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From: Elizabeth Agar <>
Subject: PARTY 2000 - The Great Unravelment Saga
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 08:29:18 +1100

What a kind lot you all are!

Thank you Jo's Mum for the liberty bodice and hanky. I have a feeling
I'm liberated enough, but all contribtions gratefully received. Is there a
second LB for Daft? I'd hate to deprive her of all that nostalgia!

Thank you Emily, I look forward to a new gown. Knit on!!

Thank you Karen, Santa's sack has certainly solved my immediate

Thank you Janet for the warning that I may be missing a little gossamer.
I hope not too many threads have been knitted into Santa's beard - the
last gown was skimpy enough and I'm not sure how much I can reduce
my already sylph-like figure!

I have now emerged from behind the trees, clomping around in my sack
and LB, with some difficulty as I forgot to remove the Wellies before
donning the sack!! Thoroughly enjoying the chats with friends new and old.
Can't seem to wake the sleeping Lorraine and Steve, but!! Now all I need
to do is find the missing demi-duo - where are you Peek-a-boo Pastsy??

Oh yes, can't wait to meet this symphony in black who is waiting on a beach
somewhere. Just watch it Jo, me first!!!

The Lovely, Lithe, Look-through Liz
well I was look-through until I was enveloped in this sack . . .

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