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From: Elizabeth Agar <>
Subject: RE: PARTY 2000 - The Great Unravelment Saga
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 09:54:57 +1100

Ah, Peek-a-Boo Pastsy!! That's where you were! Don't move, stay right
behind me while I borrow Lorraine's cape. She woke up just in time to come
to the rescue. I should have realised that the knitters would use really big
needles!! Of course you ought to tell me, it being a little more than my slip

Connie's "ghost" might be Buster, out scouting for gossip. He is white and
flies/glides silently when he can control his laughter.

I think we should get this dancing demo going soon. That will warm you up.
I need your help there however as I can never remember the dance steps,
let alone execute them in my Wellies! We might have to dance the Bolero
if the new gown doesn't arrive as I now have a cape and can do the bullfighter
part while you could borrow Hey's 6 ft antlers and do the other bi!.

Look-through Liz, who gave no assistance to Steve at all!

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