplace when they lived, although census
districts are also sometimes over more than one parish. Civil
administration districts have no relevance to anything much, other than the
convenience of the powers that be.There are several web-sites that can help
you sort out where the parishes and places were. The Genuki web-site of
towns and parishes of Cornwall is good at [thanks to the
dedication of Ian Argall et all.] The more you refer to it the more
you will learn of the various differences in Town and Parish
definitions.There is also West Penwith Resources at which although covering west Cornwall. is an
invaluable research tool for anyone wishing to get to the heart of the
Cornish psyche [if that's not a contradiction in terms!]. This site is the
work of Rick Parsons, a committed Cornophile !! The free BMD site at also has information that is useful.If you
click on the reference for the Reg, District a description of the area
covered by it is given.There is so much information out there on the ether,
the work of unrecorded souls who work un-known and often un-praised. The
hardest job we have is looking for it !!
Hope this helps all fellow researchers. & sorry it is a bit long again
Sandra Pritchard

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> Hello
> This is a little silly But I need to know for my family book the
> correct district or area for several places in Cornwall,
> For example is Gwenapp Penzance or Falmouth , Cornwall
> And Perrranworthal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cornwall
> and Feock.....................Cornwall
> Budock Falmouth Cornwall
> Just need a little input for correct Places Please Heather
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