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From: (Lynne Pascoe)
Subject: Re: Party 2000 - Pendarves Woods?
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 09:58:03 -0400
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Thanks John. I've been out of the loop for some time after moving at the
beginning of the year. I'll have to send you directions to the cottage
as it's a bit harder to find than my last house. However, it's Cornish
name should help...thanks to John and Anna. If the MMMC can land on
water you can stop right in front of the cottage. If not, there's a
small island across the way with a long road across a causeway...that
should provide a good landing strip, and I'll make sure it's cleared in
case of snow.

There'll just be Teddy and I. Ted's a 75 lb. shepherd/husky (maybe a bit
of Great Dane) mix. He loves other animals and won't be any trouble.
He's also a very good watch dog and will help monitor the jewellery
situation. He'll be wearing his jaunty bright orange bandana just in
case there are hunters about.

I have some lovely cranberry chutney to add to the feast. The
cranberries were picked by my own hands on the beach nearby and the
chutney cooked in the cottage kitchen. You may want to stop in and have
a quick look as it's very much like a crofters cottage with it's low
beamed ceilings and tiny rooms.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again as I missed last year's party
due to moving. It might be interesting to see a list of guests from
years past as I'm not sure how many *old folks* are still on the list.
Has anyone kept a running tab?

At Trekeynvor, in rainy Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia

John Zimmerman wrote:

> As for the MMMC, it will fly again this year.

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