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Subject: Re: Party
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 15:17:54 -0800

Yes, indeed. My family was never as crazy as I have been on this list during
"party time" but they did have great senses of humor. The memories I have of my
Cornish grandfather and Welsh grandmother laughing at something silly are some of
my best memories. We grandkids used to see who could make grandma laugh the
most, because then she would laugh until she cried!
I've enjoyed the Party so much....I laughed until my sides split...and since this
was my first year, it was lots of fun to be included.
The funny part is, with all this hilarity about Patsy and I being of the clergy,
I really AM of the clergy, although when my parishioners get wind of my antics at
Annie's, maybe I won't have to worry about it!
Glad to meet everybody, and now I can picture you. John Z's thick, lustrous hair
and John O's sharp intellect.
I hope you'll all forget my own barbed wit and help me when I holler this coming
Since I have increasing work to do with the days ahead, I'll sign off the party
times for now.
Please everyone, have blessed holidays.
Lois, better known as Da Rev or Lady Theologica


> The party is a unique experience. A lot of fun and laughs. I hope it won't
> be out of place to mention that we might spend a quiet moment in remembrance
> of those of our ancestors who came from Cornwall. The lives they lead would
> have never given the spark of imagination to even consider the lives we live.
> The plenty we enjoy. The technology that allows for our virtual party. The
> clothes we describe, the food, the transportation---even the naughtiness.
> I love them for the lives they led. For their goodness, for their happy
> times and the difficult times--for their turn on earth. And for being part
> of me.
> Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Patsy

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