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Subject: Re: Nostalgia/scrubbing/polishing
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 11:20:08 EDT

My husband grew up in the eastern U.S. and Baltimore in the 1950's there was
an area called Germantown. There were rowhouses with white marble steps in
front of each dwelling. Every morning each housewife could be seen dutifully
scrubbing down the steps of their home. There were no yards or gardens to
decorate, but they could make those steps shine! In the late 60's the area
became popular for the yuppie's to buy into and restore and upgrade and the
tradition soon died out.

Today in Mesa, Arizona. I live in an old citrus grove. The orange blossoms
perfume the air and then fall and dry. Each morning I sweep my porch and
walkway, water the flowers and feed the cats. Like my English ggrandmother
who came to AZ and then CA, I grow roses, hydrangeas, petunias and lobelia
and whatever flowers I can find to fill my yard. I bake bread, and my girls
favorite breakfast is potato pancakes that my Mom says are as good as her
grandmas. Monday is still a good wash day and my husbands shirts get
bleached, starched and ironed when I really feel domestic.

Traditions do give continuity and comfort. I never knew Great Grandma but as
I do my family research I am constantly surprised at some of the similarities
in our basic likes and dislikes. The names and dates are the necessary
outlines but the traditions and details like the daily routines add the color
and interest to the picture.

Thanks for sharing fellow listers, you add a lot to my life every day!

Mesa, AZ

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