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From: "sally.cann" <>
Subject: [CON] Party 2003
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 09:10:51 +1300

Hi Partygoers,
Quillet the Scottish Deerhound refuses to to take part in anything that
involves crossing the seas in anything smaller than the
'Titanic'.......TITANIC!!.... 'dumb' dog doesn't he realise that a surf ski
would be much safer....he then went and found my party
fish net stockings and all......and buried them in a hole at the bottom of
the garden.......
I also reminded him that we had to dodge all those 'cars' in the English
Channel last year and the 'nippy' surf ski was the ideal transport.....but
he did the 'dirty dog' bit and 'smouched' up to the 'spouse' and pleaded
with him to ban me from surf I'm looking for another
mode of transport.......I'm learning to row a boat.. but that could be a
problem as I seem to get into trouble and go around in circles sometimes and
end up where I started from.......then I would miss the party.....
So if anyone's going from my part of the Southern Hemisphere {I plead, with
tonque in cheek} I'm open to offers......!!!!.....transport of course.....

Sally Cann
New Zealand
OPC Camborne


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