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Subject: Carnsew
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 19:41:07 -0800

To Ken Ubsdell

The Carnsew family is referred to in Charles Henderson's book "Mabe
Church and Parish, Cornwall." Published about 1930. Page 31
Carnsew, anciently Carnuwyou, was the chief place in the parish [MABE]
during the Middle Ages. It was held by a family thence surnames de
Carnduwyou (or Carnsew), who became very well known beyond the borders
of Cornwall. An Obit kalendar (preserved at the Free Library, Exeter)
records that Walter Carnsuyow of the parish of St. Laudus (Mabe), near
Penryn, died on Thursday before Pentecost, 1381, but the family is found
a century earlier than this. In 1308, when Bishop Stapeldon came to
consecrate the Churchyard at Mabe, it was Walter de Carnduyou who acted
on behalf of the parishioners. In old documents the Carnsew property is
usually the Manor of Trehembris or Treghembes 1314, from the name of
some place close by which has since disappeared. These are several deeds
and rent-rolls of the Carnsew family at the Public Record Office. One of
these surveys, written by Mr. William Carnsew in 1585 describes his
property as consisting of Carensewe, Trebhembris, Hanter Davys,
Trenowthe, Breriper, Chynowith, Tremoghe, Spargor Veor (i.e., Lower
Spargo), and a number of houses in Penryn. ( see note 12 below) A
"Culver-house" or Pigeon-house is named at Carnsew. Trehembris,
Trenowthe and Carnsew formed one farm occupied by a tenant named Henry

The Carnsews had then ceased to reside in West Cornwall. They lived on
some other property of theirs at Bokelly in St. Kew, near Wadebridge.

Sir John Maclean, in his History of Trigg Manor" (II 169) gives an
interesting account of the family. Richard Carnsew of Bokelly was
knighted by King James I. He died without issue in 1629,and his property
scattered. His widow had previously been married to Richard Barrett of
Tregarden in St Mabyn, by whom she had two daughters, one of whom
married Sir William Godolphin.

As we find Lower Spargo [in Mabe] (formerly Carnsew property) in the
possession of the Godolphins of Tregarden at a later date, it seems
probable that they obtained it by this connection.

We have seen that one, Henry Thomas, was tenant of Carnsew in 1585. This
person, after the custom of those times, was sometimes called "Carnsew,"
and in 1620, at the Herald's Visitation, his grandson registered his
pedigree as "Henry Thomas alias Carnsew." About 1600, however, this
family moved to a more commodious house, Trewoon in Budock, which was
their own freehold.
(note 12) - In 1538 William Carnsew, Esq. held these lands under the
Bishop of Exeter (as Lord of Penryn) in free Socage by the following
services: 6d for aid, 9d for an ewe, 7 1/2. for hogget, 7d for
ploughing, 4 1/2d for reaping. "

page 38
" CARNSEW (Carnduyou 1293, Carnduwyou 1314, Carnsuyow 1525). Carn means
a rocky hill. The meaning of Duyou is uncertain."

some Carnsew burials at Mabe from burial register:
Anne 7 September 1671 dau of Henry Carnsew, gent
Gertrud 14 December 1667 wife of Henry, gent
Gartrude 29 November 1685 dau of Thomas Carnsew, gent
James, gent 19 July 1673
John 16 Feb 1672 son of Nicholas Carnsew, gent
John esq. 24 Nov 1674
William 26 June 1695 son of Thomas Carnsew, gent of Trewoone (in Budock)

Ken Ubsdell wrote:
> It appears that I have a new Cornish name to research, i.e. a gg
> grandmother by the name of Ann CARNSEW, christened in Crowan on 2
> February, 1815.
> First-of-all, I cannot find Crowan on my map, but I would guess it is
> not far from Penzance. Can someone place it for me, please? She married Isaac Champion, who was christened in Crowan in 1811.
> Any information most gratefully received.
> Ken Ubsdell, researching in Cornwall...MITCHELL, NICHOLAS/NICHOLLS,
> PK

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