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From: "Goronwy Owens" <>
Subject: Fw: Double Christenings???
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 07:54:56 +1000

Hi William,

It sounds like the first child died and the next girl they had, they named
her the same and she was baptised at a later date.

Margaret Owens
Melbourne, Australia

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From: William Nakia Yelland <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, 4 June 1999 18:58
Subject: Double Christenings???

>Sorry for the drawn out explanation, you can skip to the bottom if you
>wish. Most of the prologue is explaining what it is I'm doing and why,
>and what lead me to my desire to have an inquiry answered.
>I was searching out info on the HOSKINGs. I had, from the 1871 census,
>the names of a household (John EDWARS, Grace EDWARDS, Grace HOSKING,
>Rosena, William, and Ellen HOSKING). Both Graces were widows, with Ms.
>HOSKING being the head of the household. I did not have a fathers name,
>but I figured I could probably acertain it by going through all the
>children and looking for a reoccurrence of the same parent names for
>each child's name in the correct year (assuming I wouldn't have hundreds
>of Rosenas born in 1845). To my surprise, there was only one Rosena
>(actually Rosina) born around that date (this one was christened in
>1843). Noticing that all the children in the family were either in xxx5
>years or xxx0 years, I remembered what was just recently said about (if
>I remember the year correctly) the 1841 census and rounding of dates.
>This Rosina was born in Uny Lelant, as she should have been, and she had
>the father Richard HOSKING and mother Grace (nln given). I then
>proceeded to William (next eldest). Again I found only one in the
>approximate year (1849 :: "1850"), correct location. The father was
>given as Richard, and mother as Grace. It started looking good. Then I
>went to Ellen and found two matches. One was christened in 1852 (29 Feb)
>and the other in 1854 (7 May). Both From Uny, both with parents Richard
>and Grace. I was stumped.
>Do people sometimes get christened twice??? If so, for what reason? How
>long is it customary to wait after birth to perform the christening?
>William Nakia Yelland

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