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Subject: The Vails - Part II
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 22:52:41 -0400 (EDT)

We ended with Catherine dying 13 March 1385/6.
THOMAS VEAL (VELE), son of Sir Pierce and Catherine le Veal,
married HAWISE (Hawes) TORRINGTON. They had one son.
JOHN (Johannes)VELE (Veal), son of Thomas and Hawise Veal, married
MARGARET, and he died in 1430, the 9th year of the reign of Henry VI,
leaving one son.
SIR JOHN (Johannes) VEALE (VELE), son of John and Margaret Vele,
was a knight. He was living 1430, the 9th year of the reign of Henry
VI; he was High Sheriff of County Gloucester in 1452, the 31st year of
the reign of Henry VI. He died in 1457, the 36th year of the reign of
Henry VI and had to pass on Huntingford Manor under the inheritance
laws. He married ALICE (Alicea, Eleanor) BROKESBIE (Brooksby) during
the reign of Henry VI (1422-1460). They had the following children:
Robert Veale (Veal), who married Elizabeth Pointz, the daughter of John
Pointz,Esq. (died between 1467-1473); William Vele (Veale), born 1429;
and John le Veel (who died around 1473/4).
WILLIAM VELE, second son of Sir John and Alice Veale, inherited
Tortworth when aged 28 in 1457. He married SUSANNA VYELL (Vielle) of
Uxell, born around 1429. She was a widow of _____ Weddel.
WILLIAM VEAL (Vele), son of William and Susan Vele, was of Over,
Parish of Almondsbury, County Gloucester. He married MARGARET
FETTIPLACE (Phetiplace), daughter of RICHARD PHETIPLACE (died in August
1503). Margaret's mother was FREDISWIDE KENTWODE of Maydencott, County
Berkshire (previously County Oxford). Margaret Veal received lands in
Basildon 28 March 1547; Margaret's will dated 1595 (perhaps a different
Margaret). They had the following children: Edward Veal (Vele, Veele) of
Over, who married Catherine Holloway, and they died in September of 1577
and 7 November 1575, respectively, both buried at St. Mary's Church,
Almondsbury; William Vele of Acton, married Eleanora Goure; Peter Vele
of Tenby, Pembrokshire, married Anne Langer (Lange); Jane, married John
Lardge (Lange) of Stoke; Dorothy, married Richard Haynes of Southmede,
Bristol; May (Mary), married Richard (or Robert) Bucknell.
WILLIAM VEAL II (Vele), the second son of William and Margaret
Veal, married ELIANOR (Eleanora),daughter of John Gover (Goure, Ouer) of
Wotton, County Gloucester. William and Elianor lived in Acton and had
the following children: Nicholaus, married Margaret Bridges (Brydges) of
Combe; Thomas, married Elizabeth; Dorothy, married Arthur Player; Anne;
THOMAS VELE, second son of William and Elianor Veal of Acton,
settled in the city of Gloucester. Thomas married ELIZABETH, who
flourished between 1500-1550. They had the following children:
WilliamVeale of Ruawers (Ruorwars, Crawers), County Kent; John Vele of
Longford, County Gloucester; Anne (Ann) Vele, married Walter Evdham
(Eudham, Enaham); Thomas Vele, lived in London.
JOHN VELE, second son of Thomas and Elizabeth Vele, resided north
of Gloucester City in Longford. He was born around 1582, and he married
MATILDA (Mathilda, Maud), daughter of WILLIAM BEKETT (Becket, Beckett).
They had the following children: John of Longford, born around 1616,
marriedAlice Powell of Gloucester City; William; Thomas Vele (Veal).
THOMAS VELE (Veal), third son of John and Matilda Vele, married
ELIZABETH, daughter of GRIMBALD HITCHINS (Greinbald). They had a son.
JOHN VEALE, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Vele, was born between
1590-95. He married ALICE MOORE, of unknown lineage or place. They had
the following children: Jeremiah Veale, born around 1618 in County
Gloucester or Suffolk; Thomas Veale.
THOMAS VEALE (Vayle, Vail), the second son of John and Alice Veale,
was born around 1620. Thomas Vail is known to have been living in
Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife, SARAH WENTWORTH, in 1640. Thomas
was undoubtedly a Puritan as Salem was settled, basically, by
English Puritans. It is not known in which ship they came to America nor
is it known from which port they sailed, but there is evidence that
Southwold, England was their home before coming to America. Thomas'
brother, Jeremiah Vail, is listed as having come to America a year
before him, in 1639. Thomas came to Boston around 1645. In 1647,
records show that Thomas "Vayle" and his wife, Sarah, purchased land in
Southampton, L.I. where they lived for about 13 years. While in
Southampton, Thomas is recorded as taking his turn at "whale-watching,"
a necessary, civic responsibility of the citizens of Southampton. When
a whale was cast upon the shore and stranded, the whale-watchers secured
it and all the townsmen gathered to divide the carcass and render the
blubber, an important source of revenue for the town. Thomas was paid
"three shillings per day for his paines." In 1660, Thomas, with Thomas
Pell and a group of others, purchased land from the Indians and settled
the town of Westchester, now within the boundaries of New York City.
Westchester was, at that time, under the control of the Dutch and
Director General Stuyvesant and Council appointed Thomas Vail a
Magistrate for three terms. The office of Magistrate was the most
prominent of the local offices held.
Thomas' duties included administering justice and regulating
matters relating to roads, bridges, schools and other public buildings.
His name appears on records affecting major decisions in Westchester.
Thomas Vail died between 3 May 1687 and 14 December 1688.
Sarah Wentworth Vail was known for her sharp tongue. She was
brought to court, as was the Puritan custom, for angry words to her
neighbor and had to stand with her tongue in a cleft stick while the
offense was read against her. Since she appears only once in the court
records, we'll assume that she learned to hold her tongue after this
experience. The date of Sarah's death is unknown. Thomas and Sarah had
the following children: Samuel, born in 1654, married Elizabeth Hunt;
Thomas Vail, Jr. of East Chester, married in 1679 to Sarah Lankaster of
East Chster; John Vail (Veale),married Eunice (nis); Joseph Vail
(Vaile, Veale), married the daughter of Isaac Smith; James Vail of East
Chester; Philip Vail (Veale), blacksmith of Huntington, married Mary;
Ruth Vail of East Hampton, Long Island; Mary Vail of East Chester, New

This finishes the history sent from John Vail, England, to Mathew Matin
Vail, Seattle. John Vail has written up his own line (Thomas Vail at
Salem 1640) and deposited copies in the Library of Congress, Family
History Library in Salt Lake City, N.Y. Genealogical and Biographical
Soc Library and the New England Historic Genealogical Soc, Boston.
Spedwell Village, Morristown, N.J. is a National Historic Site ,
estate of Stephen Vail, whose son, Alfred, played a fundamental role in
the developmnt of the Morse Code. 333 Speedwell Avenue, Moristown, N.J.
07960 (201) 540-0211
Open to the public May through October.

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