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From: khs <>
Subject: Party
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 11:30:43 -0800

>Dear Vivacious Violet, Connie in Utah, Gail, Karen, Julie in NSW, Janet in
>Wild and Windy Isle of Wight, Sweet Sue, and our Lovely Lorna May:
>I am honoured to join the Cornish-L Knitting Group and I hope we all bring
>our needles and yarn to the party. We can get together in Annie's kitchen
>around the hearth and knit away and tell family stories. (I do hope we will
>have lots of family stories at the party!) Do any of you do Fair Isle
>patterns? Years ago, my stepmother and I used to design patterns for
>children's jumpers (sweaters) and would have huge sheets of drafting paper
>all over the floor putting in coloured crosses in the little squares and
>then trying the pattern out with yarn. (Back then, we called it wool.)
>Our pride and joy was Cinderella's Coach, which we had to do over and over
>again before we got it the way we liked it. My stepmother always had to
>knit up the final garment as I had difficulty going from one colour to
>another, and usually pulled too tight. When we were working on a Fair Isle
>design, housework and cooking went hang, and we were totally obsessed with
>our project! I recall many happy times spent knitting before the fire.
>My father had a great idea and planned a wonderful Christmas surprise for us
>one year --- he bought us a knitting machine! The results on it were quite
>awful and it eventually languished in the attic.
>Best wishes and Merry Christmas, Joan

Not sure that it's that much of an honour to belong to this group, but then
again, with our numbers growing (up to 10 klacking knitters now, with the
addition of Marilyn Eva who's making a muffler for JohnO - good one!, and
IoW Janet who waves her needles and does semaphore with them AND can turn
heels), we may soon have to restrict membership so we can all fit in the
kitchen around the fire. JohnO has declined membership, but he may
reconsider when he realizes how exclusive we are becoming. And yes, I can
do fair isle - made my hubby a sweater the first Christmas we were married,
and the Christmas stockings that my daughter's hubby threw out were that

Karen in Abbotsford BC

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