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From: "Violet Sunderland C.I.P." <>
Subject: My Last Word on the Subject
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 09:17:42 -0700

Dear Liz,

Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope here somewhere. The North-central
part of Oregon, the "Portland Metro" area, was up in arms a month ago
because the governmental body responsible for about a dozen cemeteries
was thinking of divesting itself of the burden of taking care of same.
There was a public hearing which was attended by representatives of the
largest and most important genealogical organizations in the state and
the government body was quick to soften its approach with the promise to
take time in coming to a final decision on what will be done.

On the news a little while ago, it was reported that one citizen -- mind
you, one lady much like yourself -- had a son killed by a drunk driver
and he is buried in one of the cemeteries of Pioneer distinction that
was included in the list above. She managed to get the county to put
jail inmates convicted of drunk driving to work maintaining that
cemetery. That's only one of many but if the idea should take hold and
spread, public awareness would be enhanced and there could be
improvement in the regard for cemeteries all over. Maybe that's wishful
thinking but any small step in the right direction is an improvement.

I haven't figured out the connection yet, if there is one, but it seems
that when one topic comes up on one list, it is mirrored on another.
This has been one of those instances, so I thought I'd share what has
just happened here. I firmly believe that publicity is one of the best
deterrents to unscrupulous practices and you've helped bring this
problem to light for a lot of people. I'm sorry you've been taken to
task for it but what goes around comes around. Those
names-and-dates-only lists will dry up while the open ones like this one
will continue to flourish. Just take heart in the knowledge that you did
what many would probably have liked to do but were afraid of the
backlash, and you did make a difference. Take heart in knowing we are
applauding you!

Violet Sunderland C.I.P.
Woodburn Oregon USA

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