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From: "John Coles" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 97 00:06:49 PST

Hi John and all of you coming from Australia!

Yesterday, we struggled to get out of Cornwall, to drive up country. 20 miles into Devon, we stopped to chip an inch of ice off the headlights and windscreen wipers.

Our kids made a great snowman when we got back to Cornwall, and we all went off to bed, looking forward to some sledging on the Grotbo Car Hood.


We woke to find that the snowman had melted, the car hood had been reclaimed by the neighbour (who pathetically claimed he needed the car to get to work) and the snow has even melted on the top of Bodmin Moor.

Yesterday looked like a Christmas card... for the party, you'll need to bring something waterproof to sit on, because the ground has gone all soggy!

John & Anna at Kernow Sound magazine
"The Sounds of Cornwall"

> Hi everyone!
> We are coming from "down under". Can someone please see to it that the
> snow doesn't melt before we get there. The Aussie contingent may want to

> bring some home with us. Right now we are coming into our HOT season and
> the bush fires have already started. I'll take snow in preference to
> fire any day.
> Bye the way -- I think I promised to bring some Aussie wine. There are
> several wonderful wineries not for from where I am living on the
> Mornington Peninsula, so I am doing a round of sampling before I come,
> to make sure I bring only the best. I may have to smuggle it in -- but
> then, didn't they do that in the old days too?
> While I think of it ... please don't mess with the list. I love it just
> the way it is. I don't contribute all that often, but I do look forward
> to my daily dose of Cornishness.
> I guess just about everyone will be at the party, but just in case I
> don't get to talk to everyone, please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy
> New Year.
> John (The Tinman) from OZ
> Researching: Tinney, Lander, Menhinick, Coad(e) and anything remotely
> related.

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