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Subject: Re: [CORNISH-GEN] Wearne Family, Wendron
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 09:11:26 -0400

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Our (American) Wearn family began with Richard Wearn bonr 25 OCT 1798 .
I hope it helps!

The earliest ancestors that I have been able to trace are JAMES WEARNE
born about 1628 in St Erth, Cornwall, England. He married ELIZABETH
MURLEY (born about 1633 in St Erth) in St Erth on 30
July, 1653. Re Elizabeth - her father was James Murley, born about
1594 in St Erth and
died there about 1636. His father was Progenitor Murley born about

James and Elizabeth had 5 children all born in St Erth.
Charles born 1653
Katherine born 1662
Mary born 1665
George born 1668 - this is the line we follow
James born 1672

Generation 2

George Wearn married DORCAS WILLIAMS in 1697 in St Erth. Dorcas was
the daughter of Ambrose Williams but we have not been able to trace the
George and Dorcas had 4 children all born in St Erth.
George born 1697 - our line
John born 1700
Katherine born 1703
William born 1705

Generation 3

GEORGE WEARN married JANE URIN on 29 November 1724 in Phillack,
Cornwall. On the old map St Erth and Phillack are adjoining parishes.
Unfortunately I have been unable to find out more about Jane.
George and Jane had 6 children and all were born in Phillack.
George born 1725 - our line
John born 1728
Elizabeth born 1730
William born 1733
James born 1737
Samuel born 1738

Generation 4

GEORGE WEARN married ELIZABETH KITCHEN on 23 November 1754 in
Cornwall. Elizabeth was bornin 1737 in the parish of Breage, Cornwall
- just a few miles from Phillack and St. Erth. Her parents were Edward
and Elizabeth Kitchen. There were six children in the family.
Edward born 1731
Elizabeth born 1734 (she must have died young)
Elizabeth born 1737
William born 1741
Margaret born 1743
John born 1746

George and Elizabeth had 14 children - again some double ups in names
as you will know is what families did a lot in those days if a child

George born 1754 John
born 1766
Peter born 1757 - our line Dorcas born 1768
William born 1758 John
born 1769
Jane born 1760 Richard
born 1771
Robert born 1762 James
born 1773
Elizabeth born 1763 William
born 1774
Elizabeth born 1765 George
born 1777

Generation 5

PETER WEARNE married THOMASINE SHUGG on 5 July 1829 in Phillack.
Thomasine was the daughter of Thomas Shugg and his wife Martha - no
Thomas born 1754
Richard born 1755
Thomasine born 1758
Jane born 1760
Peter and Thomasine had 4 children.
James born 1780
Mary born 1794
Richard born 1798 - this is our ancestor who emigrated to the
Peter born 1802 - this ancestor emigrated to Australia

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