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From: "Albert Jenkin" <>
Subject: Re: [CON] National Dress.
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:19:06 -0500
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Levi's Jeans are a San Francisco thing - Strauss brought tthe denim material
with him to make tents and finance his gold hunting that way. Made his
fortune with denim britches instead. As any proper San Franciscoan 'bout
jeans. There's also Frisco jeans which were popular wear when I was on the
merchant ships - black denim & different cut. "Jeans" comes from Genoese
sailors' pants.

I don't own any jeans. Can I still come to Austrailia?

Albert Jenkin
Carwinnion Cottage
Pottstown, PA

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Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 8:38 PM
Subject: Re: [CON] National Dress.

> I believe it was Warren and Pat who mentioned jeans and t-shirts as
> Australian national costume and this would be most appropriate as the
> Cornish miners may have invented jeans. Several years ago I went to the
> small mining town of Virginia City and it was mentioned on the tour that
> Cornish miners there originally wore plain canvas trousers to work, which
> were made by a local tailor. They were not very convenient and they asked
> the tailor to put some pockets in the back where they could carry small
> tools and to add some metal rivets to strengthen the pocket and other
> stress points in the seams. He did as they asked and what we know as
> were born. Then a gentleman called Levi Strauss visited Virginia City,
> what the Cornish miners were wearing and took the idea back to San
> where he produced similar trousers for the miners of the Gold Rush. He
> eventually found a better material from France known as 'genes' which in
> America became spelled as 'Jeans".
> I don't know how accurate the story is, but I definitely believe it!
> Best wishes, Joan
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