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From: hlmw <>
Subject: Church and Home!
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 09:56:15 -0700

This morning I opened the door of the little church at Polgooth and
quietly sat down at the back. I closed my eyes. When I opened them my
great- granfer was playing the organ "The Old One Hundred" - that was
his favorite. My granfer, grandmother and their children were seated in
the pew my granfer rented. I could see the child who would be my mother
in her long dress and boots with a ribbon in her hair. She was fidgety
and swinging her legs. Suddenly, the congregation stood to sing, "Praise
God from Whom all Blessings Flow". As the hymn ended the family
gradually faded away : first my grandma who died at 40, then her eldest
sons... one to Australia, one to South Africa, one to America , two into
the army and the girls, including my mother, put out to service or in
the care of relatives. Lily, only 11 years old followed her father into
the mists of time to take care of him and the younger ones for a few
years before marrying, having her own child and leaving for America.
I closed my eyes again. The music seemed to be echoing off the thick
stone walls. As it faded I opened my eyes. I was home!

Thank you for all the fun we had on our virtual trip to the land of our
ancestors. (They are the reason we went). Thank you for your wild
imaginations that made the gathering "possible". Thank you for the
humour, the caring, the companionship, the sharing .
I wish you all a very joyous Christmas with your loved ones. Let us
continue to care and share with each other in a year of new discoveries
and continued companionship in 1999.
Lorna May

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