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From: "John Coles" <>
Subject: Re: WILLIAMS
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 98 23:29:31 PST

Faith wrote:
My question is, does England include Wales and Cornwall or just
> England?
> Thank you
**********************Weeelllll.... thereby hangs a tail.

In theory (that is, according to the English, and the British Government in London) Cornwall is part of England, but Wales is part of the 'United Kingdom' along with Scotland and Northern Ireland.)

BUT.... as any Cornishman (or woman!) will tell you, Cornwall is a nation in it's own right, and has it's own 'Stannary Parliament' which is the parliament of Tinners, which (they claim) has not been abolished by any act of the English.

Also, because Cornwall has it's own language (even if only spoken by a minority, having died out in the late 18th. Century) it qualifies under European legislation as a seperate state (the 'Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities').

The only trouble is, they need OUR money to pay for cleaning up the sewage outfalls into the sea (so that the Londoners can enjoy clean bathing when they come down to enjoy their holiday cottages, on which they only pay half local taxes because they don't live in them all the time) and so we are included as part of England so that we remain as the poor (but beautiful in the summer) corner of the green and pleasant land.

Oops... that sounds a bit like a political statement, but (of course) it isn't!!!


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