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From: paul ganser <>
Subject: Re: [CON] Tregurthas in St.Buryan
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 12:00:51 -0800
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on 11/10/02 9:30 AM, Elizabeth Darby at wrote:

> Hi there. I am looking for help with a James Tregurtha, christened 1832 in
> St.Buryan. He later emigrated to Boston Massachusetts, and also married an
> Emma. This is the only information I have on him. Could anyone be kind
> enough to check marriages in the area maybe 20 years after his birth, or point
> me to a source of ships passenger records from Cornwall to USA, say in 1850s.
> Were there any ships direct from Cornwall? He does not appear in Ellis Island
> lists, so presumably entered USA via another port. Thanks for any help.
> Elizabeth.
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HI ELIZABETH, ELLIS ISLAND did not open until after 1900 (1911?) so New
York could be the port of entry.

Your best starting point would probably be the US census. The 1900 census
shows year of immigration. You could then check passenger lists. Films
give lists by quarter for each year (LDS). The census would also show the
birth place for Emma, which might indicate where the marrige took place and

Good luck,

Paul G.

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