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From: John Zimmerman <>
Subject: BUZZA confliting information
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 13:22:37 -0700

Hi, All,

Contrary to my habit of commenting on your messages I thought I would
initiate a puzzle or two concerning my Cornish ancestors.

I am descended from the BUZZA family. They mined copper, tin and lead
around Cornwall, and I have information concerning them back as far as
the middle 1200s, thanks mainly to a cousin by the name of Jack BUZZA of
Truro. Jack has conducted a one name study of the BUZZA line, is a
member of the Guild of One Name Studies and has great masses of data
about the family. Several BUZZA descendants both in the USA and the UK,
have puzzled over the birthplaces of two of our common ancestors for
some time now. Here is what we know, and what we'd like to determine.

William (possible middle initial "G.") BUZZA was born in the early part
of 1819. He was baptized 27 Mar 1819 at Tywardreath. He married Mary
Ann JAMES 0n 19 May 1812. He died on 12 Jun 1840 in Knox, Clarion
County, Pennsylvania, USA. The puzzles concern where he was born, and
where Mary Ann JAMES was born.

As you probably know, the 1841 census is notorious for its bad
information, caused in great measure by census takers who seemed to
delight in arbitrarily rounding ages up, or down. I don't know if they
took other liberties. Here are the entries for William and Mary Ann for
1841, 1851 and 1861:

1841 Tywardreath/St Austell

BUZZA William Head 20 Copper miner Brn Tywardreath
BUZZA Mary Ann Wife 20 Nee JAMES Brn St Ewe

1851 8 Church Street Tywardreath

BUZZA William Head 32 Copper Miner Brn Beer Ferris Devon
BUZZA Mary Ann Wife 30 Nee JAMES Brn St Ewe

1861 Higher Coombe St Cleer Liskeard

BUZZA William Head 42 Grocer/Lead Miner Brn Beer Alston (Devon)
BUZZA Mary Ann Wife 40 Nee JAMES Brn Sticker

William BUZZA's birthplace?

Family legend among the US descendants has supported the Bere Alston
birthplace for William BUZZA. Jack BUZZA believes the Tywardreath
location is correct due to the fifty mile distance between Bere Alston
and Tywardreath. I have speculated that the Tywardreath location may
have been given to the census taker by Mary Ann in the absence of
William, who may have been in the mines when they came. Mary Ann was a
young mother at the time, caring for their first child, Newton BUZZA,
who had been born four months earlier. She may have gotten the
birthplace wrong based on what she knew of the family. The family may
have moved to Devon to mine silver in the Bere Alston area, where
William's mother (Mary MAY, wife of Joseph BUZZA) gave birth to William,
after which the family moved back to Tywardreath where William was
baptized. For that matter the census taker may have made the entry
based on William's place of baptism. William may have given Bere Ferris
as his birthplace in 1851, it being larger than Bere Alston, then given
Bere Alston in 1861 as a more precise location. Do any of you have
thoughts, or better yet evidence, concerning what might have caused
these three different entries, and where William was actually born?

Mary Ann JAMES' birthplace?

This one may simply be another case of more accurate information being
given in 1861 than in 1841 and 1851, or possibly the 1841 census taker
made the entry based on a whim, or the proximity of Sticker to St. Ewe
(about three miles). Mary Ann JAMES may actually have been born in
Sticker and baptized in St. Ewe (which we know she was from records).
What say you. Does anyone know if there was a church in Sticker in
1820? If there was then it makes no sense to walk three miles to one in
St. Ewe for a baptism unless it was to do it with other family members.
If there was no church in Sticker in 1820, then would they have walked
the three miles to church on a regular basis?

We've puzzled over these questions (not to mention where the "G."
initial came from in William's name) for some years now with no
conclusions possible. Jack is not on the Internet (unfortunately) and I
thought that bringing the questions to the attention of such a
widespread group as this might turn up some answers, or at least some
new speculation. <G>

Best regards

John Zimmerman, C.I.P.
Mesa, Arizona
ICQ # 12220677
Member, Arizona Cornish Society
Researching: B U Z Z A, C O S T E L L O, D A V I S, Z I M M E R M A N
Ignorance is its own reward ;^)

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