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From: Michelle Kahler <>
Subject: New American Island, Australia having a word in defence of Oz.
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 11:24:34 +1000

Hi Bill,
WELL PUT! But just before we go private I'd like to have my say!
Now I come from Ipswich in Queensland, Oz.
Brisbane, the capitol of our state is one of our better known Eastern suburbs!
The Gold Coast is only an hour's drive South-West, yet another outer suburb!
Ipswich was picked as the first choice for the capital but the Ladies did
not like our pet mosquitos and for some odd reason chose Brisbane instead.
Good Mozzie! Trained to bite politicians the most, only the better people,
brave, mosquito hardened folk like myself, can live here and enjoy the
Actually there are now far more mosquitos in Brizzy but they were inferior
and couldn't take the Ippy spirit so we banished them to the slums-er-Brizzy
that is!
Personally I was enjoying the modern new world that was developing, I felt
that, as a small island off the coast of America, we were getting close to
uniting as one, a land of Genealogical brilliance where ancestors weren't
lost, merely out of reach. Now it is obvious to me that if we re-arrange the
world to our liking we can soon just step into a canoe and paddle ourselves
over to Cornwall, whammo, those pesky forbears would no longer be out of
reach, simple!!!

Seeya, Michelle
<> from Ipswich, QLD, Australia.
If you need a look-up for anything in South East Qld, give me a yell.
CFHS #6392; QFHS #M2705; Woolwich&DFHS #1023.

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