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From: Judy Jarve <>
Subject: Keweenaw Kernewek
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 19:09:06 -0500

Hi Cynthia,

Our group is an organization formed to learn more about our
Cornish heritage, history, and more of Cornwall, and we say to reclaim
ownership of the pasty from the Finns.(local joke).

We meet on the second Monday of the month at a local restaurant
which caters to group meets. We have dinner(PYO), have a meeting and
than have some sort of program. There are about 100 plus members on our
roll and get about 35 to 75 members at the meetings during the year.

We sponsored the First Annual Central Walk to coincide with the
Angove March and Raised money for the Keweenaw County Historical Society
which purchased a Cornish Ghost Town to preserve its history.

We had a second annual walk to raise money again, and almost
matched the first one by raising almost $2000.00 for the Society. We
walked From Cliff Mine to Central (6 miles) taking pledges. We ended up
at the Central Methodist Episcopal Church,(which is another great
Cornish story), and had our pasty picnic and a program.

The Keweenaw Historical Society is coming out with a 100th year
closing of Central book that tells of the history of this second copper
mining town (mostly Cornish, Cliff Mine being the first). This booklet
was prepared by members of the Kernewek and Historical Society. We are
thrilled about it coming out in December.

We sponsored the County Cornwall Men's Choir, housed the members
and had a memorable grand time, made many friends in Cornwall, of many
we still write to and receive letters from them.

We had the National American Cornish Heritage Society "Eighth
Gathering of Cornish Cousins" here in '95. We had the privelige of
meeting Dorothy Sweet, Moira Tangye, and many other fine Cornish members
then. I filled my home with Cornish cousins and friends and made
life-long friendships.

We have as guests people who travel from Cornwall to this area,
guest speakers such as local writers, historians, and presentations from
our own members.

Dues are $5.00 a year, due in January, and we try to send out a
newsletter four times a year.

Thanks for inquiring,


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