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From: Allen Spry< >
Subject: Re: WILLIAMS
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 13:13:32 -0600

Dear John/FAITH733:

From someone whose family has been in the
Funeral Home Industry for 79 years...let me
respectfully offer the following comments/
suggestions to you:

1. Death information is conveyed to the Funeral
Director (ONLY) by the surviving family member
and that decision is made by family members...
not by some third party. The only exceptions
are when a coroner (by law) is involved and/or when Military Veteran
Records are required for
verification.So, if there is (gigo), on a Funeral
Home death record...the information is incorrect
because it is conveyed incorrectly.
2. Families need to be represented "mutually" when this information is
collected and organized.
3. YOU CAN get death information from Funeral Directors...unless there
is a request
from the surviving family to hold this information
in confidence. Another source is Cemetery records.
4. If you want State death record information...
ask the Funeral Director/County Health Dept.
for the address/cost of your state's Office of
Vital Statistics...for a copy of the death certificate.
5. Lastly, death records are valuable sources
of family information...if they are VITAL information and not
misinformation or disinformaion. Most states started requiring
official death certification circa 1900 and all
stated had them in place by 1920.

Sincerely, Allen Spry

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