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Subject: Re: PARTY 2000 - The Great Unravelment Saga
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 17:15:25 EST

Hi Luscious, Lovely, Lithe, Liz. You have been so busy gushing over that
tree that you haven't noticed me at all. I have been standing behind you the
whole time. I am debating whether to tell you that your gown is almost non
existant back here. I thought that was your plan, so I didn't say anything
before. The Santa sack has been knitted so loosely that it doesn't hide a
thing. Sorry. I thought you knew.

Ackshully, I have been under the weather for awhile. Now that I am almost
out from under the weather, I am glad someone noticed I was missing.

Have you noticed all the moss and chilly little streams around here. With us
in diaphany, the chill is noticeable. A bit slippery going, lightly footing
it over the moss---don't know how it will be to dance upon.

Connie is ice skating and hunting ghosts, so that says something about the
temp. I don't think there is a ghost--just the frozen moisture from the
running streams.

Unless there is some offer of help in how to warm up, I think I will go home
and bake some pies. Not too sprightly. Pastsy

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