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From: John Zimmerman <>
Subject: Re: Party
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 00:22:08 -0700

Violet et al,

Sure and you'd be makin' me out to be his honor Fred Astaire, and me
havin' all I can do to keep step with a passin' fast jig. As for me an'
the Blarney Stone I've but one answer to that.........Erin go bragh!!!
'Tis me COSTELLO line that's taken charge in this matter, an' none
better I'm thinkin' for 'tis from Sligo they be, an' they're fair proud
of it! Lucky it 'tis that they be fellow Celts or there'd be wigs on
the green afore now over me consortin' with the likes of yon
Cornishmen. Now be off with ye, and "Nollaig shona duit!" (Happy

All the best,


John Zimmerman, C.I.P.
Mesa, Arizona

Researching: B U T L E R - B U Z Z A - D A V I S - H E S S O N
Ignorance is its own reward

ps They were vampire squirrels, Violet. <BG>

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